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Shelf Essential Oil bottle holder S010

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Capacity:  The Essential Oil bottle holder has 5 slots so you can store 5 bottles of 5ml / 10ml / 15ml / 20ml essential oils together.

Material:  High-quality plastic, durable, resistant to pressure and wear.

Multifunction:  Suitable for a variety of occasions, such as tabletops, drawers, nightstands, tabletop displays, etc. Great for showing off and displaying your essential oils at home, at the office, especially during lessons, and presentations, and showcasing your favorite brand of essential oils.

Essential Oil bottle holder Dimensions: 14.6*2.5*7.5CM

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Essential oil bottle rack

This is the ideal storage solution for your essential oils. The perfect addition to your closet, this rack allows for the display of your fragrant products. This shelf can be hung on a wall or door, allowing you easy access to your personal care products!

Essential oil carousel display rack

This essential oil carousel display rack is ideal for the fragrance professional or retailer where you need to display bulk oils by category. It comes with 15 holes which allow for up to 15 bottles of your particular size to be displayed, making it a perfect gift idea!

Essential oil holder rack

A beautiful essential oil rack with a rich color, perfect for organizing your essential oils and bottles. Made with sturdy steel, it will last for years to come.

Essential oil rack display

Essential oil display is the best way to showcase your brand, and we””ve designed a beautiful glass-fronted solution that””s perfect for retail. Make your aromatherapy boutique an essential part of your business with this display, which comes complete with a built-in magnetic rod to hold up to 30 bottles of essential oils or blends.

Essential oil rack holder

This oil rack is a must have for the home. The essential oil fragrance diffuser offers you a way to diffuse your favorite scents in any room of your home.

Essential oil rack wall

Essential oil wall dispenser rack is a unique design which makes your bathroom smell amazing. It will be perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Essential oil rotating rack

With this essential oil rotating rack, you can get a taste of the best-selling essential oils at wholesale prices. And with multiple options, it gives you the freedom to try out entire collections at one time or simply purchase what your heart desires.

Essential oil spice rack

This essential oil spice rack is the perfect way to add mystery and intrigue to your home. The rack features 6 different essential oil bottles, each containing a different scent. Perfect for storing homemade soaps, or displaying candles in your home. The essential oils are housed inside small glass bottles, which makes them easy to clean. The entire rack stands almost 9in tall by 3in wide, making it a great decorative piece as well.

Essential oil spinning rack

Incense, diffusers and fine fragrance oils are our passion. We only offer the finest fragrances direct to your customers. With over 10 years experience in the essential oil industry we can help you create unique creations with our unique range of quality products

Essential oil wooden display rack

A wooden stand to showcase your best scents. Made with solid maple and a shelf that can hold up to 8 bottles, these scented racks are a great way to display your favorite blends and keep them within easy reach.

Spice rack for essential oils

Aroma essentials oils are the best way to add flavor and scent to your life. When used in oil diffusers and potpourri, essential oils help you create a relaxing atmosphere anywhere – even in small spaces such as your bedroom. They also offer many health benefits, including helping with stress.

Wooden essential oil rack

This wooden essential oil rack is perfect for displaying your favorite scents, as well as your favorite stones and herbs. This shelf has a sleek design that can easily be put wherever you need it to go. Not only will it add to the comforting feel of your home, but it’s also incredibly convenient, since you won’t have to walk around looking for bottles of oils anymore.

Essential oil storage organizer

As a leading aroma retail store, we provide an array of essential oils wholesale at a price that you can afford. Our Quality Essential Oils Contact Form EO’s are more concentrated and potent than those available in the market.

Rotating essential oil rack

This essential oil rack offers a way to differentiate your products, showcase the beautiful and holistic nature of your brand and create a place where customers can add their own ritual.




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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px