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Custom Labels for 10ml Glass Amber Bottles


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How do Custom Label Essential Oils Works?


Place your order online. Be sure to choose what type of label material you would like, what type of laminate, quantity, and any special notes for your order. It is important you put a note into the custom field on the best way for us to reach you.


Option A:


Use this link to download the template for that label. Make sure that it is the correct dimensions. Once you have it downloaded, you can open it with your preferred program.


Here is an example of a template. The red dotted Cut Line is where our die cutter should cut, but it has a variance of 3/32”. To ensure that all of your labels come out consistent there are two rules to follow:The foreground of your artwork (everything that is not the background) needs to be within the yellow dotted Safe Zone
The background of your artwork (usually a solid color or pattern) needs to extend all the way to the edge, past the red Cut Line to allow for the 0.125” Bleed

Custom label Sample
Custom label Sample


Email your print-ready artwork to sales@aromeeasy.com From there you should be able to attach it to your email using Google’s attach function.

File submissions that we accept: PDF, PNG, PSD, Ai (please note: jpegs and word documents cannot be accepted)
Due to an administrative policy, our system can not accept zip files. If you have several files to submit we can create a link to our Google Drive upon request.
Suggested graphics programs to produce your art: Canva.com (free online), Gimp (free online), Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator
Always attach your order# to any correspondence

Allow up to 1-2 days to process your art. We will return a proof for your approval
Once you receive a proof from us, please respond with “approval to print”
After we receive your final approval please allow up to 5 business days to print your labels


Our printer only recognizes the CMYK color scale. Please note different printing companies use different equipment and ink which will result in a variance of color tones. If there is a specific color you want to achieve on your label please submit the CMYK values
Our printer requires a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Artwork submitted in a lower resolution will print blurry

We have the latest digital printing technologies that offer professional product labels (waterproof) even in the shortest runs. This allows us to simplify the custom label experience.

All labels are printed on the latest high-speed printing presses with state-of-the-art die-cutting/finishing presses to ensure the highest quality labels and incredible turnaround times.

To keep things simple and ensure fast turnaround times, we have limited our online product offering to the most popular materials and laminates. We offer a much larger selection to customers interested in 2,500 labels or more. This includes chip boxes, screens, stocks of various label materials, and much more.

Delivery times:

Approximately 5 business days from proof approval.


Choose your material:

White BOPP Labels
White BOPP labels are our most widely used material and are suitable for most applications. White BOPP labels are made from polypropylene material and have a permanent adhesive. It is impermeable to water and oils, and is particularly suitable for bath and body products, as well as food and beverages.

Clear BOPP Labels (Available on orders over 1,000 pieces)
Clear BOPP Labels are a transparent version of the polypropylene (BOPP) material. It has the same water resistance qualities as White BOPP. Clear BOPP labels provide a more “labelless” look and are also suitable for window decals (where reverse printing of the image allows the label to be applied to the inside of a glass window and seen from the outside).

Choose your laminate:

High brightness
High gloss is our most popular laminate. Provides label protection and a high gloss gloss finish.

Matte lamination gives your label an opaque, almost satin, non-gloss finish. Some customers find this to achieve a more “natural” or “modern” look.

Press proofs available
We offer press proofs printed with your art on any material and laminate of your choice for $14.95. Press proofs will show print quality with your art, but will not be die cut.

Roll orientation
We’re happy to orient your labels to fit your labeling machine, but you need to know before you print. Specify which print orientation you want.

private label essential oils

Private Label Essential Oils

private label essential oil manufacturers

We”ve done the “dirty work” so you can focus on marketing!

private label essential oils usa

With a proven track record of supplying some of the highest quality essential oils on the market, we have finally created a complete line of private label ready essential oils that are in stock and ready to ship. This allows you to build a brand and launch quickly without spending countless hours searching, testing, batch coding, and filling your product. Simply label or package any of these great essential oils below with your brand and you”re ready to sell. “

wholesale private label essential oils

As mentioned, private label essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you plan to sell cosmetics, perfumes, massage oils, or simple aromatherapy oils, you can do it all with the right knowledge. If you”re going to be blending , which you probably will, you”ll need to know which ones to mix to achieve the perfect scent. For some tips, take a look below:
Consider what you”ll be using your blend for, then choose your essential oils accordingly, based on their category and the benefits you want. Essential oils from the same category often mix well.
Check out oil notes, which define how quickly an oil evaporates or absorbs into the skin. There are 3 types: high, middle and low notes.
When blending, a good rule of thumb is to include 30% of the top note oil, 50% of the middle note, and 20% of the base note.
Once mixed, allow at least 24 hours for the oils to blend.
You can dilute your oil with a carrier oil, like jojoba, if you plan to use it topically.

white label essential oils

What is a US private label essential oil?
Private label essential oils (Aromaeasy White Label) are aromatherapy products that are manufactured by a company, but are packaged and labeled with your own company brand on the final product for sale directly to your customer. Essentially, in this case, the private-label manufacturer is acting as a supplier of your essential oils, which can be identical to the manufacturer”s offering or custom essential oil blends that you create for your own business using the manufacturer”s essential oils in your formula. only.

essential oils wholesale private label

As Aromaeasy is well known for our quality oils, we can also provide you with a contract filling service that allows us to offer our customers a fully integrated service, from raw material source to finished product. We would like to share with you what brands we work with but all of our work is done under strict confidentiality agreements to protect the privacy of our clients.
Customers come to us to fill and package individual essential oils, essential oil blends, carrier oils, massage oils, and many other products under their private label brands.
We pack and fill in accordance with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practices and are licensed to pack Therapeutic Products.

best private label essential oils

Get genuine and natural essential oils
At Aromaeasy Oils we also do the private labeling of essential oils, also known by the white label name.
We help you build your signature natural brand range with the help of custom packaging across 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, aromatherapy blends, private label and many other items.

essential oil private label

From bottling to successful shipment to your doorstep, we provide a complete end-to-end private label service and sell the products to your doorstep.
You can also have us do the label design for you at a very low price or you can send us your labels and packaging materials.
When we are done with the label designs and packaging materials, we will bottle, cap, label and package the products. Plus, we ship them to your location with reasonable shipping prices.

private label candles with essential oils


Aromaeasy sells a range of essential oils and essential oil/honey blends online, as well as offering private label services with the ability to fulfill small and large orders, ranging from 250 to 10,000 pieces. The business has been running for thirty years.

private label dropship essential oils

Aromaeasy maintains a stock list of essential oils ranging from Tea Tree to Pink Grapefruit in ready-to-label 10ml vials. Private label turnkey services are available. The company also sells supplies for the preparation and packaging of apothecary products, from the ingredients to the bottles.

private label essential oil blends

Aromaeasy operates an FDA registered NSF ISO certified private labeling and contract manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City. The company primarily focuses on oral care, cosmetic and nutraceutical products, but offers custom development of a range of oils, including essential oils.

private label essential oil candles

Aromaeasy is a USDA Certified Organic packager of creams, lotions, serums, essential oils, etc., providing a full range of services from formulation to storage. The company has the capacity to mix batches from 5 to 450 gal.

private label essential oil diffuser

Aromaeasy is a private labeler for essential oils. The company stocks a long list of USDA certified organic and natural oils, as well as carrier oils, ready to package and label.

private label essential oils no minimum

Aromaeasy offers several levels in its private label program for CBD oils and products, from standard product packaging to full-scale development of custom formulations. The company is based in Las Vegas.

private label organic essential oils

Aromaeasy offers private labeling of pesticide-free therapeutic oils, including label design and production. Products are packaged in a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The company also offers demand fulfillment and drop shipping services.

custom essential oil bottle labels

Aromaeasy maintains a stock of essential oils that are ready for private labelling. company

custom essential oil labels

Aromaeasy manufactures candles, room sprays, beauty and body oils, aromatherapy oils, etc. All of which are available for private label.

essential oil private label india

Aromaeasy offers private labeling of common essential oils and custom manufacturing of custom formations. Processing capacity ranges from 100g pilot runs to 4,500kg batches.

essential oils private label

Aromaeasy is a contract manufacturer of cosmetics and similar products based in Portland, OR, offering private labeling of essential oils.

private label essential oils canada

Aromaeasy offers private labeling of CBD oils and CBD products. The facility is cGMP and FDA registered.

private label essential oils uk

Aromaeasy offers share packaging/private labeling of CPD and essential oils in bottles ranging in volume from 2 to 30 ml.

private label essential oils us

Aromaeasy offers private labeling of CBD oils and CBD products. The facility is cGMP certified, as well as Kosher and Vegan.

private label organic essential oils usa

Aromaeasy offers private labeling for skin care products and wholesale prices and private labeling for essential oils. The company also offers contract filling for products manufactured outside of its facilities.

white label essential oils usa

Aromaeasy started in 1983, offers custom manufacturing and private labeling of nutraceuticals and essential oils. The company is FDA registered and GMP certified. The company also supplies displays and testers for the marketing of essential oils.

custom labels for essential oil bottles

Aromaeasy essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have recently grown in popularity for their many beneficial properties, not to mention their many uses. From applying them directly to the skin to inhaling them, you can use essential oils in a variety of ways, and people continue to find more uses. With this, buying and distributing your own private label essential oils is a great idea. Whether you have your own business or are ready to start one, you can find everything you need with Aromaeasy. When it comes to buying and selling private label essential oils, you have many options to satisfy consumers and provide them with quality oils. You can create popular mixes, mix your own, and offer them in different products for a variety of uses. Before you can do all of this, there are a few things you need to do now, and Aromaeasy will be happy to let you know. Let”s take a look at private label essential oils.

essential oil custom labels

Aromaeasy Consider what you”ll be using your blend for, then choose your essential oils based on their category and desired benefits. Essential oils from the same category often mix well.

essential oil diffuser private label

Check out oil notes, which define how quickly an oil evaporates or absorbs into the skin. There are 3 types: high, middle and low notes.

private label essential oil bottles

When blending, a good rule of thumb is to include 30% of the top note oil, 50% of the middle note, and 20% of the base note.

private label essential oils australia

Once mixed, allow at least 24 hours for the oils to blend.

white label essential oils uk

You can dilute your oil with a carrier oil, such as jojoba, if you plan to use it topically.

5ml essential oil private label

Of course, do your research when mixing essential oils. You need to consider how each oil is extracted and whether it really is a quality oil. If your blends will be used topically, be sure to dilute them properly. Once you”re ready, it”s time to bottle your private label essential oils!

allieexpress private label essential oils

Preparing your private label essential oils for sale

best essential oil company that does private labeling

Once you”ve selected your private label essential oils and found the right blends, it”s time to bottle them and add labels. You may be anxious, but you will need to consider a few things when packaging your private label essential oils. To make sure your products are up to snuff, check out the list below:

best essential oil diffusers private label

Bottled: You should also have your essential oils bottled in glass, especially if they are pure oils. Brown glass bottles are preferable, as this is usually a sign of pure oils. The bottles must also be airtight.

best essential oils private label company

Storage: Always store your oils in a cool, dry place. If you create and sell oils from your own home, the kitchen or bathroom is ideal for storage.

best place to source private label essential oil products

Labeling – Essential oil labels must include the botanical name of the plant, the common name, and show that the oil is 100% pure, if it is. You must also include the origins of the oil extracts.

best private label organic essential oils

Fortunately, we”ll make sure your oils are bottled correctly at Aromaeasy. You can even customize your own label and have us create mixes for you!

bulk essential oils private label

Aromaeasy also offers you private label essential oils at wholesale prices. We were one of the first private label skin care laboratories in the United States to also offer our products in bulk, at manufacturer direct prices. Some of our private label essential oil categories include:


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