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Washington, USA


Essential oil suppliers canada

When it comes to spearmint and peppermints, Washington is the largest producing region in the world. With warm days and cool nights in this area, the plant grows well in Washington’s soil. Mint, a perennial, requires a lot of water and needs to go dormant in the winter, which seems to help improving oil quality.

This distillery has been producing reliable peppermint oil in its family factory since the 1940s. This partner farm supplies top quality oils in a sustainable way. 

While this farm is headquartered in Washington, the peppermint plantations extend across several states with warehouses in other locations. 

Also, our partner’s honesty and transparency in the supply chain make this farm an ideal mint supplier for AromaEasy.

Oil from the farm:

Peppermint Essential Oil

Victoria Farm, Southern California, USA


Bergamot grows well in Southern California. This beautiful area is famous for fruits, and we source bergamot essential oil from here.

How does it work?

Essential oil suppliers canada

Like a cross between lime and grapefruit, bergamot belongs to the citrus family. Bergamot is traditionally utilized to get essential oils. Normally people don’t eat bergamot fruits because of their bitter taste. 

Bergamot essential oils are made by using special equipment to “rub” the skin. The “rubbing” equipment is sunk in enough water. As the machine is rubbing the skin, bergamot oil will be released into the water. Then we separate the oil from the mixture via a centrifuge.

The Victoria Farm covers over 1,700 acres with citrus fruit trees. Fresh bergamot, lime, and grapefruit peel are cold-pressed to produce the best essential oil. Every part of the fruit goes to good use, making this farm is a zero-waste treatment facility.

Oil from the farm:

Bergamot Essential Oil | Orange blossom Essential Oils

Western Mountains, Canada


Pine tree flourishes in the cold northern forest. It grows in the Canada and northern United States. The bark is dark gray, thin, and scaly. The needle is short with a color between green and blue.

Environmental protection

Essential oil suppliers canada

The pine tree is mainly used for lumber, pulp, and paper industries. The Forestry Ministry has formulated a forest management plan for the harvest of this plant. AromaEasy and its partners work together to ensure harvesting pine trees in a responsible and sustainable way.

After harvesting a tree, the trunk will leave the branches and needles behind. The lumbers is for various purposes. However, no one could gain more value from the remaining branches and needles in the past. And now we made it.

After the pine lumber was harvested, we begin to collect all the branches and needles left by the excavator. Then we extract a powerful and great oil from these leftover ingredients via steam distillation.

Oil from this farm:

Pine Essential Oil

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Essential oil suppliers canada

In 2019 – after investigating and research – AromaEasy discovered the best location for cypress cultivating and then purchased a farm in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This pure land remains free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, and it is the location of AromaEasy’s annual winter harvest projects.

This farm is a key source of cypress essential oil, a common oil in many essential oil recipes

Oil from the farm:

Cypress Essential Oil

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