How to clean your essential oil diffuser

How to clean your essential oil diffuser


8 Simple Steps to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

how to clean a diffuser


1.Fill your diffuser with clean water of the proper amount. Make sure it is below the max line.

2.Add pure white vinegar into the container, the vinegar needs to be up to 10 drops. By this method, it will help you in removing the oils that are stuck inside the diffuser.

3.Let the diffuser run for several minutes. During the operation, the water-vinegar mixture begins to disperse throughout the diffuser and clean it.

4.Drain the diffuser completely.

5. Using a piece of cotton slightly dipped in vinegar. Then use that cotton to clean blurs on the tight spots and corners of your diffuser.

Make sure that no spots are left dirty.

6.Rinse with clean water.

7. Make the diffuser empty again.

8. Use a dry cloth, or other similar materials to wipe the diffuser and dry it thoroughly.

Please note that some people told me that using vinegar to clean the diffuser makes their diffuser warranty invalid – especially for young living diffusers. If your product is still under warranty, it’s best to call your brand or product vendor’s customer service first and then try any home remedies to clean your product. Also, some diffusers also give you specific cleaning instructions in their manuals. Please refer to these methods before starting my general cleaning technique stated above.

What is an Essential oil diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers liquify the essential oils, hence the aroma can be dispersed throughout the air.

The AromaEasy diffusers are an ideal asset to keep in your home or workplace.

Depending on the essential oils, they purify the air you breathe and cater to your demands,which can range from relaxing your mind and helping sleep, to waking and grounding the mind by reducing stress and anxiety.

A clear mind can have a profound impact on helping you to be creative and innovative.

Essential oil diffuser improves the quality of our life

This can be a great experience when using essential oils because it creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy.

However, it is troublesome when the diffuser begins to operate improperly or even breaks down.

But don’t worry, sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning up.

But if it runs into some bigger problems, it may need some other methods to fix.

I will outline the causes of the most common problems and the ways to easily fix your essential oil diffuser at home.

If you have a glitchy essential oil diffuser, try these tips and don’t be shy about sharing your experience in the comments.

Two principles when using your essential oil diffuser:

1. routine maintenance

It is vitally important. While this may be a challenge at first, you’ll get used to the process of cleaning the diffuser and maintaining it yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you or watching the diffuser to crash and have to pay the replacement cost.

It’s an incredible hassle to bring or send back a diffuser just to clean it up, and it becomes a bigger problem if the diffuser breaks down just because you haven’t cleaned it well.

2. Please read your aromatherapy product manual before use.

The exact cleaning recommendations and procedures will depend on the diffuser you are using. Before using it, please read your aromatherapy product manual quickly so that you know what you need to do to maintain the best performance of the product and the most effective aromatherapy effect.

After each use

Most manufacturer’s instructions will tell you to clean up your diffuser after each use, which may seem a bit excessive at first.

When I had my first diffuser device, I didn’t always do well either.

I just left a mixture of water and essential oils in a diffuser and think, “oh, I’ll do it again tomorrow.”

Please don’t make the same mistake as I did before.

The essential oil used in the essential oil diffuser is kinda corrosive. In order to ensure the service life and maximize the effect of the essential oil, it should be cleaned after each use.

In addition, the smell and residue of previous oil may seriously lower your aromatherapy experience when you use another kind of oil in your diffuser.

Therefore, after each use, please empty all the water and oil in the diffuser and wipe quickly with a wet cloth, paper towel or some pieces of cotton.

Troubleshooting your diffuser

In daily use, diffusers may come across some troubles or knots from time to time.

But do not worry! The most common problems can be easily settled down by following a few simple methods below.

Here are ways to troubleshoot these problems:

When your diffuser doesn’t have power

Check that the plug is securely plugged into the power socket.

Make sure there is water in the container and the water level is correct.

Check that the power adapter is correct.

Check that the power outlet is plugged into the diffuser.

Empty the diffuser, let it dry for a few days, and then plug it in.

When the diffusion is very little

Check whether the water level is proper.

Make sure that the fan inlet is not blocked by the dried-up essential oil.

When you see leftover dirt, give your diffuser a clean-up.

Re-check the spray settings of the diffuser and ensure you didn’t turn it down.

When water in the diffuser is hot, water level is high

This means that the diffuser has been filled with superabundant water.

Firstly turn off and unplug the power diffuser.

Empty the diffuser and make it cool down.

Replenish the diffuser to the appropriate water level and then restart the diffuser.

If the diffuser does not work, this means it has been overfilled and damaged, then you need to send a request for repairing it.

When light indicators flash but diffuser doesn’t start

The diffuser may have malfunctioned or there has been a detected fault.

Turn off the diffuser and unplug it.

Empty the diffuser and let it cool for a while.

Replenish the diffuser at a proper water level.

Reconnect and restart the diffuser.

If the diffuser is still not started, it may need to be inspected by an expert for evaluation or repair.

Using a diffuser to use essential oils is very convenient. However, you also need to remember that you need to clean and maintain it regularly to make sure it is not damaged. Read your diffuser’s manual to learn how to effectively clean the unit by yourself and also know how to prevent damage from coming into play in the first place.

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