Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Essential Oils and Pregnancy From bloating and nausea to sleeping disorder and achiness, the disturbing symptoms that pregnant ladies experience are no joke. For natural-minded mothers, there are natural solutions out there that can provide relief from ailments commonly experienced while growing a baby. One especially preferred treatment is aromatherapy. While aromatherapy can, in many […]

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits Citrus lovers will embrace sweet orange essential oil with open arms, mainly because of its sweet, inspiring aroma, and also because of its mild immune-boosting properties. Sweet orange brings many benefits to the body and mind. For example, it can help you in snooze by reducing nerve tension, alleviate pain, […]

Essential oil vs. Fragrance oil

Essential oil and Fragrance oil As essential oils have been becoming popular, confusion about essential oils has also increased. More specifically, many consumers are not sure what marks the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Both products have got lovely smell-isn’t that all that matters? Few topics in the differences between essential oils and […]