Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

12+ Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits and its Extensive Uses

frankincense essential oil benefits Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic and healing properties as part of the practice of aromatherapy. They are obtained from the leaves, stems or roots of plants known for their health properties. So what is frankincense essential oil? Frankincense, sometimes referred to as olibanum, is […]

essential oil for blister

Essential Oils for Blisters

Here is AromaEasy’s brief guide on Essential Oils for Blisters Blisters can be very annoying and painful because they make walking and daily work tough. Blisters are quite a problem, especially for joggers who always need to cover vast distances, as the formation of blisters prevents them from working out by causing consistent discomfort. There […]

Spiritual Essential Oils

Spiritual Essential Oils

Essential oils from plants have always played a role in spiritual ceremonies, helping people stay away from the trivial. The pure constituents in essential oils arouse the olfactory system and boost the brain’s limbic system bonded with memory, emotion, and sensation. Essential Oils Can Help to Enhance Spiritual Focus When used for spiritual practice, Essential […]