Grounding Essential Oils

Grounding Essential Oil

Our minds tend to cope with too many things, we evaluate the pros and cons, worry about future opportunities, get stuck with haunting memories, or thinking about what if I could have done differently and something else. There are also some changes inevitable in our lives like changing a job or moving to another place.

Those thoughts and changes build a feeling of anxiety and insecurity in our life. When going through this, we need to get grounded, chill out, keep the inner peace, and bring ourselves back to earth.

There are many methods to achieve getting grounded. Having said that, I want to share the grounding essential oils in my collection.

Effective and Powerful Essential Oils for Grounding


It is grounding and also really helpful when you tend to be haunted by your own illusion.

Try Patchouli when you were kinda living in a dream, denying or rejecting the real world. 

Spending more time in the imaginary world would just increase the sense of instability. 

When you need to get back to the common ground, this earthy aroma won’t let you down.


This oil possesses earthy scent, it originates from the root of a plant. It is a remarkably grounding, calming and upholding essential oil. It helps us to rejuvenate and unwind, and alleviate tension from our minds,


The aroma of cedarwood essential oil is kinda unique, which is my favorite. Its sweet balsamic scent helps to quiet a busy mind, and keeps us staying focused and centered. This oil is also pretty calming, balancing, and grounding. Feel free to have a try on it when multiple thoughts keep on popping up in your mind and you can’t get rid of them


As a highly spiritual oil, sandalwood essential oil is quite centering and balancing. It is incredibly beneficial in meditation by helping people quiet the mind, get more and focused, and get grounded. 

In some situations, we may lack mental clarity and then get stuck in hesitation.

Whenever we need more mental clarity, sandalwood is very helpful here. 


Owning honey-like aroma, it is very handy to utilize via an essential oil diffuser. Frankincense’s mild aroma eased lots of tension in my mind when I was worried about the future.

When I need to get a sense of stability and grounding back, I would add Frankincense into my blends. 

Grounding Essential Oils


I like its fresh coniferous smell – it is so energizing to loosen the busy mind. 

This oil is actually the best when you tend to recall or holding on the past, which you can’t ever change. Diffusing Cypress actually helps us, psychologically and emotionally, let go of that past, and continue our life’s journey.


This oil comes from the root of a plant, it is quite strengthening. I unearth it as a quite helpful oil when stuck in a doubt. Ginger helps me a lot in restoring inner power and keeping a sense of grounding. When I have fear of making a decision or can’t be confident enough to take action, I always use it some in aromatherapy. 

Note: Many people refer ginger as a pungent oil.


Diffusing these essential oils regularly could help you a lot if you tend to feel ungrounded occasionally. You can also do this when experiencing changes in life which would make you lose the sense of security and inner stability. Also, you may add these grounding essential oil in your body lotion, to make a blend really convenient for topical uses.

How does grounding essential oil work?

Grounding essential oil will help those who are exhausted or even experience loss. It helps to support the emotions and also assists us to cope with the difficulties that we are facing.

In some cases when we get stuck in a dilemma that we actually do not how to cope with, we might disconnect and wander in the imaginary world. Grounding essential oil will help us get back to reality, make decisions, and then, move on.

Which oil can I choose for a grounding blend then?


Eucalyptus essential oil might help to provide a protective shield against mental fatigue. If we feel powerless, frustrated, and even imprisoned, Eucalyptus might help us to take our courage back. Eucalyptus possesses an impact on the respiratory system. It can help people with shallow breathing by enhancing breathing.

Sweet Orange

When we just lack creative mind and happiness in our lives, disengaged in our demeanor and numb in our thoughts, sweet orange essential oil revives our vitality and also promotes an optimistic mood. 

Tea Tree

When you feel isolated by friends and family, or bend easily to the will of others because of the co-dependent relationship, tea tree essential oil would help you establish your own zone.

It is incredibly beneficial to help people with shallow breathing as it restores the energy of our respiratory system. 


Grounding Essential Oils


Several grounding oils, have to say, are relatively strong. Hence, create a blend with carrier oil would be an effective method to make them more palatable to our olfactory system.

The limbic system is exactly where our brain process emotion and feelings. Due to the fact that smells play a dominant role in our limbic system, working with your favorite smell is necessary. 

This selection is actually not a comprehensive list. Follow your instinct and if an oil just hits the spot, utilize it.

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