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3 Layers Wooden Essential Oil Container S025

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Capacity: 3-tier Wooden Essential Oil Container and display rack with a natural wood surface. There are three shelves that hold 10 10ml roller bottles, 1 100ml bottle, and 30 10ml / 15ml / 20ml bottles. It is perfect for presenting and organizing cosmetics, essential oils, toiletries, etc.

Material: Made of natural wood. Lightweight and compact.

Multifunctional: The case is a great place to hold essential oils. This is an ideal opportunity to give excellent gifts to family and friends who love essential oils. It provides you with the perfect solution to safely store, display and transport your essential oils.

3 Layers Wooden Essential Oil Container dimensions: 29*29*14CM

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Essential oil display box

The Essential Oil Gift Box is a wonderful addition to any home or office. The beautifully crafted box gives the impression of quality and class. This gift box contains a beautifully designed, professionally presented, eco-friendly oil label that shows off your brand, product and more.

Essential oil gift box

Our fragrance essential oils wholesale will add a luxurious touch to all your beauty products. You can select from a variety of scents or our ready-made blends to make your own custom oil blend in the exact scent you desire.

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Fragrance essential oils wholesale is the perfect gift idea. The scented products are made in Germany and guarantee quality, authenticity and safe use.

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Aromatherapy Box Organizer lets you organize and keep track of your essential oils. Organize them by type, fragrance or color to ensure you can find what you need quickly when you need it most.

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Our Essential Oil Display Stand would be a great addition to any home or office. It””s designed to showcase your favorite fragrant oils and comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage. Available in a variety of colors, our Essential Oil Display Stand is sure to add an air of sophistication and style to any room.

Essential oil rack

Create a signature scent in your home with our jewelry box essential oil rack. Made of wood, the oil rack is perfect for storing and diffusing essential oils anywhere in the house. The oil rack measures 10 x 18 x 6 inches and is sold by the piece.

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Our fragrance essential oils wholesale, our team of experts have spent years researching essential oils and creating the most luxurious fragrances for your home.

Essential oils rack

The essential oils rack is an ideal home or business office essential oil dispenser. It is the perfect tool to add a fresh scent to the room. The essential oils rack is made of quality materials and achieves a sleek look.

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Bringing our customers the highest quality in essential oils will be our first priority. We have put together a beautiful aromatherapy display that allows you to hang your essential oils at home or in your studio, increasing the value of your products with plenty of room for improvement.

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A beautiful and unique essential oil rack for your home. These essential oil holders are not just nice to look at, but also have great function. They allow you to separate your oils and keep them always organized.

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Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and are often used topically, inhaled, or diffused. You can also make your own essential oils at home, this simple Essential Oil Storage Rack is perfect for extra small bottles of essential oils.

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Add fragrance to your home with this essential oil holder. A convenient and easy way to store your favorite oils, this Wooden Essential Oil Container is a great decorative addition to the bathroom.

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Showcase your favorite fragrances, top off your room with your favorite scent, or just cocktail up with a little help from your friends. Adding scent to your life is easy with our new Essential Oil Rack. It can hold up to 2 bottles of essential oil, as well as a diffuser (sold separately). For more information on our fragrance oils and their benefits, check out their description pages!

Diy essential oil wooden display rack

This essential oil wooden display rack is perfect for storing and displaying your favorite scents. It’s also great for gentle aromatherapy as well as home décor!


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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px