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Bamboo Essential Oil Holder Storage Box S007

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Capacity:  Bamboo essential oil storage displays a wide range of essential oils, holding up to 36 essential oil bottles for easy placement and ideal for safely storing 36 15ml oil bottles.

Material: Handcrafted from environmentally friendly wooden material, sturdy and resistant, antique and natural, every wooden container has been polished over and over again, the perfect option for the storage of essential oils!

Rotatable Design: Rotatable 360° stand, occupies little space, easy for you to hold your products at different angles.

Multifunction: Display your favorite essential oils and skincare products in this beautiful, bamboo case. The sleek, modern design allows for easy organization and access to all of your favorite beauty products. Offered in this color, it will look great on the shelf at home or in your bathroom.

Bamboo essential oil storage box Dimensions: 20*20*35cm

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Essential oil holder

Essential oil holder with fragrance oils wholesale includes grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, lavender and orange. Features three-way pouring spout and solid top for easy filling.

Essential oils holder

A display case for your essential oils, featuring an adjustable shelf and a soft closing door. With an elegant yet practical design, these display cases make a wonderful gift for the home.

Essential oil holder wood

Wood essential oil holders are beautiful, versatile and practical. Wood essential oil holders can be used to hold your favorite essential oils, either in the bottle or on a small roller ball. The wooden scent cover keeps the oils safe from getting messy and guarantee that you will always make the right decision when it comes to the use of your oils. Wholesale is our specialty!

Bamboo essential oil holder

Essential oils in a bamboo holder for your scented candles. This beautiful handmade wooden essential oil holder comes with a classic design, and will display your favorite essential oil at the top.

Bamboo holder for essential oils

This Pretty Bamboo Holder for Essential Oils is the perfect way to store and display your favorite oils. This wooden holder can store any type of fragrance oil, from Lavender to Romantic Rose and everything in between.

Essential oil box holder

This Essential Oil Box Holder is a nice addition to your craft supplies, stationery or office supplies collection. This box measures 5 x 4 and is sturdy enough to hang on a wall or in your closet. It is made from board material, has a high gloss finish and a large space for roomy storage of essential oils, aromatherapy blends and other natural products.

Essential oil bottle holder

Displaying a variety of essential oils and oil infusers, our Essential Oil Bottle Holder adds a touch of class to any space. The sleek, high-quality design is perfect for any home or office, whether you’re spraying essential oils on your skin or using the convenient scent holders for aromatherapy.

Essential oil case holder

Available in decorative silver accents, these essential oil case holders make it easy to protect and showcase your favorite scents. Whether you prefer oils or blends we offer a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to fit your occasion and decor

Essential oil holder box

Essential oil ingredients are blended in a secret formula to create a more powerful and longer-lasting product. Our essential oil holders are a unique blend of concentrated oils that are specifically created to enhance your body’s natural ability to absorb beneficial properties from the aroma, along with countless therapeutic benefits.

Essential oil holder case

Discover your fragrance journey with our Essential Oil Holder Case. This uniquely designed case will provide you with the ability to showcase your fragrances, maintain their scent over time, and keep them fresh to use. The Essential Oil Holder allows you to easily find the scents you are looking for and adds elegance to your home or office space.

Essential oil holder rack

Add luxury and aroma to your home or office with our essential oil rack. This is an elegant, functional addition that brings a beautiful scent into your life. Each glass essential oil holder has been hand-poured in the United States of America.

Essential oil holder shelf

Are you looking for an elegant and modern display cabinet for your fragrances? If you are, then our Essential oil holder shelf is the perfect solution for you!

Case to hold essential oils

Create your own personal scent by adding the aroma of a favorite oil to your home. Pick your favorite fragrance and use it to create a relaxing moment or a custom blend that’s right for you. In small batches and made in small batches with high-quality ingredients, these 100 percent natural products are naturally safe to use in any room of your home.

Bamboo essential oil storage

Essential oil bamboo holder – our natural and organic wooden dispensers are perfect for storing your favorite oils and perfumes, making them easy to find. Great as a small decorative piece, this wooden holder is sure to add that special touch of luxury to any room.



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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px