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Wholesale Fragrance Diffusers

Choose from our large selection of the highest quality wholesale fragrance diffusers to buy. As one of the largest suppliers of aroma diffusers in stock, we source only the finest ingredients and supplies from ethnic manufacturers all over the world. So while we never compromise on quality, you can have all the aroma diffusers and supplies you require at market-leading prices, without any gimmicks. And we offer even a guarantee of satisfaction and our best prices, because we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

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We offer a wide selection of aromatherapy diffusers at wholesale prices. These ultrasonic diffusers offer the quality you expect at a price that fits your budget. In an industry where quality levels are important, we make it easy for you to get the best electric diffusers from a trusted and experienced supplier. Get the top quality wholesale aroma diffusers With a thorough selection of aroma diffusers, we have accepted strict quality control standards.

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All of the aromatherapy diffusers below are of the highest quality diffusers for essential oils, backed by manufacturer’s warranties, and carefully designed to look as good as they perform. Many of the listings below have a video that provides a more in-depth look at the performance of the drivers.

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Essential Oil Diffusers Priced Between 8 USD and 20 USD


Diffusers under 8 USD

Wood grain diffuser X131

 8 USD to 10 USD

A061-01 ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

10 USD to 15 USD

diffusers for essential oils

15 USD to 20 USD

Essential Oil Diffusers for Office/ Home/ Bedroom/ Living Room / Car

X125-Wholesale AromaPod Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Car diffusers

bamboo diffuser

Diffusers for bedroom

a058-01 ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Diffusers for living Room


Diffusers for office

Ceramic / Glass / Metal / Wooden Diffusers

cactus oil diffuser

Ceramic diffusers

bamboo diffuser

Glass diffusers


Metal diffusers

light wood grain diffuser

Wooden diffusers

8 / 10 Hours Diffusers

A060-01 large ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

8 Hours diffusers

8h – 12h diffusers

300ml / 300 – 500ml Essential Oil diffusers


300ml diffusers

A062-01 large ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

300 – 500ml diffusers

Other Diffusers

glass aromatherapy diffuser

Best seller

Nebulizing diffusers

A065-01 ultrasonic mist diffuser essential oils

Up to 500 sq ft (50㎡)

Essential Oil Diffusers Priced under 8 USD


Aromatherapy Diffusers

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Below 8 USD, we offer a variety of ceramic oil diffusers, including ultrasonic diffusers and electric diffusers. These aromatherapy diffusers are offered in various styles, shapes and sizes. 

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This is a unique and exclusive ceramic ultrasonic diffuser that can help you create a relaxing environment. The air filled with the aroma from natural oils. The beautiful design of this small ultrasonic diffuser makes it an amazing therapeutic decoration for any room in your house, as well as a great gift for family, friends or colleagues. Our quality oil diffuser is made of high-quality porcelain and ceramic, with a safe and reliable design. Our oil diffusers provide you a healthier living environment by releasing essential oils into the air to refresh your mind, body and soul. It provides an elegant lifestyle for you.

Cheap Diffusers are essential to helping your home or office smell fresh, enticing, and relaxing. Our essential oil diffuser is a great way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Diffusers for Essential Oils Priced between 8 USD and 10 USD

Wood grain diffuser X131

Affordable Diffusers

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The best wood oil diffuser is priced between 8 USD and 10 USD. Best ceramic diffusers for essential oils are usually cheaper. The best wooden essential oil diffuser is useful to have a cool look in your home.

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If you’re looking to give your home an exotic appeal, then choosing dark wood oil diffusers may be a good idea. A dark wood oil diffuser would enhance the outlook of your house instantly. It gives out the calmness in the air, which helps you relax after a long tiring day at work or school. The smooth aroma generated from these wooden oil diffusers can help you unwind at night.

Our diffusers use pure essential oils and no harmful chemicals, which makes them safe to use around your home. Glass and wood oil diffusers are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so they’re ideal for the bedroom, children’s room, or anywhere in the house where you want a pleasant atmosphere. The natural wood material absorbs the oil molecules from your essential oils so that they can flow freely around the room filling it with fragrance. This allows oncoming air to pass through the wood and spread scent particles over a wide area.

Essential Oil Diffusers Priced between 10 USD and 15 USD


Wholesale Aroma Diffuser

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Breathe all day with this affordable natural, healthy, and renewable aromatherapy diffuser. Made from recycled materials, this wholesale aroma diffuser is priced between 10USD and 15 USE and designed to deliver the soothing benefits of essential oils for your home or office.

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These best diffusers will help you to breathe in a clean and healthy environment. Wholesale electric aromatherapy diffuser can also have a positive effect on your mood, making you feel calmer and more relaxed. Aromatherapy diffusers are used to vaporize essential oils into the air, making your home or office smell amazing. We offer many styles of aromatherapy diffusers including car diffusers electric aromatherapy diffusers, and mini diffusers.  A good quality diffuser is an essential component of an effective holistic lifestyle.

Diffusers for Essential Oils Priced between 15 USD and 20 USD

Wholesale diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffusers

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We offer a various range of electric diffusers in different sizes,shapes, and styles. Ceramic diffusers for essential oils are 100% natural and oil diffusers are electric aroma diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers that give off a light mist providing aromatherapy benefits.

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Each of these essential oil diffusers is designed to diffuse essential oils or scents into any room. A great diffuser is an essential part of your home decor. It is a type of air freshener, which uses water and fragrance to create a mist that spreads over the room. Essential oils are added for mood and health benefits, so it’s best to choose a model that produces thick clouds of mist. Our wooden, glass, and metal diffusers will satisfy even the pickiest noses!

The inexpensive diffuser is a great way to get started with your essential oils or add more features to your existing diffuser. With a price point as attractive as they are effective, these essential oil diffuser are sure to be enjoyed by all.

Best Seller of Wholesale Diffusers for Essential Oils

Wood grain diffuser X131

Best Diffusers for Eseential Oil

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Aromatherapy oil diffusers, are your new best friend for getting a more restful sleep. Not only will they spread the pleasant scent of essential oils throughout the room, but you can change the color and brightness too!

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Essential oil diffusers wholesale are an essential tool for relaxation and home decor – but finding a great essential oil diffuser manufacturer for sleeping can be tough. Luckily, you have the option to buy aromatherapy diffusers wholesale from our online store. Why is this so important? Because there are many different kinds of aroma nebulizing diffusers available.  We have everything from electric to ceramic that can help you get the right relaxing atmosphere

One of the most important reasons why you should use essential oil diffusers is for their relaxing properties. The scents and smells are known to release positive feelings in the body, mind and soul.

The aromas nebulizer diffuser for sleeping is special for deep sleeping, can improve the air quality and give you a good sleep. Whether you sleep with the warmer or facing cool weather, this oil diffuser can help mak e your sleep better. The electric oil diffuser wholesale can deal with the dryness of room and reduce the fatigue of evaporation by its misting function.

Car Diffusers Wholesale


Car Diffusers

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Car diffusers wholesale are essential in your car, this allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by turning your engine on. Car perfume diffuser will diffuse the essential oil smell into the car to make it smell fresh.

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Wholesale Car Diffusers can also be known as aromatherapy car diffuser, essential oil car diffuser, and car oil diffuser. Car Aromatherapy diffuser wholesale is available in variable delicate designs. This car air freshener diffuser is made of a high quality ceramic material and contains natural essential oils that help to create a relaxing atmosphere. This essential oil diffuser can be placed in any car or office and will absorb any unpleasant smells from cigarette smoke etc.

Ceramic Diffuser Wholesale

diffusers for essential oils

Ceramic Diffuser

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Wholesale Ceramic Diffusers, also know as ceramic essential oil diffuser or diffusion in ceramics, are home air fresheners that release a subtle scented fragrant mist. Ceramic oil diffuser are used to refresh indoor air and leave your house feeling clean, refreshed and peaceful.

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Ceramic Diffuser is the best choice for ceramic flower diffuser as they do not retain any smell and provide a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Our ceramic diffusers for essential oils have an excellent design, suitable for any home or professional use. You can choose from our wide range of styles, sizes and colours to match your interior well. These ceramic aromatherapy diffusers are also available in wholesale to save you time & money!

Ceramic electric diffuser use the healing power of essential oils to balance mind and body, soothe emotions and reduce stress.

Glass Diffuser Wholesale

Aromis Wood And Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

Glass Diffusers

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Our glass diffusers are the safe and effective way to enjoy the benefits of your favorite essential oils! Simply add a couple drops of oil to the top of the glass diffuser, switch the glass oil diffusert on and let the scent come out through the rounded top. Essential oil glass diffusers are perfect for any room in your home!

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The glass diffusers for essential oils are a high quality essential oil diffuser, which can prevent the volatile oil from blowing and discoloration, also you can use for longer time. Use glass aromatherapy diffuser anywhere you go. Just put a few drops of essential oil into the glass ultrasonic diffuser and add some water to create a pleasant fragrance.

Glass oil diffusers is a charm that can be used in many ways. It can be used as a lamp, candle or oil burner. A large glass diffuser is one of the easiest products to use when the glass fragrance diffuser comes to creating a room’s ambience. It’s also very versatile because of its size, shape and material. Glass aroma diffuser can easily be moved from room to room, whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom.

Metal Diffuser Wholesale


Metal Diffusers

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This essential oil diffuser is strong, heat-resistant, and high-grade stainless steel. The metal diffuser can be used year-round, both indoors and outdoors, to provide a constant supply of moisture to the air while diffusing essential oils.

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The metal diffuser is the most miniature version of our aromatherapy device. Metal diffuser for essential oils is specifically designed to provide high-quality diffusion of all types of essential oils and blends. This piece is small and quiet, yet very powerful.

An aromatherapy metal diffuser is an essential oil diffuser that releases essential oils into the air using ultrasonic technology. The internal circuitry of this aroma metal diffuser creates high-frequency vibrations, producing an ultra-fine mist that looks like a fine fog. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser can be used to disperse a variety of essential oils for aroma therapy, including lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, and many more. The metal construction of this essential oil diffuser makes it durable and safe to use around children and pets.

Wooden Diffuser Wholesale

color changing led aromatherapy diffuser-01

Wooden Diffusers

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Wood diffuser is a beautiful wooden and natural oil diffuser with unique wood grain. It is an essential oil diffuser for your home or office. The aroma and fragrance not only uplift your mood, but also interrupt the pain cycle of sinuses, allergies and headaches.

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Made from solid wood, our Wood Grain Diffuser is an elegant and eco-friendly way to scent your space. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, insert the glass vessel, and enjoy your favorite fragrance through the best wood diffuser as the oil evaporates into the air.

This wooden essential oil diffuser is great for air freshening and purifying the air. The wood oil diffuser humidifies your room, providing optimum comfort all year long. The wooden oil diffuser has a built-in aroma nozzle that allows you to circulate your favorite essential oils without sacrificing the look of wooden aroma diffuser’s simple design.

This wood essential oil diffuser is made of high-quality solid wood with simple style, which can effectively solve the problem of large noises generated by machines. Moreover, the wooden sound diffuser is easy to carry and is also an ideal decoration for your yard, rooms and living areas. Wood sound diffuser can be used as a gift or home decoration. If you are interested in natural wood diffuser, please feel free to place an order!

Wholesale Diffusers for Bedroom Suppliers

bamboo diffuser

Bamboo Diffusers

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The bamboo diffuser is made of high quality natural material, which gives our bamboo oil diffuser a long lasting usage .Bamboo sound diffuser can be used as a cool mist humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser in one device.

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This 100% pure, genuine and natural Bamboo Wooden Oil Diffuser is the perfect solution for your home or office. It is compact, stylish, and easy to use which makes bamboo humidifier and diffuser the ideal choice. The bamboo essential oil diffuser will bring tranquil aromas that will relax your body and mind while creating a relaxing atmosphere at home or in the office.

This ultrasonic real bamboo essential oil diffuser is a perfect combination of high quality material, energy saving and environmental protection, Modern elegant design, size is small and exquisite. Bamboo air diffuser can effectively reduce the harmful gases in the air, improve indoor air quality, create a comfortable atmosphere of fresh air, making your home more relaxed and comfortable.

Nebulizing Diffuser Wholesale

Nebulizing Diffusers

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Looking for a nebulizing diffuser that can effectively mix water and essential oils? The nebulizer diffuseris a unique way to use your essential oils, creating a fine mist or “fog” of water and oil that is atomized over a larger area than most humidifiers are able to.

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Nebulizing essential oil diffuser creates a soothing environment that helps relax and unwind. Our best nebulizing diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations to generate an inhalable mist. Essential oil diffuser nebulizer is proven to keep the properties of your essential oil in tact and make it easier to breathe in.

The essential oil nebulizing diffuser is best for dispersing oil particles in the air. The nebulizer diffuser for essential oils produces a fine mist with fine particles unlike a humidifier which produces larger droplets of water. A nebulizing oil diffuser works by turning the oils into microscopic particle that are safe to inhale. This essential oil nebulizer diffuser is the ultimate in convenience, with a compact design that can be placed practically anywhere. 

The aroma diffuser nebulizerr is a diffuser nebulizer that uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn dry mist into a cool, fine atomized mist. This type of nebulizer oil diffuser is great because it forms microscopic particles that are smaller than those released by traditional oil diffusers. The best nebulizer diffuser allows the benefits from your essential oils to be quickly absorbed by the skin or lungs, giving you faster relief from pain and stress.

Aroma Diffuser | 300ml


Diffuser Manufacturers

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Want to buy diffusers wholesale 300ml at the best price?  We offer a wide variety of high-quality essential oil diffusers at a great price. Our customers love our different styles and color choices, they can easily pick up their favorite ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser wholesale to match their decor with no problem.

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We offer many wholesale aroma diffusers models that are perfect for home or hotels. Our wholesale electric aromatherapy diffuser are designed to be the best you can get. The wholesale essential oils and diffusers are made with high quality materials and work perfectly to keep your environment clean, safe and fulfilling. The reservoir of this model is 300ml, which is enough for up to 8 hours of continuous use.

If you are looking to open a new business, we can offer you the opportunity to purchase a large number of high quality wholesale essential oil diffuser, green air diffuser wholesale, spa room diffuser wholesale

at wholesale prices. Our products include several different types of wholesale ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that are suitable for different purposes and users.

Aroma Diffuser | 300ml-500ml

A061-01 ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

Diffusers Wholesale Suppliers

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Do you want the best selling quality, aroma and high-end ultrasonic diffuser? We have an extensive collection of top diffusers for essential oils wholesale for essential oils. Wholesale electric diffusers are made with glass, stainless steel and other materials for better functionality.

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The aromatherapy diffusers also help to fight against bacteria and mold growth. For comfort, use ourelectric oil diffuser wholesale as they come with an adjustable mist output based on your requirements.

Buy electric diffuser wholesale 300ml – 500ml from our trusted suppliers. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the wide array of quality products, which include aroma diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser, aroma diffuser for home & office much more.

We offer a range of high quality diffusers for essential oils. Our ultrasonic diffusers wholesale are highly powered and strong, yet quiet in operation, creating the optimal fragrance atmosphere for your home or business. We offer many different styles of air diffuser wholesale including ultrasonic, warm mist and green air.

Our range of essential oil diffusers wholesale are perfect to use in any home to provide you with a pleasant perfume and essential oils throughout the day. Our electric oil diffuser features a wooden exterior and is easy to operate so that you can choose between three subtle colour options.

Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Spaces up to 500 sq ft (50㎡)

A071-01 aroma essential oil diffuser ultrasonic

Diffusers Suppliers

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The coverage area of a diffuser is determined by its size and the rate at which it disperses your essential oils into the air. We have a range of diffusers that vary in size, shape, and materials. 

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Our oil diffusers are designed with the intention to allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere you want, from your home to your car or office. The right essential oil diffuser can transform your home or workplace into a relaxing, mood-altering experience. Whether you want to cover a large area or just refresh yourself in the bathroom, there’s a oil diffuser out there for you based on your needs.

In the end, it’s the coverage area that you need to consider when buying an essential oil diffuser. It will determine how powerful it is and how big a room you can cover. If you want your home to smell amazing throughout the day or if you are looking to completely cover an entire space with your favorite fragrance, take note of the size of the area that it covers.

The ideal diffuser is the one that best fits your needs, so we’ve decided to help you find the best fit by helping you decide between all of our options. Look no further than our picks below!

Essential Oil 8 – 12 Hour Diffusers

A061-01 ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

Supply Diffuser

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Our ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser provides a long-lasting and natural fragrance to enhance your surroundings. This long lasting car diffuser lasts up to 12 hours and has no heat that can damage clothing or finishes.

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The ceramic ultrasonic diffuser helps to diffuse essential oils evenly and prevents water from being splashed out while the ultrasonic waves create tiny droplets of the manufacturer’s favorite scents, perfect for any home or office!

Aromatherapy diffusers are an appropriate way to spread your favourite scent around the home or office. Ceramic ultrasonic aroma diffuser come in many styles, shapes and sizes – from ultrasonic to candle and traditional nebulizer models . The ultrasonic diffuser is one of the most common types of ceramic flower aromatherapy diffuser you will find on the market today leading to fewer negative reviews than some of their rivals!

This wholesale aroma diffusers has the ability to produce a fine mist and releases aromatic essential oil into the air creating an almost immediate effect. A car aromatherapy diffuser is used to disperse and evaporate essential oils into the air by converting them into gas and dispersing them into the surrounding area.

Essential Oil 8 Hour Diffusers

Wood grain diffuser X131

Buy Diffusers Wholesale

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Our most popular diffuser is here, designed to offer 8 hours of continuous misting and a stylish design that fits in any space. Equipped with different colored LED options, you’re sure to find the right color for every room or setting.

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With an increased water capacity and upgraded dual ultrasonic technology, this ultrasonic nebulizer diffuser  will run continuously all day long!

This is an organic aromas nebulizing diffuser that adds a touch of nature to any room. The green air nebulizer diffuser will fill any room with a soothing aroma while helping you maintain the desired humidity level. With greener bamboo diffuser’s easily refillable design, you can use it as often as you like.

Our custom wood diffusers are designed to create the ideal environment. Ultrasonic nebulizer diffusers are made from sustainable materials and nebulize essential oils. We are renowned for manufacturing and supplying a wide range of best car diffusers,ceramic oil diffuse , dark wood essential oil diffuser, and green air bamboo diffuser . We offer these wholesale diffuser in different models and finishes as per our clients’ specifications. Our offered products are ideal for decorating homes, offices, hotels, public spaces etc.

Wholesale Diffusers for Living Room Suppliers

geometric oil diffuser

Wholesale Aromatherapy Diffusers

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Wholesale aromatherapy diffusers used in the living room are the best things you can use in your home. These nebulizing diffusers will give your home an awesome look and make it really beautiful.

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 The various types of ceramic and wood diffusers that are available on our site are very good in quality which will not spoil easily. Get the most of your home or office with our wholesale aromatherapy diffusers. This aromatherapy diffuser, which will beautify any room and enhance the scents throughout your living space.

Essential diffusers can be used to create ambiance and add a relaxing touch of fragrance to the living room, especially in apartments or small rooms. The design is sleek, and modern and creates a soft glow. Use this oil diffuser with essential oils or your favorite scents: Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus can create an energizing start to the morning. Wooden air diffusers, electric aroma diffuser manufacturers, wooden oil diffuser manufacturers, and glass nebulizer diffuser manufacturers help to get a good quality product at less price.

Wholesale Diffusers for Office Suppliers

Sake Cup LED Light Aroma Diffuser A023

Premium Essential Oil Diffusers

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Here you will find the best essential oil diffusers for your office, our selection is made of ceramic aroma diffuser but also ultrasonic bamboo air diffuser and nebulizing oil diffuser.

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You can choose among the best ultrasonic bamboo aroma diffuser or a nebulizer essential oil aromatherapy diffuser to decorate your office. We have the best nebulizing diffuser for you! Our premium essential oil diffusers will freshen up your space, but our happiness guarantee assures that you’ll love your purchase. Shop now!

The diffusers wholesale are a variety of air fresheners and essential oil diffusers for the office. The ultrasonic bamboo aroma diffuser has an adjustable timer and automatically shuts off when the water runs completely out, preventing the damage to your devices by overheating. The bamboo rings used can be easily replaced or removed if you prefer a different scent or color.

Choose from our wide selection of  aromatherapy diffuser for the office, all designed to be used in a professional office setting. These wholesale diffusers for essential oils are also recommended for home use, and will add a soothing ambiance to any room

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