The northeast coast of New South Wales


Essential oils wholesale australia organic

The majority of people begin with essential oils through 3 words: Tea Tree Oil.

The Melaleuca Alternifolia is a small tree from Australia with needle-like leaves and heads of sessile yellow or purplish flowers. The oil is derived from the leaves of the tree, and is generally produced in Australia. 

The water-saturated, riparian soils of New South Wales in Australia provide an ideal environment for tea trees to grow oils with a fresh camphoraceous odor. 

The tea tree in this region has a pretty long history, having been cultivated and utilized by indigenous people over thousands of years.

Beyond recorded history, Tea Tree Essential Oil usages and advantages were passed down generation after generation by the native people of Australia. There large usage understanding of the oil made them the main leader in its usage today. Today, tea tree extracts are collected via the same method, continuing this story and legacy.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has a fresh, medicinal, and antibacterial aroma. It also has a unique mint-like back-notes.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is most likely one of the most famous oils among adults and teens. The fresh, antibacterial, and minty scent makes the oil necessities for many people. No more hesitation! Order your Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil from AromaEasy today!

Oil from the farm:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

The Northern District


Essential oils wholesale australia organic

The northern district of Australia offers a fascinating backdrop for Australian cypress pine. Based on the ethnobotanical knowledge of indigenous people, our key partner found a state of art patented distillation technique. All efforts come out to be our unique cypress essential oils. And many other benefits of this oil are still being explored.

Oil from the farm:

Cypress Essential Oil

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