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Open a business without the hassle of managing inventory, packaging, or shipping. 

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How does dropshipping work?

No more upfront inventory costs or shipping logistics. With dropshipping, products are sent directly from Aromaeasy to your customers.

Our drop shipping program will give you access to our full suite of all-natural essential oil products at discounted rates. You then sell the item and we ship it directly to the end customer. That’s it! You make a profit by reselling the item for more than you paid us for it, and you don’t have to store or ship it yourself. Simple and easy!

Join our team of essential oil distributors with our dropshipping program today!



Our all-natural essential oil products are just that – all-natural. We are careful in sourcing our ingredients and use only products that are natural, made in nature, or certified organic with no preservatives, chemicals, parabens, or additives. Did the end work out? High-quality essential oils you can trust.

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Fast shipping is imperative in today’s world. Customers expect instant gratification, and long wait times for deliveries will hamper their ability to sell and grow. Foreign companies in particular can be extremely difficult to deal with.

Put those worries aside when you partner with Aromaeasy. Any essential oil product that is ordered for supply under our drop shipping program is shipped directly from our California distribution center or China distribution center. 


You can rest assured that if your customer is not 100% satisfied with the item they receive, they can easily return the item to us.


Excellent customer service can be hard to come by these days, we know that. We promise to be available to you by phone, email, live chat, and even at the coffee shop on the corner.

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Global Farms

AromaEasy Global farms stand apart in the essential oil industry and set the standard for distilling essential oils.

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We work with trustworthy farmers from around the world, to guarantee quality of our essential oils.

dropship essential oils free shipping


What our happy clients say

4.8 stars from 163 reviews


First time dealing on AromaEasy. Very reliable seller and reliable and fast shipping to USA. All questions promptly answered. Will buy from AromaEasy again!Good luck!

Sihle Mthethwa


Shopping with AromaEasy works surprisingly well and fast. Even a transport insurance and follow up service is included..

Integral Vovinam


Thank you, this is our first time to use AromaEasy in website purchasing, with your assurance policy, we feel safe and trust with your services. We will continue on this purchase in future.

Preemol J.

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Dropshipping FAQ

Get started dropshipping in no time with AromaEasy. Signing up is simple! Follow the process outlined below and boom! You are ready to start making money as an essential oil distributor.

Drop shipper:

—>Buyer—>Places order on your website—>Pays You

—>You/Seller—>Take your profit Margins & Forward the order

—>Send the order to us via API or .CSV file—>Make the order payment—> Your Job Ends here.


—>Process the order—>ship to your Customer.

Yes, We can provide free high-quality Unique Pictures.

We will be sending the product on your behalf to the end customer. You will pay for the product once a customer orders from you..

Yes,We do offer data feeds to our ERP with Shopify. we can make the ordering process with. CSV files..

Hot lists are not to be trusted. If you are looking at a hot list, then thousands if not millions of other sellers are looking at that hot list too. That increases the competition on those products, and you can easily be driven out of that product marketplace.

Simply fill out the dropship application here to get started!

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