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Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box S009

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Capacity: Natural wood, stylish and simple; durable and practical. Includes 25 separate compartments holding 5ml / 10ml /15ml bottles to prevent essential oils from pouring and facilitate storage.

Material: Crafted from wood to keep your essential oil collection organized. lightweight but Sturdy and well crafted to securely store and safeguard your essential oil bottles

Multifunctional: Ideal for presentation. Great for displaying your essential oil goodies.

Wooden essential oil storage box Dimensions: 18.5*18.5*8.5CM

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Essential oil holder

This essential oil holder will help you keep your favorite scents organized and easy to use. It””s made of eco-friendly bamboo, and each bottle holds up to 6 ounces of distilled essential oil.

Essential oils holder

If you have a large collection of essential oils, this wood box is the perfect way to store it. With a stainless steel liner and a locking lid, this wooden case keeps all of your oils safe and protected. The classic design makes this the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook!

Essential oil holder wood

The Essential Oil Holder is made of solid wood and Oak, the beautiful color helps you to store your essential oils. The holder is well-finished and can be kept anywhere in your room.

Wooden essential oil holder

Make your house a home with our wooden essential oil holder! An elegant way to accessorize and display your favorite oils, it features a round crystal design with dangling amber light that adds warmth and style to any room. It’s perfect for storing your favorite blends.

Wooden holder for essential oils

This wooden holder is the perfect addition to any home or office and is made use of for essential oils, diffusers and aroma stones. These can also be used as a straightforward candle holder.

Essential oil box holder

This essential oil box is made of sturdy high-quality cardboard and its design fits the inside of your closet or drawer perfectly. The holder can be used as a decorative accent piece, or simply to hold all your irresistible scents in one place! Additionally, it includes a cut-out top that allows you to mix, store and dispense with ease.

Essential oil bottle holder

Our essential oil bottle holder is an elegant way to store and display your fragrance bottles. It makes a perfect gift for someone who enjoys using essential oils or perfumes, or who collects them. Our essential oil holders are beautiful and functional.

Essential oil case holder

Make sure your oils stay safe and secure with the Essential Oil Case Holder. It features a beautiful satin ribbon seal and a luxurious box, making it perfect for storing your favorite essential oils.

Essential oil holder box

Your essential oil collection will look better than ever with our oil holder boxes. These products are made to display your oils and keep them safe, while looking elegant on your countertop.

Essential oil holder case

This handmade oil diffuser holder is the key to your favorite diffuser aroma. With this aromatherapy fragrance case, you can easily keep your essential oils in a stylish and convenient way at home. It also helps keep your diffuser clean as you use it over and over again.

Essential oil holder rack

Keep essential oils organized and fragrant around the home with our elegant holder rack. The 2-D design offers easy access to your favorite oils and allows you to place them in any kind of scent.

Essential oil holder shelf

The Essential Oil Holder Shelf will hold your favorite fragrances, with a beautiful display of glass bottles. The shelf is handmade to high quality standards and designed by Nonolore Inc.

Case to hold essential oils

Essential oils for both your home and spa, the Travel Case is perfect for storing your favorite fragrances. This case features a split-hinged door with locking mechanism to keep the glass top in place when it’s not in use, so you can lock away your oils, keeping them safe.

Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

This wooden holder has a beautiful fragrance oil locket in which you can add your favorite oil of choice. The holder features locking eyes, so that your scent is safe from spills and splatters.


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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px