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12 Holes Essential Oil Rack Stand Display Bottles Holder S004

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Capacity: The Essential Oil Rack Stand has a total of 12 small holes for 15ml bottles.
Material: Made of natural wood, no odor, durable and handmade.
Multifunctional:  The Essential Oil Rack Stand can help you display essential oils from the bottom to the top. The top also holds essential oil bottles. A great tool for showing and keeping organized essential oils, makeup, and cosmetics at home or in a retail setting.
Wooden Essential Oil Rack Stand Dimensions: 22*14*14CM

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Essential oil display box

The Essential Oil Box is the perfect spot to store your favorite oils. Not only are they cute and organized, but they””re great for traveling! Take your favorite oils with you on family vacations, take them along on trips, or keep them around the house in an airtight container to keep them protected and fresh (or not). The box is trendy enough to leave out on display so it””s always handy for guests who stop by.

Essential oil gift box

The gift box is an elegant way to present your favorite fragrance and or essential oil blends. The amber glass bottle allows for multiple uses and will not heat the oil due to its glass construction. Our selected aroma, one of several included in every package, represents a wonderful way to perk up any space in your home.

Essential oil holder box

Made with a quality wood and natural rubber wood, the unique design and craftsmanship ensure that your product will last for years to come. The essential oil box is perfect for an individual or to give as a gift!

Aromatherapy Box Organizer

Our Aromatherapy Box Organizer is a premium option for storing and organizing your favorite scents. The box is made of eco-friendly materials, and three of the four sides have slots to store eight bottles of essential oils. There is also a slot on the front side that will hold two or three oil diffusing balls.

Essential Oil Display Stand

This Essential Oil Display Stand features a sleek design and is perfect for displaying essential oils. It””s not only a beautiful way to display your favorite oils, it will also help you organize them and keep them easily accessible.

Essential oil rack

Keep your essential oils safe, organized and off the ground with our Essential Oil Rack. This essential oil storage solution allows you to organize your favorite essential oils in a beautiful glass container. Choose from the twelve best selling essential oils for your collection and make your home smell amazing!

Essential oil racks

Our Essential Oil Racks are designed to provide a safe and convenient way to store your essential oils. You can use these racks both in the home, bathroom or office.

Essential oils rack

Introducing our Essential Oil Rack! Made with a beautiful and sturdy steel frame, this essential oil rack is the perfect way to organize your essentials. Not only can you display it as an attractive part of your home decor but it also makes perfect gift ideas! The essential oil rack will add a stylish touch to any room in your house.

Essential oil display rack

With this essential oil display rack, the top-quality essential oil vaporizer is the perfect way to make your space smell divine. The visual presentation of the glass bottles and metal-frame stand would make any room look elegant and modern. Ideally designed for aroma therapy, beauty therapy or aromatherapy, it will make your room smell like you have been bathed in nature’s best fragrances. It comes with 14 glass bottles that can hold one to three drops of pure essential oils or aromas.

Rotating essential oil rack

Our rotating essential oil rack is an elegant way to store your fragrances or oils. It contains 50 ml of oil in the top (it’s a total of 12 different oils), and another 50 ml in the middle. The top rack features 12 different essential oils, while the bottom rack has nine different essential oils.

Essential oil storage rack

Our Essential Oil Storage Rack is a luxury essential oil storage system that not only helps you keep your oils organized, but also is an attractive display. We love the way it allows us to light our candle scents without having to use paper lanterns. It’s simply beautiful!

Diy essential oil rack

Add a beautiful, sophisticated finishing touch to your rooms with this DIY essential oil rack. This unique DIY project is easy enough for anyone to complete in their own home and makes an ideal gift for those you care about

Essential oil rack DIY

Get ready for the rest of your life by stocking your home with this lovely essential oil rack. It””s a great way to store and display your scents- it””s secure, easy to use, and will keep your oils fresh for years to come.

Diy essential oil wooden display rack

Our wooden display rack helps to keep your oils organized, safe and appreciated. A perfect gift idea for any occasion or the perfect addition to any home. Each carrier holds 5ml-10ml of essential oils.



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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px