How to share a sub-account to Aromaeasy

Please complete the following 5 simple steps to share the sub-account of your Shopify to Aromaeasy.

1. login Shopify account—Settings—Account

2. Add staff account

3. Fill in the information

First Name:Aromaeasy

Edit permissions:

Choose 4 options:

“Orders” “Edit orders” “Products” “Apps”

4. Add staff order notifications

Add an order notification Email address:

5. Send information to Aromaeasy

6. Create Webhook

Setting-->Notifications-->Create Webhooks

Add Webhook

Event: Order creation

Format: JSON


Webhook API version: 2023-10(release candidate) “Select the latest version if the latest version is available”

Well Done.

We did the “dirty work, so you can focus on the marketing!

Aromaeasy will complete the integration setup within 48 hours.

will send a confirmation email to you when we complete it.