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How Many Drops of Essential Oil In Diffuser?

How Many Drops of Essential Oils Should I Put in a Diffuser

Here’s how many drops of essential oil to put in your diffuser:

Diffuser SizeNumber of Drops

If you have used a diffuser in aromatherapy, you might occasionally find yourself confused about how much essential oil to put in a diffuser. Neither would we want the excessive aroma to be overwhelming, nor we want it to be too little to cover our space.

Based on the testing data from AromaEasy’s lab, we found the perfect balance in essential oils and water. Read on and follow the pro tips to enjoy your diffuser and favorite essential oils.

Avoid using too much essential oil in a diffuser – Why it matters?

There are some reasons why you would not want to add excessive essential oil to your diffuser. Firstly, the fragrance from the essential oils can be too strong, particularly in smaller spaces. Secondly, some essential oils already have got strong aromas, they could be much more overwhelming when you add an excessive amount to your diffuser and turn it on.

Too much exposure to essential oils, have to say, could result in a health issue for those who inhale them. And it may get even worse when the individual was sensitive or allergic to the essential oil. 

The most typical signs and symptoms consist of:


Eye Irritation


Migraines or headaches

Respiratory Tract Irritation




What to do if You Add Too Many Drops

Once you switch your diffuser on, it takes no time to know that you’ve added too many drops of essential oils. Then you might think about leaving your house until the excessive aroma vanishes and the diffuser empties itself. But you don’t have to do that – In fact, we can solve it easily.

To help cut the aroma, we need a jar. Firstly, empty the reservoir into the jar, and then dilute the essential oil with more water as you wish. Then add the mixture back into your reservoir. And just wait a bit before turning on the diffuser if the scent is still too strong.

How Many Drops of Essential Oil In Diffuser?

Note that less is always more when we talk about aromatherapy. Extracted from plants, all essential oils tend to be highly concentrated, with a relatively strong aroma. AromaEasy highly recommends beginners start with a small amount, and then work your way up.

And you may also need to follow this principle when you gonna introduce another new aroma to yourself. After all, our aim is to get a light and everlasting aroma instead of the overwhelming one.

The majority of ultrasonic diffusers work with 100mL of water. AromaEasy suggests adding in between three and five drops of essential oil for each 100mL of water. 

In addition, the amount will depend on the size of your diffuser as well as where you leave it operating. 

You may get diffusers with different sizes. Most of them, however, scale with 100mL. This fact makes it kinda easy to regulate your essential oil quantity. Simply start with 3 drops as a trial and go up to 20 drops for a larger diffuser.

Note: This guidance is not referring to the essential oil usage in your car. Click to find out how to use essential oil in the car.

How many drops of essential oil in 1 oz?

There are 600 drops in a 1oz bottle of essential oil. In a rough computation, you can get 120-200 uses out of a 30mL bottle of essential oil when using a typical 100mL diffuser.

Knowing that there are 20 drops of essential oil per ml, we can easily figure out the drops of essential oil in each bottle size, and how many uses we can approximately get.

VolumeHow Many DropsHow Many Uses

Note: The data in this table refers to computation for a 100ml diffuser.

How Many Drops of Essential Oil in a 100mL Diffuser?

As mentioned, 100 mL essential oil diffuser is the most common type in the market. Generally, you would need between 3-5 drops of essential oils for a diffuser with 100mL volume. And the guideline is, to start with the low end then go up to five drops.

This is a standard amount, as you may add or remove some oil when needed. For instance, some essential oils got stronger aroma than others, and you would tend to cut it some. Besides the essential oils’ strength, the location could also play a factor – people are likely to use less oil for a smaller room.


Tips on How to Use Essential Oil with a Diffuser

Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Surely we all want to keep our essential oil diffusers operating at peak performance. To ensure this, it has to keep tidy. This is especially vital if you use various essential oils. The oil residue can blend with each other and then emit an unexpected scent.

We would suggest cleaning your essential oil diffuser after each use. Besides removing the oil residue, this will also help get rid of hard water buildup that may lower the efficiency of your diffuser.

Further reading – More tips on how to clean a diffuser

Diffusing your essential oils periodically

Most rookies tend to diffuse essential oils continuously. Nevertheless, this isn’t helpful for your diffuser or yourself. Your limbic system will acclimate to essential oil quicker if you leave a diffuser continually operating, resulting in few benefits you get from aromatherapy.

To increase benefits you can get from essential oils, diffusing them on an intermittent cycle would be an ideal way. A standard cycle is to diffuse for 30 mins before shutting it off for 30 minutes. And ventilate your space to breathe fresh air.

Consider the space

Your room size is another factor you should consider when you are putting essential oil drops in a diffuser. 3-5 drops of essential oils is a standard guideline though, we sometimes need more to make diffuser cover a larger space.

Another factor noticeable is the ventilation of your room. You may need to use less oil for a less ventilated room. Actually we recommend a well-ventilated room for placing your diffuser, as it helps prevent the aroma from accumulating and overwhelming you. 

Quality of the Essential Oil

It is vital that you purchase your essential oils from trustworthy suppliers. Essential oils are not under the supervision of the FDA – as you may know – they don’t check it for its effectiveness or even safety. Essential oils with poor quality increase the occurrence of side effects. This is why we need to purchase pure, authentic essential oils from trusted suppliers.

Diffusing Essential Oils Around Pets

Different from human beings, animals are much more sensitive to essential oils. Keep an eye on your pets when you are introducing new essential oils.[1] Keep a scent-free room for them to retreat to, and stop diffusing the essential oil when they act differently.[2]

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