Wholesale Best Nebulizer X213


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Wholesale Best Nebulizer X213

Products Details:
Voltage:DC 5V
Water Capacity:Only essential oil
Mist Output:Only essential oil
Coverage area:30m²
Light Mode:7 color cycle and fix on one color
Mist Mode:N/A
Cable length:1.0 m-1.5m long
Warranty:1 year
Packing Detail
Product Size:110*110*190mmUnit Weight:770g
Packing Size per unit:280*185*90mmPacking Weight per unit:895g
Carton Size /Units:615*275*365mm/12pcsCarton Weight:10.74Kg
20GP container /units5652pcs(471ctns)
40HQ container /units14712pcs(1226ctns)
User ManualUSB Cable

Wholesale Best Nebulizer X213

Product Description

  • Essential oil diffusers are designed to vaporize essential oil in a mist creating a wonderful scent. This scent is believed to have both physical and emotional healing effects. Each unit comes with a wooden base, a glass diffuser bottle, a glass lid, and a power supply. Diffuser bottles are available in different shapes but work in the same way with each other.
  • The nebulizer works by forcing air into one of two micro-glass tubes, one of which is immersed in an essential oil bath at the bottom of the diffuser bottle. The pressure of the air in one of the tubes creates a vacuum effect in the other that draws oil into the small jet of air that atomizes the oil into super small droplets of essential oil that diffuse into the air through the top of the glass diffuser bottle.
  • The nebulizer does not require heat or water to operate, keeping the essential oil in its natural state as it turns into mist. The diffuser is made of wood and external glass components that do not have plastic parts that corrode when in contact with oils like most diffusers.
  • The Nebulizing Diffuser owns the highest diffusing efficiency and offers the best performance of both the natural scent and the therapeutic properties on the market.

Wholesale Best Nebulizer X213


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Wholesale Waterless Aromatherapy Nebulizer


Wholesale Best Nebulizer X213

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