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Orange is harvested from an evergreen tree. The sweet orange tree is smaller than the bitter orange tree, with fewer or no spines. These beneficial trees produce orange essential oil and orange blossom essential oil.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil has a sweet, citrus smell like the orange peels from which it is extracted, but more intense and potent. The orange essential oil contains natural substitute, limonene, and is commonly used for its uplifting and comforting benefits.

This family Farm occupies 350 acres in. This region benefits from year-round rain, the primary water source for the farm’s 5,000 Orange trees.

The farm links habitats that protect and re-establish threatened wildlife. The farm uses only non-GMO seeds that are cultivated naturally.The orange essential oil from this farm has got a middle note with a medium aroma.

We are proud to maintain long-term partnerships with suppliers in Brazil, who in turn are able to provide constant income for the farmers.

Oils From This Farm:

Lemon Essential Oil | Orange Essential Oil | Orange blossom Essential Oils

Pastasa Province, Ecuador


One of AromaEasy’s inspiring projects is the building of this farm and the most advanced distillery. Today, Guayaquil ’s tropical climate helps cultivate AromaEasy ’s 1,800 acres of fertile soil, year-round harvests. This farm has a large number of Eucalyptus trees, an abundance of lemongrass, and many other local plants and herbs are cultivated.

The eucalyptus essential oil is distilled from leaves, which have a strong aroma. Collectors gather the leaves of eucalyptus trees that have been logged, then do the steam distillation work by using AromaEasy’s distillation units.

Our eucalyptus sourcing initiative supports collectors and small-scale distillers of Eucalyptus leaves, who use the added income to support their family.

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Oil and products of the farm:

Lemongrass Essential Oil | Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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