Wholesale Droplet Nebulizer Diffuser X209


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Wholesale Droplet Nebulizer Diffuser X209

Products Details:
Voltage:DC 5V
Water Capacity:Only essential oil
Mist Output:Only essential oil
Coverage area:30m²
Light Mode:7 color cycle and fix on one color
Mist Mode:N/A
Cable length:1.0 m-1.5m long
Warranty:1 year
Packing Detail
Product Size:110*110*190mmUnit Weight:780g
Packing Size per unit:260*145*115mmPacking Weight per unit:905g
Carton Size /Units:575*295*370mm/12pcsCarton Weight:10.86Kg
20GP container /units5652pcs(471ctns)
40HQ container /units14712pcs(1226ctns)
User ManualUSB Cable

Wholesale Droplet Nebulizer Diffuser X209

Product Description

  • Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser is remarkable, stylish, and delicate, the exquisite glass reservoir is masterfully imbued with a unique swirling design and complimented by high quality, hand-crafted imported plantation hardwood.
  • Heat can alter the strength of the essential oil properties and water can dilute them. Our unique diffusers avoid both completely allowing you to get the benefits that aroma provides. Not only a home essential oil diffuser but also a piece of artistic craftsmanship that can decorate and upgrade your home or office.
  • The advantages of the Nebulizer are that it does a superb job of saturating the air with microscopic particles of your favorite essential oil without heating or harming the potency or purity of your oils.
  • The Nebulizing Diffuser owns the highest diffusing efficiency and offers the best performance of both the natural scent and the therapeutic properties on the market.

Wholesale Droplet Nebulizer Diffuser X209


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Wholesale Waterless Aromatherapy Nebulizer


Wholesale Droplet Nebulizer Diffuser X209

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