Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

AromaEasy provides the best essential oils to help you quit smoking, and the best guides to stopping smoking.

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you know that quitting can be a tough time filled with cravings, headaches, and fatigue. This is the reason behind the fact that only 7% of people manage to quit smoking on their first attempt.

Need some help while on your journey to quit smoking? There are some ways to make stopping smoking easier and to increase your chances of smoking cessation. In this post, we would talk about the six best essential oils to help you or your beloved one quit smoking.

The 6 Best Essential Oils To Quit Smoking

Can essential oil help you to quit smoking? The short answer is Yes and No. Essential oils are not proven to treat any type of sickness or ailment. Different individuals will react to essential oils in different ways, so the impact of essential oils may vary on different people.

However, temptation and anxiety, are two primary factors to smoking addiction. Here are several essential oils to ease anxiety and inhibit the temptation, to help you out of the smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Read on to find out those.

essential oils to help quit smoking
essential oils to help quit smoking

Chamomile Essential Oil for Quitting Smoking

Chamomile essential oil would be a perfect tool when you need to take the edge off after a tough day and the feeling of temptation is really compelling. Actually, chamomile essential oil is full of soothing properties. This amazing essential oil helps to reduce the anxiety that comes with no longer being able to reach for a cigarette.

With a calming effect, Roman Chamomile can ease the stress of the body, helping people in anger management. Inhaling or diffusing chamomile essential oil would be helpful when cigarette cravings are spiking after a long day.

Chamomile contains chamazulene, which is important in therapeutic applications because of its notable radical scavenging activity. During nicotine withdrawal, people may experience some issues, including certain bodily inflammations and irritations. Try chamomile essential oil as a tonic to tone up body systems and to boost the immune system. 

Some people say chamomile essential oil smells like apples. We harvest chamomile shortly after blooming from a farm in Hungary, then extract essential oil via steam distillation.

essential oil recipes to quit smoking
essential oil recipes to quit smoking

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Need an uplifting essential oil when facing symptoms of anxiety during the nicotine withdrawal period? 

The sweet orange essential oil emits a refreshing, warming, uplifting, and bright feeling scent to the environment. Believed to have a sedative impact on mood, orange’s lovely scent can help you unwind and alleviate anger.

When experiencing withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking, your body may need a reset. And that is why we recommend sweet orange essential oil for you. You can diffuse orange essential oil to improve irritable moods and provide yourself with a feeling of energy.

using essential oils to quit smoking
using essential oils to quit smoking

Lavender Essential Oil for Stopping Smoking

Get lavender essential oil if you wish to be backing away from cigarettes. Lavender oil can be very helpful for easing your stress and anxiety that usually creep up when you stop smoking. 

In addition, lavender is known for soothing the nervous system. Quitting smoking won’t be a piece of cake. Insomnia, one of the symptoms that go along with nicotine withdrawal, is an annoying problem. This is where lavender essential oil can be helpful. We all know lavender is effective in alleviating insomnia and irritability.

What’s more, the lavender essential oil has a soothing impact on the respiratory system, helping people with the symptoms of respiratory problems.

essential oils to help you quit smoking
essential oils to help you quit smoking

Peppermint Essential Oil

Let’s face it; the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal make many people suffer. Lots of people experience headaches, digestive problems, as well as poor anger management when they are trying to stop smoking. These issues may compel them to go running back to their cigarette packs before they start their journeys to stopping smoking.

This is where peppermint essential oil can help you! Peppermint is believed to ease headaches and nausea. The strong, refreshing aroma of peppermint essential oil would help eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. Try starting your day with some peppermint essential oil rather than grab your cigarette pack.

best essential oils to quit smoking
best essential oils to quit smoking

Rosemary Essential Oil for Quitting Smoking

Some ex-smokers reported that one problem they got during the Smoking Cessation is pounding headaches. If that is your case, consider fetching some rosemary essential oil.

Rosemary essential oil is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate headaches and nausea. For decades, Asian people have been using rosemary essential oil as a folk remedy for headache issues.

And rosemary essential oil can do even more. Discovered to help ease anxiety, lift up your mind, this popular essential oil can also help to improve cognitive function, which helps you during the withdrawal process. 

using black pepper essential oil to quit smoking
using black pepper essential oil to quit smoking

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper essential oil is believed to be very effective in helping people stop smoking. 

Recent research reveals that black pepper is a powerful tool in helping people overcome nicotine addiction. Black pepper essential oil does well in reducing craving in comparison with other natural remedies.


Moreover, black pepper helps people by alleviating negative symptoms related to nicotine withdrawal. As one member of grounding essential oils, this essential oil even helps you ease the anxiety when the call of a cigarette gets louder and louder after a tough day.

The secret behind why black pepper is believed to be the best essential to quit smoking is that it can help people on a sensual level. The feeling black pepper creates in the chest is similar to the sensation created from smoking. That can be huge if you’re having a hard time slapping down feelings of temptation.

Quit Smoking With Essential Oils

To be frank, stopping smoking is tough work. The stressful feeling during nicotine withdrawal always comes with headaches. And the cigarette cravings induces people to reach for “just one more”, while they are declaring “I made it”. 

Thankfully we can use essential oils to alleviate the stress and inhibits temptation when quitting smoking. Using essential oils can improve our feelings, making it easier to quit nicotine in an emotional way. Also, living a new lifestyle with aromatherapy helps to replace the habit of smoking.

Inhalation with essential oil to stop smoking

Smoking is a habit on multiple levels. Smokers not only become addicted to the nicotine, but also develop the habit of raising the cigarette to their mouth and also breathing deeply. Breathing deeply when stressed is good, but don’t do it with the cigarette in your mouth. 


Inhalation is the most powerful way to help you quit smoking. Deeply inhaling would imitate the process of the smoking habit, supporting you in stopping smoking emotionally. Also, the added oxygen is nourishing to your body and can help to relieve your stress.

The first is to keep the essential oil with you and throughout the day. Just pick one of the six best essential oils to quit smoking, which is mentioned above.

When you start feeling moments of craving a cigarette, rub the oil between your palms. Then place your hands in front of your nose and mouth, inhale as slowly and deeply as if you are taking a puff from a cigarette, and then slowly exhale. Repeat this process over a period of about three minutes. 

Of course, you can inhale directly from the essential oil bottle, and you can put a drop of oil on a cotton ball or tissue and inhale from there. Or you can even make your own portable inhaler.

Quit smoking with an essential oil Diffuser

The other method, also the most ideal one to make full use of essential oil to quit smoking, is inhalation via a diffuser. Simply put some essential oil in a diffuser, and then enjoy the physical and also mental benefits from an aromatherapy remedy. You can do that whether you are at the office or at home.

essential oil inhaler to quit smoking
essential oil inhaler to quit smoking

To maximize the efficiency of the aromatherapy, surely you should always select high-quality diffusers. Not all diffusers are manufactured equal. Some diffusers got plastic components that may react with and then degrade the essential oils, making oils spoiled. While some other diffusers just get poor performance in vaporizing essential oils into a large space. Purchase a diffuser from a trustworthy diffuser supplier, and then start aromatherapy on your journey to quit smoking.

For information on essential oil diffusers, read AromaEasy’s How Do Oil Diffusers Work. Didn’t know essential oil usage on diffuser yet? Here is AromaEasy’s guide to how many drops of essential oil to put in a diffuser.

The Bottom Line

Aromatherapy is not a magic spell; it can not remove all of your cravings and withdrawal symptoms overnight. Also, the essential oil is not a substitute for medical treatment. And, you should always consult your doctor for advice before making decisions related to your health. Having said that, using essential oils correctly, with your doctor’s advice, would help you a lot in your effort to quit smoking. Pick some essential oils mentioned above, and start your journey to quitting smoke today.

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