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Ceramic Diffuser Stone A072


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Ceramic Diffuser Stone

A beautiful, modern design combined with sophisticated technology makes the Aromaeasy Essential Oil Diffuser a must-have for any home. Easy to clean and operate, this diffuser features ultrasonic technology with a capacity of 500 square feet and runs up to 8 hours when using essential oils alone or with other fragrances. The Aromaeasy Essential Oil Diffuser also makes it easy to control how often you want your diffuser to run by offering two settings for intermittent mist or continuous mist as well as a 4-hour and 8-hour timer setting.


Products Details:
Material:Matte ceramic, BPA-free plastic.
Voltage:DC 5V
Water Capacity:120ml
Mist Output:Consistent: 1 fl. oz./hour.

Intermittent: 0.40 fl. oz./hour.

Coverage area:500 sq.-ft.
Light Mode:7-color cycle and fix on one color
Mist Mode:continuous/intermittent mist spray,
timer setting:1h,2h
Cable length:1.0 m-1.5m long
Warranty:1 year
User ManualUSB Cable

Ceramic Diffuser Stone

Product Description

  • Set the Mood, The optional ambient LED light gives a candle-like glow.
  •  LED light colors are mesmerizing, especially in a dark room.). You can also run it without the light it you want. You can also choose one light color for the lights.Note: when it is turned off it looks silver, not blue.
  • Automatic Shut-off (Safety): Don’t worry about forgetting to turn off your glass aromatherapy diffuser, because it will shut itself off when the water runs out.
  • Whisper-Quiet: The 3D Glass Oil Diffuser use Ultrasonic operation, so it is extremely quiet. You’ll never be disturbed at work or while sleeping.
  • Scent Your Whole Day, It scents your day from AM to PM,with 4-hour and 8-hour run times.

Essential Oil Diffuser Applications

  1. Give yourself an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and begin to live a healthy life.
  2. Fill your space with lovely fragrance and remove doggy odors and smoky smells.
  3. Add more moisture to your skin.
  4. Portable for Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room. Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from Aromatherapy healing.


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stone glow diffuser

Give your home a warm, earthy glow with our stone glow diffuser. The perfect blend of matte ceramic and BPA-free plastic can light up any room, while 4-hour and 8-hour settings let you customize how long you want your favorite fragrance to last. This diffuser is also ready to use right out of the box — simply add water, plug it in and turn it on!

stone diffuser

The matte ceramic stone diffuser is the ideal gift for any occasion. Diffuse a relaxing scent in any room in your home by removing the lid and placing a few drops of your favorite fragrance into the reservoir. Add water, replace the lid and press start. A soft LED light illuminates when diffusing. Choose between four-hour and eight-hour settings or choose ‘constant’ for an automatic cycle that runs for four hours then shuts itself off.

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Enhance the ambiance of your home with this ceramic diffuser, which provides a scent-filled atmosphere as it releases essential oils. Plug it in and let it go to work or turn on intermittent misting for up to 8 hours of consistent fragrance dispersion.

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Introduce a refreshing scent to your space with this diffuser from Tokoname. This ultrasonic diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to quickly transform water and essential oils into relaxing fine mist, saturating a 500-square-foot area with fragrance. The diffuser features two settings—4 hours and 8 hours—and includes a power switch so you can control when it runs. With this convenient diffuser, you’ll enjoy a healthy way to relax at home or in your office.

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Add soothing essential oil fragrance to your home with the Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser. The diffuser features ultrasonic technology, which uses vibration to create a fine mist. The essential oil diffuser has a timer of up to 8 hours and can cover up to 500 square feet.

Ceramic Diffuser Stone

aroma stone diffuser

The aroma stone diffuser is designed for efficient and consistent diffusion. The ultrasonic vaporizer runs continuously for up to eight hours, releasing 1 fl. oz./hour and automatically shutting off when the water runs out or when the time is up.

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Our gorgeously scented and sound-sensitive Reed diffuser is the perfect addition to any decor. The calming glow of our ceramic reeds creates a tranquil mood in any room, while the automatic shut-off feature saves your energy! Unlike other diffusers, this ultrasonic model creates consistent mist for up to 500 square feet per day. With three timers (4-hour, 8-hour and on), it’s perfect for all your needs.

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A diffuser from Carolina Stone & Reclaimed Wood, this simple and chic design is perfect for your desk, nightstand or office. The ultrasonic technology has four operating settings: Continuous, intermittent or low misting or high misting. You can use this diffuser to fill a room with fragrance or use it as a humidifier.

Ceramic Diffuser Stone

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Our essential oil diffuser is the perfect tool for creating a tranquil and beautiful ambiance in any room. The ultrasonic technology utilizes fine mist to create a safe, effective and pleasant way to diffuse your favorite EO blends. It features timer settings, 4 hours and 8 hours, so you can set it up before you leave home or go to sleep. The fine mist evenly diffuses into the air through the white cloud cover with no mess or residue. To ensure safety no water is ever spilled and automatically turns off when time expires or runs out of water to ensure peace of mind when using at home or on the road!

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Allow this diffuser to help you breathe, relax, and unwind with aromatherapy while growing beautiful crystals. The ultrasonic technology quietly spread mist into the air, so your whole home can enjoy a fragrant spa atmosphere.

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Keep your house smelling great without the hassle with our aroma diffuser stone. The ultrasonic sound waves create a fine mist that fills up to 500 sq.-ft., releasing natural fragrance into your space for hours of uninterrupted aromatherapy. This stylish diffuser comes in a variety of colors and finishes that coordinate with any décor, and features an auto shut off function to keep you worry free when it’s time to turn off your humidifier.


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