Global Farms

Under instructions of the stringent quality control system for decades, AromaEasy has established a high-quality standard that sets us apart from other essential oil suppliers.

We work with trustworthy farmers from around the world, to guarantee quality of our essential oils.

And that is just the beginning.

We bring our high standards to everyone we work with, leading suppliers to improve their practices to keep up with our standard.

Then, how do we keep our promise?

We produce essential oils under strict quality control, to make them totally pure and safe.

Our testing personnel checks local farms in a routine, to monitor effective ingredients in the plants.


AromaEasy sets up labs for every primary factory, to ensure every customer gets the purest essential oil.

Those efforts make us unique in the essential oil industry.

Meanwhile, we keep our eyes on sustainability, It starts with our concerns about ethical and environmental practices.

Working with authorities from around the world, we apply lots of regulation,

making sure that our products and partners comply with all the laws and regulations everywhere we do business.
and to protect the land and people behind your favorite essential oil products.

AromaEasy, is leading the way with efforts in quality and sustainability

Besides supplying top-quality essential oils at wholesale prices, AromaEasy is a trustworthy diffuser manufacturer.
We apply the same standard in diffusers manufacturing, supplying you the diffuser which is lovely both in design and quality.

First thing in the morning, you can add some drops of orange essential oil in your diffuser, to start your day with courage. You can do the preparation the night before, so you just need to hit the ON button when the sun rises.

Since the beginning, AromaEasy strives to bring wellness and happiness into the lives of those that it touches.
Our work is about setting higher standards so we can make the world a better place.
We supply you the very best, and commit to being even better tomorrow than we are today.