Essential Oil Storage

Essential oil carrying cases are perfect for keeping your oils handy and contained. Made from a thick, durable material, our essential oil case have multiple compartments to easily organize your essential oils and blend bottles. Our complimentary storage for essential oils is the perfect addition to your collection of products. The essential oil traveling cases are portable ways that keep all of your essential oil neatly together.

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Essential Oil Carrying Case

Protect your essential oil bottles with our box for storing essential oils. This soft essential oils travel case is lightweight, and durable and protects your delicate oils from accidents or spills. The interior of the bag is fully lined and made from washable fabric to keep your oils safe after use. That is our essential oil storage idea.

Essential Oil Storage Case

The solid construction of this essential oil travel case will provide you with years of reliable service and increase the life span of your oils. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to carry around their favorite oils to spritz in the air or use during yoga or meditation. Pick up some of these essential oil storage containers today! There are very sturdy and well-fitting essential oil storage boxes. It is compact, yet holds a significant amount of oils making it ideal for those who want to keep their home neat and tidy. The opaque best essential oil storage case allows you to store your oils without displaying them so there is no need to worry about someone stealing them from your cupboard!

Essential oil storage box

These aromatherapy cases are both simple and useful utilities that allow you to easily take your favorite essential oils (or your whole collection) everywhere you go. No matter if you’re searching for a fix for yourself, or just adding these accessories to your inventory, you can get all you need right here.

Get the right essential oil cases

We have several options for your essential oil bags and boxes. You can get them in single units or buy them in bulk to save even more on the total cost. Many of your clients need reliable essential oil storage containers to keep their products protected when traveling, and you can offer the choices they need.

Table of contents

12ct / 30ct / 60ct Essential Oil Carrying Cases

Cases for Roller Bottles and Others

Essential oil Holder /Wooden Box / Container /Rack /Bamboo Holder

Essential Oil Storages for 10ml Bottles

15 ct essential oil carry bags australia B005 -05

Essential Oil Storages

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Storage for essential oils 10ml bottles is a great way to keep your essential oils protected and organized. This essential oil storage box provides the perfect solution for storing 10ml bottles. 

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It has a solid zipper to protect the contents of the essential oil storage containers, as well as a durable latch to keep everything in place. Perfect for travel or at home! Keep your essential oils organized, secured, and ready to use with this long-lasting, natural Essential Oils Storage Organizer Bag. The best essential oil storage case holds 10ml bottles perfectly and can serve as a supplement to your essential oil collection or an alternative to keeping them inside a glass bottle. This box for storage essential oil is perfectly sized for our 10 ml bottles and features a great design! Simply add one of these essential oil storage box wholesale as a must-have item to any kit!


Essential Oil Boxes for 15ml Bottles

12ct essential oil carrying case 15ml

Essential Oil Boxes

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This essential oil box is designed to hold 15ml bottles. Ideal for storing your essential oils so they can be available to use and apply. Perfect for someone who is starting their essential oil box subscription or needs a custom essential oil box that fits the extra bottles gifted to them.

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The essential oil box holder is the perfect way to receive your favorite essential oils! The essential oil organizer box for 15ml bottles comes with everything you need to keep your essential oils neat, organized, and fashionable. The essential oil storage box holds 15ml bottles and comes in different colors. Stop rummaging in your drawer- and take a step towards an organized medicine cabinet, with easy access to all your essential oils. This essential oil box wholesale makes it easy to store and organize your 15ml bottles.

Essential Oil Cases for 5ml Bottles

30 ct essential oil storage solutions B024-04

Essential Oil Cases

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Protect the essential oils you use every day while they travel with you. Our bubble-padded essential oil carrying case will hold 5ml bottles of your favorite essential oils safely and securely. 

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This sleek yet durable essential oils case has a strong zipper, so the essential carry case is easy to open and close, making it easy on your hands when you’re trying to get somewhere fast. This essential oil carrying case is designed for comfortable holding so that you can keep those hands away from germs as well as from getting tired from carrying all your oils everywhere you go! Our Hard Shell Essential Oil Carrying Case is the perfect portable essential oils case holder for your 5ml bottles. The durable ABS plastic hard shell helps to protect your essential oils and keeps them well organized when on the go. Enjoy the convenience of storing all of your favorite aromatherapy oils in one place with this essential oil carrier case.

Essential Oil Bags for 5ml / 10ml /15ml Bottles

30 ct essential oil bag pattern B017-03

Essential Oil Bags

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Are you looking for a perfect essential oil storage solution for your Essential Oils? This essential oil travel bag is made of durable polyester fabric and helps you store your oils conveniently and safely. 

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Our essential oil bags are ideal for 5ml / 10ml /15ml bottles. Our essential oil bag holder has strong zippers which will keep your essential oils stored safely and securely, while the double-stitched seams provide strength and durability. The best choice to store your essential oils! Keep your oils safe in a top-quality bag, with room for anything from a few drops to almost a full bottle of oil. This essential oil carrying bag is the ideal way to organize your 5ml /10ml / 15ml oil bottles. A necessary essential oils bag organizer for any essential oil lover. All of our essential oil travel cases are toxin-free, so there is no worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your oils!

12ct Essential Oil Holders for 15ml Bottles

12ct essential oil carrying case 15ml

12ct Essential Oil Holders

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For the essential oil user, you may often be confused about where to store your favorite oils. The essential oil box holder holds up to 12 bottles that can be used to carry your oils or attach the essential oil holder case to your purse or backpack. 

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This essential oils holder is the perfect solution!  This Essential Oil Holder is ideal for displaying your 15ml bottles. Put your essential oil bottles in easy reach with this 12 count essential oil holder wholesale. Ideal for aromatherapy and business use, this holder is also an excellent gift idea.  It can hold 12 Essential Oil bottles of 15mls each perfectly and safely, keeping them away from direct light and heat which aids preservation. The wide openings at the top make it easy to fill or remove essential oils as necessary.

30ct Essential Oil Accessories for 5ml / 10ml / 15ml Bottles

30 ct wholesale white canvas essential oil bag carrying case B006 -05

30ct Essential Oil Accessories

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Aromatherapy is not a luxury, it’s a lifestyle. Our essential oil storage cases have been designed to last and are perfect for storing your oils safely at home. Made from high-quality materials, essential oil accessories wholesale has a magnetic closure that keeps bulk essential oil accessories secure while being transportable. 

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We supply the best accessories for essential oils and supplies for aromatherapy. The cheapest essential oil accessories are produced by our factory. We have wholesale prices for most products on our site. You can buy wholesale essential oil accessories at the lowest price on our website. Our 30ct Essential Oil Storage Case is the perfect way to keep your essential oil bottles organized and easy to find! The carrying case is made of top-quality material, strong, sturdy and leakproof. You can easily see the name of the oils at a glance, making them easy to use.

60ct Essential Oil Carrying Cases for 5ml / 10ml / 15ml Bottles

60ct essential oil carrying bag b007-5

60ct Essential Oil Carrying Cases

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This is an essential oils storage case, specially designed to keep your essential oil collection organized. This handy case will keep all your bottles and other essential oil accessories in one place.

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Made with high-quality durable materials, this carry bag is extremely sturdy and will provide long-lasting use. This 60ct Essential Oil Storage Case is perfect for keeping all your essential oils, perfume oils and aromatherapy blends safe and secure. The essential oil storage case can also be used to store cotton balls, dried herbs, and other related products. The foam padding inside the sleek black box protects against breakage and keeps them organized during travel or at home. Our premium case folds up into a cute pouch that’s small enough to fit in your purse or bag, making it perfect for carrying your favorite scents anywhere you go.

Essential Oil Travel Cases for Roller Bottles

box for storage essential oi

Essential Oil Travel Bags

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Get a tailor-made essential oil box with the roll-on essential oils storage case. With this essential oil box, you can pick the scents and blends of your choice.

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Get your best essential oil products in one convenient place. The essential oil box subscription allows you to find a variety of brands and styles while keeping your favorite oils close at hand. Our essential oil subscription box is the perfect way for you to explore new scents and learn about the benefits of different essential oils. Our essential oil storage boxes are perfect for storing your precious oils and keeping them safe. The sturdy, leak-preventing lid keeps oil secure, while the box acts as a reservoir to prevent wasting products when you put down an empty roller bottle.

Other Essential Oil Carrying Cases

essential oil carrying bags

Essential Oil Carrying Cases

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Our essential oil organizer is designed to fit all of your oil collections. This is the best choice if you want a way to organize, store and display your essential oils at home or in the office or business.

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Sturdy and lightweight, this portable essential oil storage box provides a convenient dual-compartment design. Made of high-quality oxford waterproof material that is durable, portable, and stylish. It’s a multi-purpose portable essential oil storage case designed to help you keep your oils organized. Organize your essential oils with this storage box. This best essential oil storage case is designed to be the perfect size to fit all of your essentials in one place and make them easy to access. The sleek black design perfectly blends with any decor.

Essential oil Holder /Wooden Box / Container /Rack /Bamboo Holder

Essential Oil Container S025-1

Essential oils Holder

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The Wooden Essential Oil Holder is a perfect keepsake for the health-conscious person. Whether you use it as a decorative piece or a small storage container, this essential oil holder is sure to become your favorite accessory.

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Get your best essential oil products in one convenient place. The essential oil box subscription allows you to find a variety of brands and styles while keeping your favorite oils close at hand. Our essential oil subscription box is the perfect way for you to explore new scents and learn about the benefits of different essential oils. Our essential oil storage boxes are perfect for storing your precious oils and keeping them safe. The sturdy, leak-preventing lid keeps oil secure, while the box acts as a reservoir to prevent wasting products when you put down an empty roller bottle.

Essential oil holder wood

This elegant oil diffuser is constructed from bamboo, brushed stainless steel and glass. The diffuser mimics natural daylight with the needle-like design emitting light through convection and diffusion, creating a soothing light that soothes the senses and promotes relaxation. The small size of the diffuser can be moved easily to different locations throughout the home or office, making this essential oil warmer a great addition to any room.

Wooden essential oil holder

The Wooden Essential Oil Holder is a perfect keepsake for the health conscious person. Whether you use it as a decorative piece or a small storage container, this essential oil holder is sure to become your favorite accessory.

Wooden holder for  essential oils

You love your essential oils and want them to last as long as possible. You’ve also realized that even the most basic candle holders are not designed for safe storage of your premium oils, so you’ve decided to seek out a home for them. This essential oil candle holder is sure to catch the eye of any customer whose wish list includes this product, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s made of natural MDF and will not discolor over time. It’s lightweight yet durable enough to withstand any kitchen treatment.

Essential oil box holder

Premium essential oil bottle holder, featuring a beautiful and elegant design. Use it to display your favorite essential oils in a place of honor, so that you can always remember your favorite essential oil bottle’s journey. The quality is high, durable and would last for years!

Essential oil bottle holder

Essential oil case holder, a unique way to store your favorite blends. This essential oil case holder features an elegant design that you will appreciate from afar. Made from an eco-friendly high grade fabric and stuffed with microbes, this essential oil case holder is a perfect way to show off your favorite aromas. Its mid size allows for easy travel in your pocket or purse.

Essential oil case holder

You can use our Essential oil holder box to store your favorite essential oils in an attractive way. Each of the 6 bottles has a hanger hook for hanging. The white color makes it easy to keep organized and a beautiful addition to any bathroom or home decor.

Essential oil holder box

If you love to explore and learn about essential oils, this essential oil holder box is perfect for you. It’s made from durable polypropylene and is lined with an absorbent cotton wadding. It includes a handy catch-all compartment and has 5 compartments that keep your oils organized. A padded handle makes it easy to transport, while the clear acrylic windows ensure you view all the goodies inside.

Essential oil holder case

Ideal for storing your favorite oil blends, this fragrant holder is decorated with a floral pattern and can be used for various purposes throughout the home.

Essential oil holder rack

Our Essential Oil holder comes in a lightweight and durable pellet form, making it more convenient to carry around. It holds up to 100 essential oil bottles within a large acrylic container with natural clear stopper.

Essential oil holder shelf

Sit back and relax with the aroma of a finely crafted oil organizer made from recycled wood. The calming scent of citrus blends with warm vanilla, creating a scent that will brighten your day.

Case to hold essential oils

A must have essential oil holder shelf to keep your blends organized and easy to access. Modeled after a classic wood rack, this shelf is crafted from solid Oak and finished in a bright white wenge stain. Simply place your oils on each of the five pegs and hang with the original beveled glass orbs for easy viewing. Holds 5 x 2ml bottles or 2 x 5ml bottles in total.

Essential oil wooden holder

The aroma of precious oils is ready to be used in your home and provide the perfect aroma to refresh you, relax you or add to your mood. Our Essential Oils Holders are made of natural wood. Place them on your desk or dresser to give your small spaces a large personality!

Best essential oil holder

A perfect gift for your favorite essential oil user. This essential oil holder features a unique locking mechanism that keeps the lid securely in place while allowing you to fill it without spilling.

Essential oil bottle holder

Our essential oil holders are designed to protect your essential oils from light damage. Each elegant glass bottle is topped with a natural wooden lid to keep them safe and secure while they’re on display. We take pride in our premium products and you’ll enjoy using your oils as often as possible after using these stylishly designed bottles!

Diy essential oil bottle holder

Our Essential Oil Holder The best essential oil holder you will ever find. This beautiful aromatherapy diffuser is made from high-quality eco-friendly bamboo and features a modern design, with a convenient plug located at the bottom of the bottle to prevent accidental spilling. With its unique interior and a total capacity of 1 oz. (30 ml), this bottle is both an effective home diffuser and elegant decoration for your home or office!

Essential oil roller bottle holder

This is a perfect way for you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without having to worry about pouring them directly in your bottle or even breaking their small dropper. This essential oil holder will make it easier to use natural and organic oils, including pure Lavender Distillate and Citrus Bliss. With this essential oil holder, you can share your favorite products with friends and family while still maintaining the luxury of the pureness of the oils themselves.

Holder for essential oil bottles

Sleek and versatile, the Essential Oil Bottle Holder is the ultimate addition to any home. Adorned with elegant high-quality details, it can easily be placed in a glass candelabra holder, or on a mantelpiece.

Essential oil bottle wooden holder

Elegant and unique essential oil bottle holders. Made from gorgeous antique brass and nickel plated steel, these designs were hand made by expert craftsmen to bring out your unique style!

Essential oil box that holds 15 and 30ml bottles

Our essential oil box holds 15 and 30ml bottles. This box is perfect for storage of your fragrance oils or for carrying sample packs to a trade show or convention.

Essential oil large bottle holder

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Essential Oil Large Bottle Holder. These bottle holders were designed for a secure and elegant way to hold that essential oil or blend you love. It comes in a variety of sizes and each has been meticulously handcrafted from high-quality wood.

Essential oil box

Each box includes a 5 ml bottle of pure fragrance oil. These are the best-quality oils and are perfect for craft projects, DIY home perfumes, aromatherapy, aromatherapy blends and much more!

Essential oil wooden box

Our essential oils wooden box is made in the USA and comes with a wooden spout, closure ring, premium cotton pillowcase and free shipping. The box is crafted from FSC certified wood milled by Australian hardwood craftsmen who specialize in matching the grain pattern of each piece of wood to ensure it has exceptional natural beauty. Each component is acid-free, lignin-free, phthalate-free and contains no parabens or bleach.

Essential oil storage box

If you love fragrances or are just beginning to explore the world of essential oils, our Essential Oil Storage Box will help organize your collection while protecting them from damage. These beautifully designed bottles and jars are made from high-quality materials that won’t sweat and easily stack on one another without losing their shape.

Box for storage essential oils

Essential oils are great for a myriad of uses around the home, but we especially love them when they smell amazing! These glass essential oil bottles are hand decorated in our signature fragrance and cut-design. They will look beautiful on your shelf or table and add a touch of luxury to any room.

Essential oils box

Find the best aromatherapy essentials oils and top brands. Discover new scents, discover the best blends in your home, or share a story to empower others with our commitment to creating a world we can all live in.

Essential oil box subscription

Discover the world of essential oil shopping with a monthly subscription box. They are packed full of the highest quality, natural fragrance oils available to enhance your home and personal care products! These scents encapsulate the essence of their aroma in a convenient 14 ml bottle. And don’t worry about ordering from the wrong place. Our number one priority is providing the best customer service possible and we’re always happy to answer any questions that may arise from you!

Essential oil subscription box

Discover the world of essential oils with our monthly curated beauty and fragrance box. Discover a variety of luxurious products that are handpicked by our experienced team, including scents that make you feel feminine, floral and distinctive. Enjoy monthly scent selections for every season, or fill your own custom blend with a few drops from each bottle.

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