Essential Oil Bottles 

Essential Oil bottles wholesale, buy in bulk and save. Essential oil bottles for different sizes, shapes and uses. 100% Pure essential oils are a popular choice for aromatherapy and making your own blends of essential oils.

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Our essential oil bottles wholesale are the perfect choice for carrying your favorite oils in style. Made from high quality materials, these bottles are durable and will look great on display in your home or office.

Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

Turn your essential oils into an aromatic experience with these essential oil and liquid atomizer bottles. Our amber glass bottles are the perfect size for traveling, with a handy cap that comes off for filling and cleaning. Bulk essential oil bottles make it easier for you to sell essential oils. Nobody wants to carry all those little vials around! These small essential oil bottles, with their lightweight plastic tubes, are just the ticket for your customers that want to take home a larger supply of their favorite aroma.

Bulk Essential Oil Bottles

Our small size essential oil bottles are perfect for personal use or to give as a gift. These tiny bottles fit easily into purses, pockets and car consoles, making them ideal for on-the-go use. These bottles are perfect as essential oil bottles or essential oil carrier because of their glass. They are small and compact, which makes them easy to transport. This is also a plus if you’re looking for small bottles for travel! Made of glass it can be used safely for any type of oils. The dropper is convenient so you don’t spill or waste any essence or oil.

Essential Oil Bottles Near Me

If you love essential oils, or if you’re a business owner that wants to get started selling oils, you need the right essential oil bottles wholesale to attract customers. Our essential oil bottles are made of durable and recyclable materials that have been specifically designed for carrying and dispensing essential oils. Our boston round essential bottles come in sizes ranging from 5ml to 4 ounces, so they’ll fit your budget no matter what size order you’re placing! You can also choose from a wide variety of colors, including clear, cobalt and amber.

Best Color Bottle For Essential Oils Wholesale

Choose from four different styles of essential oil bottles. The cobalt blue glass bottle has a beautiful blue hue and white detailing, making it ideal for organic essential oils. Our amber glass bottle is available with a twist off or dropper cap, which allows you to use the bottle for both oil and perfume applications. Our clear glass bottle is perfect if you’re looking for a basic style of diffuser or essential oil container.

China essential oil bottle factory

China essential oil bottle factory with different sizes, shapes. Professional and quality control and inspection. Various fragrances of the bottle are available in our factory

Essential oil bottle factory

Wholesale essential oil bottles wholesale supplier provides the best essential oil bottle factory, suppliers and wholesalers, buy essential oil bottles wholesale with low price.

100ml essential oil bottle factories

We offer you our most elegant and high-quality fragrance oils. We are an official supplier of the global brand. We provide a wide range of essential oils and aroma types, including peppermint, lavender, orange oil and many more general aromas.

10ml green glass essential oil bottle factories

If you are looking for aroma oils wholesale at the best price, then fragrance oils is your best choice. Our product is a combination of the bestselling qualities of CBDO from California and the high quality essential oil from Sri Lanka. We have been manufacturing aroma oils since 2001, and our industry-leading customer service has made us the trusted name in fragrance oils wholesale.

30ml matte black essential oil bottle factories

If you are looking for wholesale high quality essential oils for selling at discount, we are your best choice. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Fragrance Essential Oils, wholesale fragrance, bulk oils and other special oils.

Amber essential oil bottle factories

Discover our market of high-quality essential oil factories and wholesale fragrances. Discover our market of high-quality essential oil factories and wholesale fragrances.

China essential oil blue bottle factory

China essential oil blue bottle factory, wholesale fragrances and essential oils wholesale. Buy scented candles online at wholesale prices by premium handmade candle brands.

Essential oil bottle factories

Essential oil bottle factory is the most serious manufacturer of perfume and cosmetics – Pure essential oil wholesale, essential oil wholesale supplier.

Essential oil bottles factories

The highest quality fragrance oils are produced by our suppliers using the finest natural ingredients. We select only the most powerful and highly concentrated essential oils so that your fragrances will last longer and have more vibrant scent.

Oil bottle factory

Welcome to our website! We’re a fragrance oil wholesale company specializing in essential oils and private label products. At our factory you’ll find the highest quality essential oils available to meet every customer’s needs, including evening primrose oil, almond oil, vetiver oil, witch hazel and more.

Olive oil bottle factory

Find top-quality essential oils wholesale with our expert consultants. We’re proud to offer the widest variety of quality olive oil bottle, with fast shipping and great prices.

Glass oil bottles

Whether you’re looking for a gift or something special to add to your own collection, we’ve got you covered. Our high-quality fragrant oils are perfect for use in pretty much any DIY project you can imagine.

Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 30ml / 50ml / 100ml 

C0001-amber glass essential oil bottles-12units

Start USD $0.05 per bottle

Amber glass bottles

Bulk essential oil bottles are available in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. Choose glass bottles with integrated plastic tips to ensure accurate application when dispensing your oils. We also carry a bulk pure essential oil set of 10ml bottles that include a plastic roller ball dropper cap with an eyedropper insert inside the bottle tip.

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With these essential oil dropper bottles, you can get an easy and inexpensive way to store, dispense and use your favorite essential oils or perfumes. These wholesale essential oil bottles are perfect for use during yoga or meditation, traveling, or even just keeping them on the shelf at home. Each essential oil bottle with a dropper comes with a dropper tip to allow you to easily dispense the product without getting oil all over your hands, which is perfect for people that have sensitive skin that can’t handle direct contact with oils.

Amber bottles for essential oils

Amber bottles are your best choice when it comes to fragrances. The amber glass bottle is both elegant and strong, and the cork stopper adds a natural hand to the bottle. Shop our wide selection of essential oil bottles, including organic essential oils at wholesale prices.

Amber oil bottles

Looking for the best wholesale essential oil bottles? We have a wide selection and products at wholesale prices! Many designs available in crystal or jute tins, amber glass and plastic.

Amber spray bottles for essential oils

Amber spray bottles are the perfect way to carry your favorite essential oils, perfumes and colognes. They are made with glass and available in several sizes, refilling them is easy.

15ml amber essential oil bottle quotes

The fragrance of the amber essential oil is light yet strong. It has calming, regenerating properties and is a stress reliever. It helps various body systems, such as the respiratory system, cutaneous system and nervous system. The aroma has been used to enhance relaxation and promote sleep.

Amber essential oil bottles

Our Amber essential oil bottles are the perfect solution for your favorite blend of fragrance. These plastic bottles are beautiful and easy to fill, making it easier than ever to find the perfect scent!

Amber essential oil roller bottles

Welcome to Beauty Now®. We are a 100% wholesale essential oil company with an aim to provide the finest quality fragrances, cost effective pricing and prompt service. Our suppliers offer high-grade product at discounted prices so you can buy essential oils with confidence!

Amber glass essential oil bottles

Our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles are perfect for your personal collection or wholesale work. All bottles feature glass stoppers and rubber seal to ensure your fragrances stay fresh, so you can start enjoying the aroma from day one.

Amber glass essential oil spray bottles

Our glass spray bottle keeps your fragrances fresher than traditional plastic bottles and provides a safe, secure place to store your precious life-changing scents.

Amber glass oil bottles

Our high-quality, all-glass oil bottles are the perfect source of fragrance, whether you’re looking for a natural way to scent your home or wish to utilize our glass containers for their full therapeutic benefits.

Amber glass spray bottles for essential oils

Customers will love this amber glass spray bottles for essential oils since they are handcrafted and carry a premium feel and look.These can be used in Cologne, Body sprays, Massage oils, Perfumes, Bath & Body Works.

Amber or cobalt bottles for essential oils

Our amber or cobalt bottles are made to hold 100% pure essential oils. They are perfect for parfumiers, spa professionals or anyone looking to add a luxurious touch to their essential oils collection. Choose from our variety of glass bottles in clear and amber colors.

Blue or amber bottles for essential oils

Our premium grade essential oils are 100% organic, perfectly weighted and bottled in a refined glass bottle. A new fresh scent brings excitement to your home or cabinet, making it an exciting piece for every room.

Cobalt blue vs amber bottles for essential oils

There are many kinds of natural fragrances and scents, but the one that come from essential oils is the most amazing. Essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and concentrated natural ingredients, derived from flowers, herbs, roots and leaves that are used for centuries for their medicinal properties.

Do essential oils need to be in amber bottles

Our essential oil products can be purchased in our signature amber bottles at a great price. These are super easy to use, and add a nice touch of luxury to the decor of your home.

Glass amber essential oil bottles

Bring the luxury of a spa resort home with these beautiful glass amber bottles. Fragrant essential oils have a luxurious feel, and the unique bottle design adds a touch of class to any space. These bottles are ideal for making your own blends or adding them to your collection of candles or diffusers. If you’re looking for inexpensive essential oil bottles that look professional, this is the one to get!

Clear Glass Essential Oil Bottles 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 30ml / 50ml / 100ml 

Clear essential oil bottle

Start USD $0.065 per bottle

Clear glass bottles

Our clear glass bottle is ideal for travel, gifting—or just keeping on your naturopathic healer’s counter. These bulk essential oil bottles are leak-proofed and made of premium-grade borosilicate glass making them dishwasher safe.

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This small batch essential oil bottle comes with a silicone cap which is convenient to open while traveling, eliminating the need to transport an additional lid.

An essential oil bottle for everyone, our round essential bottles are perfect for storing your favorite oils. These Leak Proof Travel Bottles for Liquids are available in a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs. Never worry about leaks with our popular ready-to-use leak-proof essential oil bottles that can be taken on the go with you.

Clear glass roller bottles for essential oils

Our glass roller bottles are the perfect size for your favorite essential oils. They’re perfectly clear, so you can ensure every drop is filled with fragrance oil, making them as versatile as they are gorgeous!

Clear roller bottles for essential oils

Essential oils are the most popular and best-selling natural skincare products in the world. They are commonly used as aromatherapy, but also for culinary purposes and as an herbal remedy.

Cute essential oil roller bottles

This is an essential oil roller bottle designed for wholesale bulk oils and fragrances for concentration of your favorite aroma. It won’t leak or stain your clothes as it completely locks into place.

Diy essential oil roller bottles

Our fragrance essential oil bottles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. We offer the highest quality essential oils, which are 100% pure and contain no fillers or chemicals. All of our aroma’s are blended in the USA.

Doterra essential oil recipes for roller bottles

The fragrances add a fragrance. Among the list of our most popular oils, you will find a wide variety of essential oils, including citrus notes (orange blossom, lemon), floral flavors (jasmine or rose) and earthy scents (clary sage or vetiver). Most showers are 2 to 4 ounces per person and custom blends can be made. We work with the best suppliers we can find to ensure that what we sell is high-quality, premium ingredients at an affordable price.

Doterra essential oil roller bottle recipes

We offer essential oil roller bottles and refills that you can use to create your own aromatherapy blends. You can choose from our many high quality natural essential oils and store them safely in our eco-friendly glass containers. Our products are made from sustainable materials and are tested for quality assurance.

Doterra essential oil roller bottles

Our essences are produced using the most advanced technologies, harvested from plants native to the earth. Doterra essential oils are used for a variety of purposes, including therapeutic and skin care products, highly diluted for use as scents and perfumes.

Empty roll on bottles for essential oils

Browse our selection of fragrance oils, including popular ones like Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree. We also have limited edition scents such as Peppermint. Wholesale fragrances can be mixed with other essential oils of your choice to create custom blends.

Essential oil 10ml roller bottles

These are the very best in essential oil roller bottles at wholesale prices. These are high quality glass bottles with caps that prevent spillage, and can be used over and over again. We carry premium fragrance oils, which are highly concentrated oils that have only been blended by hand, to ensure the highest purity for scent creation. Wholesale fragrances are perfect for gifts, party planning or home decor.

Essential oil blend recipes for roller bottles

We have some of the best essential oil blends and fragrance oils that you can buy from affordable prices. We supply 100% pure, natural and high-end fragrance oils for roller bottles. Whether it’s a light fragrance or a stronger one, we can meet your orders’ needs at the best possible price.

Essential oil bottle roller tops

Essential oil bottle roller tops that are perfect for any essential oil bottle. We offer them in two varieties, gold and silver and in two sizes, 5ml and 10ml. You can purchase these in bulk here or choose our retail rollers above!

Essential oil empty roller bottles

Fragrance essential oils wholesale makes it easy for you to buy the lowest possible price for all of your favorite oils, with the highest quality and finest fragrances available. Shop now and get free shipping on most orders over $99.

Essential oil roller bottles australia

Buy your wholesale fragrant oils from Aromaroma, the leading wholesale supplier of premium essential oils. We also offer a wide range of perfumes, colognes and toiletries.

Essential oil roller bottles near me

Purchase high quality essential oil roller bottles wholesale at the best prices and with fast shipping. We have a huge selection of essential oil roller bottles, in sizes that fit your needs. Shop online now!

Frosted essential oil roller bottles

Frosted essential oil roller bottles are a convenient and upscale way to use essential oils. They can be used either as a roller bottle or spray bottle, making them easier to hold, carry and apply. The variety of fragrances available lets you find the perfect one for your needs.

Glass roll on bottles for essential oils

Find the best essential oils for your home or business at Total Candles. We have scented candles, room sprays and diffuser oils that use all-natural, organic ingredients to create a unique scent experience in your home.

Cobalt Blue Glass Essential Oil Bottles 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 30ml / 50ml / 100ml 

C0003-Cobalt Blue Glass Essential Oil Bottles-12units

Start USD $0.075 per bottle

Cobalt Blue glass bottles

These cobalt blue bottles are great for storing your essential oil blends and liquids. These empty vials ensure that your personal items, such as ESSENTIAL OILS are always protected in the safest manner possible.

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The Aromatherapy Container is durable and UV resistant. These refillable vials are designed to last a lifetime of use and can be refilled over and over again by simply pouring your product into these containers.

These essential oil bottles are specially designed for the safe storage, transportation, and use of your favorite oils. Made with a glass stopper and protective plastic cover, each Cobalt Blue refillable essential oil bottle ensures that your living space is pleasant, aromatically soothing, and cheerful.

Essential oil bottles wholesale

Our Wholesale Fragrance Essential Oils are the perfect gift for the perfumer in your life. Whether you’re looking for a unique perfume for yourself or as an elegant gift for that special perfume lover, our large selection of scents is sure to delight.

Oil bottles wholesale

Essential oils wholesale, discover our range of high quality aromas direct from the source with no middle men. Our fragrances are certified 100% pure and fresh with no fillers, just the best.

Wholesale essential oil bottles

We offer quality fragrance essential oils wholesale at affordable prices. Find out more about our products and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Wholesale oil bottles

Quality on the go. Create your own custom scent for your loved ones, start with a favorite fragrance oil, and make it into a bottle of your own. Find the bottles you need at wholesale prices here.

Essential oil roller bottles wholesale

Essential oil roller bottles wholesale, designed for increased safety and durability, and the precise dosage that is needed to achieve the desired result. These top quality essential oils are formulated to help you achieve your best beauty results with a single bottle purchase.

Empty oil bottles wholesale

Empty oil bottles wholesale, refillable bottles, at wholesale prices and fast shipping. We have the best selection of essential oils wholesale on the web.

Essential oil bottles wholesale uk

Essential oils are fragrant substances of natural origin widely used in perfumery, aromatherapy and floral arrangement. They can vary widely in odor characteristics and chemical makeup (both volatile and non-volatile), which ultimately affect their use as scents. We wholesale pure essential oils with different varieties of fragrance.

Wholesale bottles for oil

Wholesale bottles are a must have when it comes to your essential oil business. We offer a variety of different fragrances, so you can choose the one that best fits your brand or store.

Wholesale oil bottles with dropper

If you are looking for essential oil bottles wholesale, then we can help you with the best quality products.Our high-quality fragrance oils are made from the best ingredients and sourced from around the world!

Wholesale roller bottles for essential oils

Wholesale fragrances of the highest quality. We have an extensive selection of packaging in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to meet your needs. Our fragrances also come with caps and labels for easy application. Browse our selection now!

Bottles for essential oils wholesale

Are you looking for the best products to increase sales and keep your customers coming back? Our fragrant oils wholesale is a wonderful way to expand your business. And our prices will make filling your order an affordable reality.

China essential oils aluminum bottles wholesale

We have established in 2016 and provide Fragrance oils, Cosmetic Essential Oils, Wax Melts, Handmade Candles and other home accessories to the customers.

Empty essential oil bottles wholesale

Our essential oil wholesale allows you the opportunity to select from a wide variety of unique and fragrant scents, ranging from the sweet and delicious to the uplifting and encouraging. These oils are delivered to you in an amber glass bottle with a secure twist cap.

Empty oil bottles wholesale near me

We are the fragrance oil wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China, including essential oils wholesale, essential oil wholesale suppliers and aroma oil wholesale. Welcome to visit our website.

Essential oil bottles wholesale canada

Find the top wholesale essential oils and aromatherapy products for your business. Our selection includes a variety of high-quality essences that can help you improve the way people feel, smell and think. You can choose from pure oils and blends to sophisticated perfumes, lotions or bath supplies.

Essential oil bottle manufacturers

This is a premium essential oil wholesale company selling some of the best quality essential oils available in the market. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality aromatic fragrant oils at competitive prices.

China essential oil bottle manufacturers

There are many essential oil suppliers out there but we are one of the best in terms of quality, service and price. We provide wholesale fragrance oils in bulk at reasonable prices.

Essential oil bottle manufacturer

Dive into your scent lifestyle, with our unique fragrance oils wholesale. From sweet blooms to earthy musk, you’ll find the right fragrances for any occasion or occasion.

10ml cbd oil bottles manufacturer

Our premium fragrance oils have been hand crafted, tested and bottled by an award-winning perfumer so you can experience the best scents possible. Whether you are looking for your favorite perfume, body spray or candle reed, you’ll find something here that is sure to fit your lifestyle.

10ml dropper bottle cbd oil manufacturer

Fragrance Essential Oils uses the finest ingredients, including high quality EO’s, to create a line of products made in the USA. Our products are designed to improve your life and those around you. Perfect for creating scent blends, cleaning your home, and so much more!

10ml essential oil roller bottles manufacturers

Our Fragrance Essential Oil Roller Bottles manufacturing company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cosmetics packaging & beauty care products. Our professional team creates the exceptional fragrances by using the best raw ingredients and our advanced technology to formulate.

10ml glass essential oil bottle manufacturers

Fragrance essential oils wholesale from the best online essential oil retailer – The Essential Oil Company. We carry a wide selection of natural fragrances for your personal care and therapeutic needs as well as make up, candles and incense.

Bulk essential oil spray bottles

Looking for the highest quality essential oil bulk bottles at an affordable price? Look no further! We have a large selection of wholesale bottles of essential oils and blends, and we will match or beat any competitor’s prices. Our products include: spray bottles with dropper tops and they are perfect for the professional, DIY scents enthusiast and those who want to enhance their personal environment with our finest essential oils.

Bulk essential oil bottles

Welcome to Certified Natural Wholesale. Our fragrance oils are made with all natural ingredients and top quality ingredients. We offer a variety of popular and rare scents that you won’t find anywhere else.

Essential oil bottles bulk

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted supplier of high quality essential oils? Our beautifully branded Essential Oil Bottles are perfect for you. Our products offer superior quality, consistency, value and a wide range of options to fit any budget.

Oil bottles in bulk

Our fragrant oils come in bulk and are perfect for use in home fragrance recipes, bath and body products, or making your own candles. Our essential oil wholesale is 100% pure, natural and colorless (no added dyes).

Oil dropper bottles bulk

We have the largest collection of essential oils available in the market. We offer fractionated coconut oil and fractionated palm kernel oil for professional use. Buy bulk fragrance oils wholesale today!

10 ml amber essential oil roller bottles bulk

Get wholesale prices on high quality fragrance essential oils at our online store. We have the largest selection of premium quality perfume oils in the industry. Our customer service is excellent and we will be there to help you when you need us.

Essential oil bottles

Find a variety of quality essential oil bottles from our wholesale shop. We offer essential oil bottles in a wide range of sizes and scents, perfect for any business or home fragrancing project.

Essential oil roller bottles

These roller bottle wholesale essential oils come in a variety of sizes. We offer custom labeling available with the roller bottles. Each oil has a unique fragrance and all are produced using high quality plants.

Amber Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles 0.5 oz / 1 oz / 2 oz / 4 oz 

Amber ounce bottles - Four bottles

Start USD $0.055 per bottle

Amber Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles

Amber Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles have an amber tint and are a perfect size to store your favorite oils.

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 It is also great for storing small amounts of other liquid or powdered items such as shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. These cleaning essential oil vials are also essential for the storage and transport of perfumes, colognes, and other personal care products. All caps included!

Best bottles for essential oils. These Boston Round Bottles are made of borosilicate glass and feature a clear design. With their wide mouth openings and sturdy construction, these essential oil bottles near me are designed to hold your favorite fragrance as well as liquid herbs, lotions, and gels.

Essential oil bottle

A pure and deeply sensual scent that infuses an air of peace, calmness and relaxation. Truly refreshing and completely natural, this scent is perfect for any room of your home.

Essential oil spray bottles

Welcome to Essential Oil Spray’s complete line of highly fragrant, alcohol-free fragrance oil. Our Essential Oil Spray products are ideal for scenting your home or business.

Essential oils roller bottles

Discover fragrant essential oils for your home with our premium roller bottles. These glass roll-on bottles are the perfect way to infuse your favorite scents into the air around you.

Bottle for essential oil

Fragrance oils are concentrated flower essences that are extracted from the flowers and leaves of plants. They are part of the natural essential oil family, which includes essential oils as well as absolutes and terpenes. Fragrance oils tend to be more expensive than other types of essential oils because they are usually highly refined and come in a variety of different sizes.

Bulk essential oil spray bottles

Our perfume essential oils wholesale bulk bottles are the perfect size for home use. They are also available in 6 and 12 oz sizes. Just add 2-3 drops to ½ cup of carrier oil (olive or jojoba) and mix well. Spray on skin or into tubs, soaps, shower gel, bath salts and more!

Essential oil glass bottle quotes

Add some scent to your life with our most popular fragrance oils. Available in convenient refillable glass bottles, with quotes on the label to keep you inspired.

Essential oil roll on bottles

Our collection of premium, wholesale essential oils is suitable for both professional perfumers and hobbyists. We offer the best quality oils at the best prices. Our highest quality absolute essential oils are classified as FRAGRANCES. Our 100% pure essence oils are suitable for all types of body care products, including soaps, lotions, body creams, shampoos and more. All of our bottles come filled with approved U.S.P. grade ingredients that are combined carefully to produce specific scents for each oil.

Essential oil roller bottle

Shop now! We carry a wide variety of essential oils from around the globe. Each contains its own beautiful scent, and you can use them to create your own scent blends for clients or for yourself.

Gold essential oil bottles

Our pure essential oils are carefully distilled to capture the essences of the plants they come from. Carrying aroma therapy, French ritual and ritual incense into your home has never been easier with our variety of beauty products, ranging from body sprays to diffusers to oil burners.

Roll on bottles for essential oils

This is a wholesale fragrance essential oil bottles, high quality and competitive price! We also have many other products such as custom fragrances, no dilution perfumes, and other fragrance products.

Roller bottles for essential oils

Add a fresh and sophisticated scent to your home with these roller bottles for essential oils. Fill with peppermint, citrus, or lavender scents for an aromatherapy experience that feels as good as it smells.

Essential oil bottles wholesale

Our high quality essential oils and carrier oils are handpicked for their superior scent, purity, and therapeutic properties. We offer Wholesale prices on our many different sizes of lovely glass bottles.

Essential oil dropper bottles

Essential oils are the best way to add scent to your space and make it feel more personable. Our essential oil bottles let you make your own custom blends each time, allowing you to choose from a variety of essential oils to create a unique effect for your home.

Essential oil bottle labels

Our Fragrance essential oils wholesale will transform the way you think about fragrance. Each of our essential oils is handcrafted with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil, to produce a scent that is more than just the top note, but rather an experience that touches your soul.

Essential oils bottles

Essential oils bottles, glass and ceramic, available in a variety of sizes. Choose from our signature signature colors and add your own logo to turn them into glass ornaments for your home.

Clear glass essential oil bottles

Choose a clear glass essential oil bottle to show off your favorite essential oils. The clear glass fits beautifully with any home decor, or even act as an easy way to organize your collection of oils.

Empty essential oil bottles

Need a single or custom scent? If you need a single bottle, or if you want to find the perfect blend for your next project, check out our empty oil bottles. Each bottle comes with a dropper applicator to help you use your oils quickly and efficiently.

Essential oil glass bottles

Essential oil bottles are the perfect way to showcase your favorite fragrance, whether it’s a light and airy scent, or a sweet, rich smell that fills the room. These bottles come in a variety of styles to suit your home, office or beauty and bath decor.

Essential oil recipes for roller bottles

Essential oils for roller bottles are an aromatic, versatile resource that can be used in the kitchen and on the body to add scent to food, make fragrant candle crafts, create aromatherapy blends for personal care and more. Our selection of essential oils wholesale includes naturally scented plant oils from around the world so you can choose from a range of fragrant blends guaranteed to awaken your senses pleasantly as well as support your health.

Essential oil spray bottle

This essential oil spray bottle is the ideal addition to your bathroom, kitchen or other room in your home. It works as a fantastic way of adding fragrance to your furniture, bedding and decorations, making the home smell luxurious.

Essential oils bottle

Our essential oil bottle is made with high-quality glass and features a reusable plastic top cap. Each candle making tool contains 8 oz of 100% pure essential oils, allowing you to create fragrant candles without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Glass bottles for essential oils

Glass bottles for perfume and essential oils. We offer great wholesale pricing on our designer glass bottle selection to help you save money and get the most out of your fragrance oils, essential oil blends and other scented products.

Glass spray bottles for essential oils

Our fragrance essential oils wholesale are of the best quality, and they allow you to create a variety of different scents that are perfect for every occasion.

Large bottles of essential oils

High quality essential oils at wholesale prices. Large bottles of the following scents: Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint. We also offer bulk sizes of these fragrances as well

Roller bottle essential oil recipes

Explore our essential oil roll-on bottles, designed in luxurious glass with an easy-to-fill twist cap. Each bottle holds 15 ml of fragrance and comes in an array of vibrant colors and cool, classic shapes. With its clean design and beautiful scent, this fragrance seller will be your go-to for everyday use.

Essential oils in plastic bottles

If you are in the market for high-end perfume oils and scents, these are the ones! We sourced the highest quality essential oils from around the world and carefully packaged them in premium plastic bottles for our customers.

Frosted glass essential oil bottles

Buy from the world’s leading expert on essential oils and enjoy our fine quality of fragrant oils wholesale. We guarantee the freshness, purity and high quality of all of our oils which are available for you to buy at a discounted price.

Roller bottle for essential oils

Essential oils and fragrance oils are versatile, powerful solutions for your home. Bottled in convenient roll-on bottles for easy access and application, these 100% pure essential oils last for months on end. Choose from a variety of scents, each bottle purchase comes with an English description for the purpose at hand.

5ml essential oil bottles

Premium quality essential oils with a great selection of fragrances. These bottles will make your room smell great!. Comes in either 30ml or 50ml, enjoy the benefits of these beautiful oils today!

Big bottles of essential oils

Our wholesale essential oils are potent, pure and great to use. Use them in your diffuser and in your home, or add them to any of your favorite recipes for a comforting scent. Our whole-plant formula features 100% pure essential oils and all natural botanical ingredients. Our fragrant blends help to lift moods, nurture health and support happiness by enhancing your senses.

Clear Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles 0.5 oz / 1 oz / 2 oz / 4 oz 

Clear Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles_0.5oz_1oz_2oz 4oz

Start USD $0.07 per bottle

Clear Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles

Made with clear glass, these Boston round bottles are perfect for storing and traveling with your favorite essential oil.

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 The ultra-thick ground glass and sturdy Boston round shape make these 0.5 oz DIY essential oil bottles strong and durable, while still allowing you to see how much oil is left in the bottle.

Our high-quality, glass essential oil bottles are perfect for storing and traveling with a variety of oils. The durable construction of this package makes it safe for essential oil manufacturing and distribution. These bulk essential oil bottles offer tight filling control and ensure a leak-free experience as you travel or store your oils. These essential oil bottles are clear glass with a white plastic cap and dropper ball. This travel essential oil bottle can be used for travel, car, office, or home use and is leak-proof.

Bottle essential oil

Our 100% pure fragrance oils are ready for your salon or personal use. They are made from only the highest quality natural essential oils, which means that each bottle has been carefully diluted with a carrier oil to ensure purity and safety.

Bottles for essential oils

We have the best and most affordable essential oil bottles out there. Our fragrances are crafted with high-quality and safe ingredients, so you can enjoy the benefits of your essential oils for your skin or for use in diffuser, topical or aromatherapy applications.

Best essential oil roller bottles

Get the best essential oil roller bottles wholesale with us. From rollers to roller bottles, you can choose your desired essential oil and get it delivered to your home in no time

Bulk essential oil bottles

Our Bulk Essential Oil Bottles are the right solution for wholesale essential oil storage. Each bottle is 8 oz, made of sturdy glass and will keep your liquid oils safe and sound.

Essential oil roll on bottle

Our Essential Oil Roll On Bottles are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite fragrance concentrate. Made from premium materials and crafted with care, these bottles are a must-have for any home or office aromatherapy collection.

Essential oil sample bottles

Our Essential Oil Samples are the perfect gift to try a new essential oil. Our sampler sizes allow you to explore the many different aspects of essential oils, including therapeutic, culinary and cosmetic uses. Fragrance choices include Almond, Applewood, Cotton milk and more.

Cobalt Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles 0.5 oz / 1 oz / 2 oz / 4 oz 

Cobalt ounce bottles - Seven bottles

Start USD $0.08 per bottle

Cobalt Glass Essential Oil Boston Round Bottles

Cobalt Blue Glass Boston Round Bottle. These Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles are great for essential oils and perfume oils, with a white or black cap.

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The cobalt blue glass will add a bit of color to any product line, while the sleek black cap adds a touch of elegance. These essential oil bottle caps come with a treatment pump.

The classic round cobalt blue essential oil bottle is the perfect choice for branding your essential oil business. The blue tint glass can be filled with your favorite essential oils and packaged in our boxes or bags for a professional look. These bottles hold 1 oz of liquid and have a dropper fitment. Bulk pricing is available upon request. All of our essential oil bottles are high quality, professional-grade, and perfect for perfume-making and scenting your home, car, and office. This Boston round bottle is cobalt blue glass and comes with black caps.

Amber Frosted Glass Essential Oil Bottles 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 20ml / 30ml / 50ml / 100ml

C0007-Amber frosted essential oil bottles

Start USD $0.063 per bottle

Amber Frosted Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Amber Frosted Glass Essential Oil Bottles are glass bottles with lids. Bottles for Essential Oils are perfect for storing your essential oils, so you don’t have to worry about them spilling all over the place.

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Glass containers with lids will keep your oils safe, clean, and easy to access.

These Essential Oil Bottles are perfect for storing your essential oils. These reusable glass bottles are easy to clean and resistant to shattering, breakage, and chipping. Glass storage bottles for liquids also come with a secure screw-on cap that covers the label area. These small glass containers are made from high-quality, recycled materials. Beautifully crafted and expertly finished, this glass essential oil bottle from Amber Frosted Glass is sure to last a lifetime. The black ceramic latches ensure that your oils stay secure in their bottles, and the other included accessories protect them from accidental spills.

Wholesale essential oil bottles

Create your own custom scents in our wholesale essential oil bottles. Our eco-friendly glass bottles are perfect for storing your favorite oils, as well as other fragrances, perfumes and more! Customize your scent with our wide variety of bottle styles and colors.

Bulk essential oil roller bottles

Vacuum-seal packaging that can be easily used again & again. Ideal for creating your own signature scents, blending or adding to custom blends. Great for wholesale roll-on bottles, bath & body oils, room sprays and perfumes.

Empty roller bottles for essential oils

Our empty roller bottles are the perfect solution for essential oils that need to be blended with other ingredients and scents. By purchasing this product, you will receive 20 small bottles (3ml each) and a blender tool, which is handy for adding oils to your favorite products. Buy this package today and be sure to save as much money as possible!

Essential oil bottles with dropper

Our Essential Oil Bottles with Dropper are perfect for your home fragrancing needs. The 1 oz dropper bottles allow you to get the right amount of oil per application for those tiny spaces.

Essential oil roller bottles wholesale

New and high quality fragrance essential oil roller bottles wholesale, aroma oil bottles wholesale, bottle design glass oil bottle, perfume in glass oil bottles packaging.

10ml essential oil bottles

Our essential oils are carefully sourced to provide the highest quality of oils at wholesale prices. These highly concentrated oils can be diluted in carrier oils, massage oils or simply used by themselves as a fragrance in a room to create an aroma.

10ml essential oil roller bottles

Our essential oils are specially formulated with high quality, therapeutic grade ingredients. Our essential oils brand is free of synthetic fragrances and colorings, natural when possible and 100% vegan. They are all certified organic, USDA organic and non-GMO.

Amber bottles for essential oils

Amber bottles for essential oils. These sturdy and reusable glass bottles are made from a thick, double walled mouth to protect your essential oil blends from breaking down over time. These bottles are available in 6oz, 10oz and 15oz sizes. The amber color of the glass gives them a touch of luxury.

Amber spray bottles for essential oils

Handcrafted, hand-blown Amber spray bottles are the perfect carrier for adding essential oils to your home. They are suitable for everything from mixing into a massage oil, or using as aromatherapy lotion, to blending with your favorite body lotion.

Blue essential oil bottles

Our blue essential oil bottles helps you to bring the natural beauty of fragrance directly into your home. They are ideal for those looking to keep their oil collection under control and in one place, so they can easily enjoy the scent of whichever essential oil they choose.

Blue glass bottles for essential oils

Make your home smell just right with our gorgeous glass bottles, perfect for storing and sending your favorite fragrance oils or essential oils. Whether you’re looking to gift something sweet or wanting some pretty bottles to use in your own home, we have the color and size that will fit your needs. If you’re looking for something special, we’ve got you covered with custom printing options available on all of our products!

Blue spray bottles for essential oils

Blue is the color of elegance and refinement, there is nothing like the warming effects of a deep blue fragrance on your skin. Aroma Essentials offers a wide variety of essential oils for massages, for stress relief and for relaxation. The scents can be chosen by you or delivered to you by the following formats: 4oz glass spray bottles.

Cobalt blue essential oil bottles

attract and retain your customers with our cobalt blue essential oil bottles. The elegant glass bottles are filled with our pure and therapeutic grade oils. The polished finish allows them to shine through the packaging, displaying your product in a beautiful way.

Custom essential oil bottles

Our essential oil bottles are the perfect, DIY solution for storing your favorite fragrances. Plus, they’ll help reduce wastage, helping you to save money.

Essential oil bottle caps

Our premium essential oil bottles are made from high quality polypropylene and feature a screw-top stopper. They are made with loose leaf extracts, so you can adjust the dosage. Each bottle has a wide mouth so you can add your favorite pre-filled aroma diffuser blends easily.

Essential oil bottle diffuser

This essential oil bottle diffuser is made of stainless steel and has high-quality glass carafe. It can evenly distribute the essential oils, making your home more beautiful and healthy.

Essential oil bottles bulk

If you are looking for a great price on essential oils bottles or refills, then you’ve come to the right place. Our wholesale essential oil bottles and refills are guaranteed to give you great service and fast shipping.

Essential oil bottles suppliers

Aromatherapy Blends offers beautiful & authentic natural essential oils bottles wholesale from their suppliers at the lowest prices with free shipping in US. We carry all major brands of fragrance, bath and body products, natural ingredients and more.

Essential oil bottles with roller

This set of essential oils bottles is perfect for any professional looking to get more from their essential oils. With 11oz and 15oz sizes, you can purchase one or mix these up to smell more like the name brands by adding a few of different scents. The roller applies your favorite scent in an even, smooth layer at the bottom of the roller, which is perfect for mixing with other products you want to add some fragrance too!

Essential oil dropper bottle

This bottle is perfect for collecting and dispensing your favorite fragrance blends. Made of high quality glass, it feels luxurious in the hand and has a nice weight to it.

Essential oil empty bottles

This fragrance oil wholesale lot is a great addition to any home or business. You’re probably already familiar with the amazing benefits fragrance has in your life—in fact, scent plays a very important role in developing positive habits, like happiness and mindfulness. That’s why we created our Essential Oil Bottles & Packs so you can take control of how you experience your favorite smells.

Where to buy empty essential oil bottles

Fragrance essential oils wholesale are sold at very high prices on the wholesale market because of their superior quality and wide-ranging applications. We have a huge inventory of fragrance oils that can be used for almost any product or service imaginable. Whether you need a fragrance to enhance your skin care products, or to create an air freshener with your candles, we have just what you need.

Where to buy large bottles of essential oils

Where to buy large bottles of essential oils, scents, fragrances and pure unadulterated essential oils. Essential oil wholesale from aromatherapy companies.

Oil dropper bottle

Our Oil dropper bottle with a screw on cap is a simple and elegant way to dispense your essential oils. Made from high quality phthalate-free plastic with a classy design to complement any home. It provides an iridescent light that reflects off of the oil in the dark or glows bright white when the bottle is filled.

Essential oil dropper bottles

Our essential oil bottles are the perfect way to dispense high-quality, therapeutic and other premium oils in drops. Each bottle is handmade, ensuring unique quality and a pleasant aroma.

Wholesale oil dropper bottles

Our oil dropper bottles are designed to help you add ingredients to your products. They are used both by perfumeries and cosmetic brands and also by DIY crafters. Our oil dropper bottles can be customized as per your need.

Cbd oil dropper bottle

Scented with pure and potent essential oil. This bottle is easy to use and contains approximately 1 oz of oil per 10ml dropper. Fill the dropper dispenser with the sole purpose of dousing your favorite oils, spices or perfumes into the air. Although most popular with fragrances, you can also use this bottle to add a strong scent to your bath water.

Cosmetic oil dropper bottle

This highly functional and affordable cosmetic oil dropper bottle is the perfect way to safely apply your favorite fragrance, whether you need to add a touch of fragrance to the air, or even just take the scent with you.

Essential oil bottles with dropper

This set of 5 essential oil bottles with dropper makes it easy to dispense your oils without touching the top. It is ideal for perfumes, cosmetics or food items. The 2.5ml dropper bottle for the most precise dosage and the 4ml size for a larger quantity.

Essential oil dropper bottle

Our Essential Oil Dropper Bottles, made of sturdy glass and plastic, are perfect for essential oil purposes. Our oil droppers are hand-blown to be the highest quality available. Each oil dropper bottle measures 3 inches high by 1 inches wide, so they’re small enough to fit in your purse and big enough to last most people a month or more.

Oil bottle dropper

Are you a natural beauty fanatic? Well then you’re in the right place! Our scented oils make beautiful aromatherapy candles that are so heavenly, you’ll never burn them. With our amazing scented oils wholesale, you can craft your own custom candles by adding our essential oil drops to melted wax or any other project that involves melted wax. Get the best deals on fragrance essential oils wholesale here at Aroma Zone!

Oil dropper bottle wholesale

We offer a wide selection of oils, including essential and therapeutic oils, perfumes and lotions in various sizes, from 5ml up to 30ml bottles. Choose from over 200 types of natural fragrance oils for your home or for gifts for friends and family.

Clear oil dropper bottles

As a trusted supplier of therapeutic essential oils, we are proud to provide a diverse range of essential oil bottles and droppers, which help you create distinctive scents.

Dropper oil bottle

Drop by a local retail shop, a well-appointed boutique, or your favorite online retailer to purchase wholesale 100% pure and certified organic essential oils by the drop.

Essential oil glass bottle with dropper

This special essential oil glass bottle with dropper can hold your favorite fragrance, and you can easily add the right amount of perfume by simply adding just a few drops.

Essential oil glass dropper bottle

Essential oil glass bottle with a dropper and 120ml capacity. Ideal for body, hair and skin care products. Use drops of water to create the perfect amount of oil to add to your personal regimen.

Glass dropper bottles for essential oils

These glass dropper bottles are designed to safely store your most precious oils. Lovely and practical, they’re perfect for your essential oil collection.

Glass oil dropper bottle

Our oil dropper bottle made of glass is perfect for use in professional and personal application. It is widely used as a supplier of essential oils wholesale.

Oil bottle with dropper

This oil bottle with dropper allows you to infuse your own fragranced oils at home. Just add a few drops to the lid of the bottle and lightly shake for a Scentsy-like experience. The aromatherapy benefits are endless!

Oil dropper bottle amazon

Essential oils can be used for numerous different reasons. They are natural odor-control sprays, deodorizers and air fresheners as well as antiperspirants and eye drops. Blends with essential oils to create perfumes or perfumed products

Oil dropper bottle walmart

Oil dropper bottles are perfect for storing and dispensing fragrance, essential oil, petro products and more. The clear glass bottle is crafted in the USA and features a twist off cap with a cork stopper for secure pouring, and a stainless steel ball for an easy pour. Each bottle features a bright yellow label that can be customized with any name. Whether you’re looking for a gift or sales rep reward, this is the perfect item

Oil dropper bottles

Discover the best oils, made using the newest technology. Pure and fragrant, they are perfect to be used in a large quantity. Dispensing your favorite essential oil is always more fun with our unique liquid dispensers.

Oil dropper bottles bulk

Choose from our extensive collection of oil bottles for the best wholesale prices. We carry the most popular brands you need to get started on your scent business today. Call us at 855-981-9520 to start buying essential oils wholesale!

Oil dropper bottles near me

Our oil dropper bottles are made from the best quality materials and ensure reliable delivery. Our Fragrance Oil wholesale suppliers guarantee working with customers who want to buy these essential oils wholesale, we can help you use these essential oils in your business so that you can be successful

Wholesale oil bottles with dropper

Wholesale Essential Oil Bottles with dropper, wholesale bulk oils and blends. These are perfect for the wholesale eo market or individuals wanting to sell the best oils at a great price. These bottles make it extremely easy for customers to dispense your oil and make it a great value

Dropper bottles for essential oils

Our premium fragrance oils are carefully blended and are industry tested to offer realistic, upscale fragrance. Our formulations are created using high quality, safe and effective raw materials, as well as tried and true formulas that have been perfected over time. Wholesale fragrances can be blended for either a room spray or body mist. Your customers will be amazed at the depth of their favorite scents available in our large selection of wholesale essential oils.

Empty essential oil dropper bottles

Premium quality, small and compact design, these durable glass-reinforced plastic bottles are designed to withstand repeated heating and cooling during shipping. The dropper top dispenser ensures easy application of your favorite organic or fragrance oil all over a small area, leaving no mess or spillage.

Essential oil bottle with dropper

Essential oils are the most talked about and popular topicals in the beauty world. This bottle and dropper set has a fragrance oil that is fortified and contains maximum active growth nutrients.

Essential oil dropper bottles australia

Essential oils wholesale Australia, a leading supplier of premium quality aroma grade essential oils and fragrances. With over 25 years experience dealing with aromatherapy’s finest essential oils from around th world we can offer a range of quality products at affordable prices.

10ml Amber / Clear / Cobalt Blue Essential Oil Roller Bottles with Black Caps

10ml amber glass roller bottle

Start USD $0.15 per bottle

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Our empty glass roller bottle with a black cap is the perfect way to carry your favorite essential oil. These amber glass roller bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, making them shatter-proof and heat-resistant.

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Perfect for Roller Ball Bottles and Roll-On Containers. Glass Roller Bottles for roller ball containers containing liquid essential oils, perfume oils, or other products such as clear glass lemongrass roller bottles with a 10ml capacity, its easy to refill, clean, and reuse. It’s also perfect for aromatherapy sessions or craft projects . The all-plastic roller ball means you can refill the bottle with your favorite liquid at any time – and it’s easy, with an easy open/close stopper on one end. Perfect for glass roll-on bottles, roll-on perfume, or essential oils. The clear glass roller bottles have a black cap and plastic filled with silicone oil, so it’s perfect for applying oils to the skin or applying to areas where you want them absorbed.

Essential oil roller bottles

Our Essential Oil Roller Bottles make it easy to dispense and apply essential oils. With a wide mouth, these bottles are also great for mixing oils. Available in glass, plastic and metal.

Essential oil roll on bottles

Essential oil roll on bottles ideal for fragrance applications, offering superior fragrance release and product quality. Born from a love of essential oils and aromatherapy, diffuser bottles are the perfect way to easily share your favourite blends with family and friends. Each kit includes 100% pure aromatic essential oil blends plus roll on applicators that allow you to control how much you use.

Roll on bottles for essential oils

Our wholesale essential oils will help you create your own fragrant blends at less cost. Our high-quality 100% pure essential oils come in a variety of sizes and blend well with each other for personal use, or for blending with others’ scents to create your own unique scent.

Roller bottles for essential oils

At wholesale, we offer the best quality at affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of oils that are unique and provide you with different aromas. We also sell scents as well as body care products and soaps at wholesale prices.

Essential oil recipes for roller bottles

Our premium essential oil blends are specially formulated to produce high-quality perfumes and fragrances at an affordable price. We use only the freshest, purest oils of this aromatic plants on your roller bottles.

Roller bottle for essential oils

Essential oils are the most potent perfume ingredients, and Roller bottles with Signature PerfumeRoller™ can help you create the perfect scent. Rolls the oils into one large amount to use in your roller bottle or travel-friendly spray bottle, then lock it tightly into place after each use.

Best essential oil roller bottles

The essential oil roller bottles are the ultimate way to add scent to your home. Made of high-quality glass, they come with a replaceable lid that fits tightly so you’re sure your roller bottle won’t leak.

Essential oil roll on bottle

Essential oil roll on bottle with a convenient top for easy application and dispensing. The bottle comes in many different colors, including burgundy, fireball red, green tea, lavender, lemon oil and more.

Roller bottles essential oils

Discover the best essential oils, pure and unadulterated. Our Roller Bottles keep your blends free of contaminants while delivering a superior scent. We carry full line of essential oils in our premium fragrance roller bottles.

Bulk essential oil roller bottles

A simple yet luxurious essential oil roller bottle that dispenses the right amount of pure essential oils in a very elegant format. The aroma of this bottle truly enhances any room and brings a fresh burst of fragrance that lasts all day.

Empty roller bottles for essential oils

These empty roller bottles provide an easy way to dispense your favorite essential oils, as well as other fragrant oils. Our wholesale fragrance essential oil bottles are sure to make a memorable impression when paired with our corresponding glass droppers or diffusers.

Essential oil roller bottles wholesale

We have a passion for essential oils and carry the highest quality products at the best prices on the market today. With over 2,500 bottles of high quality essential oils to choose from, Fragrance Crafts is the ultimate source for wholesale essential oil roller bottles.

10ml essential oil roller bottles

These are essential oils wholesale fragrance roller bottles. Use them in burning incense, to scent your pillows, scents for personal care, or for your home decor. The roller lid allows you to easily dispense your oil straight from the bottle and the glass container makes it easy to see how much product is left.

Essential oil bottles with roller

Experience the best quality and selection of essential oil bottles with roller with us. We provide you all type of essential oils, scents and perfumes with best service quality at affordable price.

Where to buy roller bottles for essential oils

Get the best fragrance oils wholesale from suppliers like aromatherapy, essential oils wholesale and essential oil wholesale for all your essential oil needs at amazing pricing. All sizes are available, including 30ml and 100ml bottles

5 ml roller bottles for essential oils

Get your fragrant essential oils wholesale now! Adding fragrance to your perfume, bath salts or other personal care products is easy and affordable with our Essential Oils in 5ml Roll-On Bottles.

5ml essential oil roller bottles

Create a new scent by blending the essential oils of your choice from the wide variety of natural oils sold in this roller bottle. Deeply penetrate the skin with a combination of sweet almond oil, fragrance and vitamin E.

Amazon essential oil roll on bottles

Love is in the air with this luxurious box that contains two perfectly matched sets of high-grade essential oils, each expertly blended and packaged. A great gift for yourself or someone special.

Amber essential oil roller bottles

Our amber essential oil bottle are the best for your home, wellness. Amber essential oils can be diffused, applied topically and more. These pictures are of a 100 ml bottle.

Bamboo essential oil roller bottles

Bamboo essential oil roller bottles are practical and elegant. They contain 1.85oz of pure 100% fragrance oil, the top made of food safe material, it is easy to carry, convenient and practical.

Best essential oil recipes for roller bottles

Explore our wide range of high quality fragrance oils wholesale to enhance the scent of your personal products. From essential oils, to fragrance diffusion, we carry it all!

Best glass roller bottles for essential oils

The GoGetter Glass Roller Bottles are made with premium quality glass and the easy to use O-Rings, making them an excellent choice for your daily essential oils blends or perfumes.

Best roll on bottles for essential oils

A luxury direct from the distillers, you’ll find the best roll on bottles for essential oils with our best prices. These are not cheap labels, these are quality products that you can rely on.

Best roller ball bottles for essential oils

From the highest quality 100% pure essential oils in the world, to the most elegant bottle designs, our collection delivers an incredible experience for you and your clients. Whether you want to create a wide range of aromatherapy blends or just add an incredible scent to your product lineups, you’ll find it all in this collection.

Best roller bottles for essential oils

Our signature Vintage Roll-On with our signature rose aroma, hand crafted by a master roller. This artisanal gem is made carefully with special glass and care to create the perfect scent.

Black essential oil roller bottles

Fragrance and essential oils are the perfect compliment to your home. Our pure, 100% undiluted fragrance oils and blends come in a wide array of aroma categories that range from refreshing to earthy and beyond.

Blue roller bottles for essential oils

Discover the benefits of fragrance oils. Whether you’re looking to create natural, luxurious spa-quality products for your home or beauty business, or develop a new line of products for retail and wholesale markets, our award-winning essential oils are the best way to help you create a space where spirituality, relaxation, and joy is experienced every day.

Buy essential oil roller bottles

Elegance. Sophistication. Impeccable floral scents. This essential oil roller bottle is a work of art that provides precision, control and bold, vibrant fragrance blends that you can use around your home or in the office. Exceptional quality and exceptional fragrance come together with this essential oil roller bottle.

Cheap roller bottles for essential oils

Create your own custom scent with our fragrance oils. Whether you’re looking for a subtle, earthy blend or bold and spicy, we have exactly what you need.

Clear essential oil roller bottles

We have a huge range of pure, 100% natural and therapeutic grade fragrance oils to choose from. Our pure essential oils will help you create the best beauty product possible, but we also support ethical practices by keeping our oil blends natural and made in small batches.

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