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Wood Essential Oils Holder S011

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Capacity: This essential oils holder displays a wide range of essential oils, holding up to 30 essential oil bottles for storing 24 15ml oil bottles, 4 10 ml oil bottles, and 2 5ml oil bottles.

Material: This item is made of top-quality wood with a sturdy structure. It retains the durable and lightweight, and beautiful natural wood grain. With an attractive and unique display center, this essential oil display rack lets you easily store and organize your essential oils for daily use.

Multifunction: This storage stand is also ideal for displaying your nail polish in the bedroom, living room and office, it is a nice decoration for table tops and desktops. This elegant display box is perfect for showing off your essential oils during class. This classy display case is great for displaying your essential oils in class. This multi-tray wood essential oil box is the ideal gift for both beginners and long-term users.

Wood Essential Oils Holder Dimensions: 29*17.5*8CM

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Essential oil holder

Essential oil holders are an essential addition to your home or studio. They make it simple to carry multiple varieties of oils at one time, and they””re a great way to avoid spilling when you””re out of the house.

Essential oils holder

This essential oil holder is designed to keep your favorite oils safe and organized. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, it makes a perfect gift for yourself or anyone else you know! Store up to 24g of oils safely and securely in this versatile and attractive container.

Essential oil holder wood

Our new Essential Oil Holders are made of sturdy, quality wood and feature a unique arched shape with smooth grooves to accommodate your favorite oil. The large opening allows you to easily add oils or an incense cone while keeping the holder clean and tidy.

Wooden essential oil holder

If you are looking for something to keep your essential oils safe and easy, try our wooden essential oil holder. It includes a 100% natural, dark brown hardwood tray with an antiqued silver metal lid and handles.

Wooden holder for essential oils

Create an every day, dramatic statement in your home with our wooden holder for essential oils. This beautiful piece features a large, round glass jar with a ceramic lid that locks securely to keep ingredients safe and secure. Includes a removable wooden rollerball spinner for easy application.

Essential oil box holder

The essential oil box holder is perfect for storing your essential oils, it has a sleek design so it looks great on the countertop. It””s made from larch wood and recycled paper from old books. The lid is made from recycled blackboard pieces.

Essential oil bottle holder

This natural essential oil bottle holder is a perfect way to keep your room smelling good. Whether you’re looking for a subtle fragrance, or want to use one of our more powerful oils in your living space, this air freshener will be sure to please!

Essential oil case holder

Take a break and pamper yourself with our Essential Oil Case Holder. This sleek, sophisticated piece of art is perfect to store your favorite oils or use as a decorative accent in any room of your home. A relaxing scent from an essential oil diffuser keeps you company whilst you relax on the couch.

Essential oil holder box

A glass vessel with a high-quality seal and the ability to be filled through the top. The receiver can be used in multiple ways: as an essential oil vial, a diffuser, or for home decor. These dispensers are beautiful and functional, making them perfect for gifts.

Essential oil holder rack

Essential oil holders that allow you to keep your essential oils close at hand. This essential oil rack has been designed in a way that isolates harmful chemicals found in commercial beauty products and blends to aid in aromatherapy.

Essential oil holder shelf

Essential oil shelving, this Essentials oil holder is a perfect way to store your essential oils safely and easily. Whether you have a small collection or are downsizing, this essential oils shelf is the Answer!

Case to hold essential oils

This is a unique essential oil case for your perfume cologne essential oils. Great for traveling or gifting, it””s made from high-quality velvet and includes a lid, too!

Essential oil wooden holder

Store and organize your favorite essential oils with our beautiful wooden oil bottles. Made from solid wood and crafted in California, this is the perfect way to display your oils and make them easy to find.



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6 Essential Oils Samples Set_04_1200px