6 Essential Oils for Anger Management

essential oils for anger

Anger out of control, in many cases, could hurt the raging person and the people around him. It is vital to manage your anger before it escalates into a big bang. And thankfully, there are actually some tools that can help us out.

This article focuses on introducing the 6 best essential oils for anger management, and techniques you can use to control this fierce emotion better.

The 6 Best Essential Oils for Anger Management

To start with aromatherapy for anger management, it is vital to utilize proper essential oils. You can use them separately or even blend them together to create a mighty anti-anger mix.

Ylang Ylang

Known as a natural antidepressant, Ylang-ylang essential oil could be remarkably useful in managing anger.

Its soothing properties can keep you calm by regulating heart rates. It also has a pleasant aroma that can arouse zealous and uplifting emotions which have an appealing effect on your mental health.

While keeping you calm and clear-minded, it also promotes blood circulation to ease headaches and migraines.


Chamomile essential oil possesses therapeutic effects on both the nervous system and the digestive system. It can easily help in reducing tension, agitation, as well as insomnia by improving sleeping. This essential oil also owns antioxidant properties that can protect your body from the damages of anger at the cellular level. In addition, Chamomile also works as an emotional trigger, helping people stay positive.



Rose essential oil could be an ideal oil for soothing feelings of anger, loss, and solitude. In anger management, it makes people stay calm and peaceful by slowing down the hyper mind.

As a floral essential oil, its soft, fruity, sweet and also calming scent can help encourage a positive mind. Rose essential oil improves vitality and uplifts your mood, leading to a positive effect on your well being and mood to aid your actions in enraging situations.

You can sniff rose essential oil directly from the bottle for that calming aroma. A couple of drops into your bathtub will support your mental health with anxiety relief. Before topical use, dilute it with some carrier oils.


People in ancient times use this oil while meditating because of its excellent grounding effects. Lemongrass helps to relax and brings mental clarity. Making you slow down and deepen breathing, lemongrass essential oil also reduces headaches and migraines, resulting in alleviating your anger and anxiety. Lemongrass reduces inflammation and also supports cell regeneration, assisting people in minimizing the physical damages of anger.



Lavender is one of the most calming oils in the world and has actually been utilized for countless years to control anger. Breathing in lavender essential oil may reduce anxiety and regulate your heart rate. Lavender also has been proven to minimize stress, sleeping disorders, and also help people solve headaches, irritation, and muscle pains. These signs are symptoms of excessive anger.

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange essential oil is amazingly reliable at alleviating depression and anxiety as it creates a tranquil sense. Being also invigorating and inspiring, it’s pretty handy when you need to keep your innovative mind from rage. One more therapeutic profit that orange essential oil owns, is assisting the detoxification of the body. 

How does Aromatherapy Ease Our Mind?

Aromatherapy can alleviate stress and anxiety in various approaches. The main approach of temper management in aromatherapy is inhalation.

The limbic system has many functions like controlling emotions and nervous system. Some essential oils have been proven to promote limbic health, thus help controlling emotions like anger and aggressive behavior, and help people regulate blood circulation and pressure.

Essential oils work with our olfactory and limbic systems. Breathing in calming scents by whether using a diffuser or just breathing in, can easily lower adrenaline, increase serotonin, helping you recall those happy times. 

Whether it is grounding or uplifting, essential oil can help you toss anger and depression away. Along with a lovely aroma, it helps you manage your temper in a healthy and easy way.


How to Use Essential Oils for Anger Management

Inhalation is one of the most efficient methods to gain benefits from aromatherapy. There are actually two approaches to do so, which are advised for anger management.

The first one is to rub the essential oil between your palms when you begin feeling tilted. Then place your hands at a proper distance of your nose, breathe in gently and deeply. Note: you should avoid sensitive areas such as the lining of the nose.

The other method, also the most ideal one to make full use of essential oil to alleviate anger is inhalation via a diffuser. Simply put some essential oil in a diffuser, and then enjoy the physical and also mental benefits from an aromatherapy treatment. You can do that whether you are at the office or at home.

To maximize the efficiency of the aromatherapy, surely you should always select top quality essential oils. Not all essential oils are equal. Some are even fragrance oils which are the combination of synthetic chemicals and carrier oils. While imitating the scents, those bargains can not provide the healing advantages of the herbs, woods, or flowers. Of course, we can’t expect those essential oils to help us in anger management. Hence, make sure that you are picking 100% pure essential oils like those discovered at AromaEasy.

Similarly, not all diffusers are manufactured equal. Some diffusers got plastic components that may react with and then degrade the essential oils, making oils totally useless. While others just get poor performance in vaporizing essential oils into a large space. Fetch a diffuser from a trustworthy diffusers supplier instead, and then start your journey in aromatherapy easily.

Things you should consider when using essential oils for anger

Anger can be an intricate issue and might need professional medical treatment like therapy sessions to address. Hence, remember that:

Essential oils might be helpful in the easement of a symptom though, they can not solve the root of the anger.

Essential oils can not be used as an alternative for clinical treatment.

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated – you should always dilute them before topical use to avoid skin irritations.

essential oils for anger

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