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AromaEasy has become one of the largest wholesale essential oils suppliers in the world. We provide certified organic and top quality essential oils. By sourcing from reliable producers around the world, AromaEasy supplies top quality materials to some of the world’s largest and best-known brands. Besides supplying bulk essential oils, we provide private label and contract filling services.

organic essential oils wholesale

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Among the market of aromatherapy products, wholesale essential oils are in uneven quality. Although many companies claim that they do pure essential oil supplies, most actually do not. Pure essential oils are very expensive to produce. Hence, many companies in this industry take shortcuts for cost-cutting. At AromaEasy, we supply 100% pure aromatherapy essential oils at inexpensive prices. What is more, we are one of the greatest importers and domestic buyers of these oils, and offer them at the best prices. Other companies, however, dilute their essential oils with much cheaper carrier oils to sell them for gaining huge profits. Surely we all want the aromatherapy benefits provided by essential oils. So, it’s crucial to buy only high-quality products. If the oils you purchase are diluted, these cheap essential oils are not as efficient as pure essential oils are. In other words, you can’t get the same benefits.

essential oil supplies wholesale

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Pure Essential Oils

Whichever essential oil you’re looking for – eucalyptus oil, sweet orange oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, or others, you can save your budget when buying essential oils wholesale from AromaEasy. We supply all-inclusive aromatherapy essential oils at affordable prices. Certainly, we built labs around our essential oil farms, to ensure you get 100% pure essential oil. Browse our essential oils inventory, and place your order at a wholesale price today!

Private Label Ready

We did the dirty work, so you can focus on the advertising and marketing works for your own brand!

AromaEasy is a trustworthy manufacturer, producing top-quality aromatherapy products on the marketplace. Our products consist of a complete line of custom car diffusersessential oils, aroma diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, and even more – All at wholesale prices! 

And now, we have created a complete list of products below that are all in-stock and ready to ship.

essential oil supplies wholesale

Shop our wholesale essential oils today, so you can build your own brand and launch without spending infinite time in designing, producing, and manufacturing. We label or pack these lovely items under your own brand upon your request, and your ready to sell. Just simply tell us what you need and we do the rest for you.

Searching for essential oils and aroma diffusers with custom Labels? We are here for you. Also, we can provide professional diffuser design services and, complete custom private labeled items on a larger order.

Become a Wholesaler Today

AromaEasy has got over 100,000 individual retailers shopping our website annually, and we help their business grow with our excellent shipping and aftersale services. These retailers include spas, gift stores, salons, hotel receptions, groceries, and many other boutiques.

Above all, dropshipping is simple, efficient, and inexpensive at AromaEasy. We are a reliable essential oil manufacturer. So if you are interested in growing your business, shop bulk essential oil at AromaEasy now to become a wholesaler.

essential oil supplies wholesale

Our Mission

wholesale essential oils-aromaeasy-03
wholesale essential oils-aromaeasy-03

AromaEasy aims to source the finest essential oil, produce and supply them in an environmentally friendly way. We recognize the necessity to be an ecologically responsible business. For instance, we bring our high standards to everyone we work with, leading producers to improve their practices to keep up with our standard. Here, We offer you high-quality essential oils at affordable prices while protecting the land and people behind your favorite essential oil products. And similarly, we hope that our clients could value this as well.

It is easy to prove that bulk essential oils that we supply are in the organic and natural grade. All the essential oils we source, produce, and select, have pleasant scents and outstanding quality.

We have been upgrading our bulk essential oil selection over the past 12 years, ensuring our oils to be among the greatest on the market.

Kindly visit our organic oils page for our complete list of pure essential oils at wholesale prices. We appreciate your visit today. And we look forward to helping you grow your business with fascinating aromas… easily!

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Customer’s Voice

Hi AromaEasy Team,

I need you to know that I value your efforts in building my brand! I got all my orders promptly, and I am grateful. By the way, the Essential Oil Holder Carousels are ideal for lovely gifts. Your shipping and aftersale services just make a trustworthy, customer-friendly, and excellent company! You help me keep my customers happy, and I appreciate that. To be honest, this is not easy because I understand the aspect of wholesale business. 

May we build a firm partnership, many thanks.

organic essential oils wholesale

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