Private Label Request Form

How Private Label Essential Oils Works?

  • Please complete the Private Label Service Request Form.
  • Make the payment on additional $25 fee / sents artwork
  • We can create and print labels for you.
  • Allow up to 3-5 days for us to process your art. We will return a proof for your approval.
  • Once you receive a proof from us, please respond with “approval to print”.
  • After we receive your final approval, please allow about 1 week for us to print your labels.
  • We then bottle, cap, label and pack your order and ship to you or your destination of choice.
  • We can handle both small orders (25 or so bottles) and large orders (10,000+). Usually 10ml or 15ml bottles but other sizes available.
  • No Minimum Order Requirements + additional $25 fee / sents artwork
  • It’s that easy! Simply inquire below and you’ll get the information immediately.

Bottles We Use

  • Essential oil bottles: amber glass: 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml and 1 oz
  • Body Oil Bottles: Non-reactive amber plastic: 4 oz and 8 oz
  • Roller bottles, spray bottles and flip top bottles are also available for “ready to use” products such as body oils.
  • All 5ml to 1oz glass essential oil bottles include black caps (Euro dropper, tamper evident 5-30ml)
  • Other sizes are available