The 6 Best Essential Oils for Car 2020

Essential oils for car

Is typical commute stressing you out? Have you already found some long rides exhausting?

Many essential oils can help you with these, and make you become a better driver.

Studies have shown that smells can alter behavior, thus they can influence drivers’ performance. With the right essential oils, you’ll stay focused and be calmer, which are important to keep you safe on the ride.

Now read on, and discover the 6 best essential oils for the car.

1. Mandarin Essential Oil

When proven to be a helpful addition to any set of essential oils for car aromatherapy, mandarin essential oil has many surprising benefits.

This citrus essential oil can help in alleviating anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings. Considered to be a sedative though, its sedative impacts are more likely on calming anxiety. Hence, it can make you relax, while not inducing sleepiness or dulling your senses.

If you’re new to driving, and it makes you nervous. No worries, mandarin essential oil will help you with that. It won’t make you sleepy on the road but keeping you calm enough to drive well.

The medical benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil can keep wounds safe from microbial infections. Additionally, it has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties to help with muscle spasms and other symptoms. It also helps you deal with diarrhea, dyspepsia, and more.

How to Use Mandarin Essential Oil

Considering that mandarin essential oil is from the citrus family, AromaEasy would advise you to avoid using mandarin topically, particularly if you were going out into the sun within 12 hours after application. Whatever, mandarin is so universal that there are many other methods to use it.

For instance, you can simply add mandarin to homemade spray recipe, or make your own car fresheners using mandarin as the scent. 

Mandarin essential oil can blend well with other oils, such as:







Ylang ylang

2. Lemon Essential Oil

A lemon essential oil can assist you to clear your mind and boost your focus. Not surprising that it is one of the best essential oils for car rides. A clear mind and strong focus are necessary when they relate to driving securely. Thanks to lemon oil, drivers can reduce the occurrence of getting sidetracked or making miscalculations and mistakes when driving.

Its strong citrusy smell is energizing and inspiring, helping reduce stress and depression. It can just calm you down when you have to sit through annoying traffic jams. The lemon essential oil has been proven to reduce work-related mistakes by 54% in workplaces. We can work out its potential of reducing drivers’ judging errors.


3. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Like lemon and mandarin oil, grapefruit essential oil is also helpful for driving. Grapefruit essential oil can also have refreshing effects such as reducing stress and promoting alertness like them. What distinguishes grapefruit from those two is its ability to ease fatigue.

Long ride drives can be tiresome, and it is kinda inevitable in a given situation. Grapefruit essential oil helps you restore your energy during long journeys. Hence you can keep alert, focused, calm, and energetic to make that trip through.

The Science of Grapefruit Essential Oil

From a chemist’s view, essential oils are consist of several different chemical substances, with each compound appearing in varying quantities. Limonene is a typical substance in citrus essential oils. What makes grapefruit unique is the chemical composition of grapefruit essential oil-90% limonene.

It provides numerous advantages, like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. For drivers, limonene provides benefits such as stress relief and appetite reduction.

Using Grapefruit Essential Oil

Along with boosting energy and lifting up your mood, Grapefruit essential oil can even help clean and sanitize your car. You can add it to a spray recipe, a homemade air freshener formula, or a cleaning solution for sanitizing the interior. Either by itself or combined with other scents, it works well in car aromatherapy.

Essential oils working well with grapefruit:






Ylang ylang

4.Lemongrass Essential Oil

This energizing and uplifting oil is a milder alternative to peppermint oil, especially when you got kids in your car. It can help you focus, without causing sickness in children. Another reason that AromaEasy chooses Lemongrass as the 6 Best is its strength in eliminating stuffy smells. It can inhibit the strong smells of sweat and replace it with a refreshing aroma in the car.

And also, Lemongrass helps people drive away tension and anxiety. You’re likely to find yourself humming a happy ballad even if you’re sitting in a traffic jam.


5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil doesn’t just assist you to keep healthy. Discovered to help ease anxiety, lift up your mind, and induce alertness, it can also help drivers keep safe. Rosemary could also help you improve concentration and make quick choices while driving by increasing your cognitive performance.

If you’re driving with children under 7, then you should be cautious about using rosemary oil in your car. Rosemary can be too overwhelming for kids. Use up to two drops, and make sure that your car is ventilative. Then you can enjoy the benefits of rosemary oil without worries.

The Science of Rosemary Essential Oil

Like other essential oils, rosemary essential oil consists of multiple helpful compounds. The specific substance, 1,8-cineole, is proven to be able to improve memory. In other words, rosemary essential oil is helpful for cognitive function. Also, this substance contributes to the appealing aroma of rosemary.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil in Car

With the fact that rosemary essential oil benefits cognitive function of humankind, it can help you keep focused and make decisions while on the road. You can use it in a spray or a homemade car freshener. The unique aroma does it have, so rosemary may not look like a normal fragrance to use in a confined space. We can mix it with other essential oils.

You can blend rosemary with these essential oils:




Ylang ylang


Tea tree


6. Spearmint Essential Oil

Milder and less irritant than peppermint, spearmint essential oil is another option suitable for car rides.

Spearmint essential oil can soothe your sickness a lot if you’re prone to get carsick. While peppermint is more effective in treating nausea, its scent is quite a bit overwhelming when used in a car. Fortunately, spearmint acts as effective as peppermint and it is less intense.

How Does Spearmint Essential Oil Work?

Menthol, a typical substance in spearmint essential oil, helps you breathe much better, resulting in alleviating nausea. As for topical use, you can blend spearmint oil with a carrier oil, then rub the blend onto your stomach area. The cooling sensation and the scent of the spearmint can soothe your stomach and make you feel cozier.

Using Spearmint Essential Oil

It is necessary to ensure that you use spearmint essential oil properly and carefully. You should dilute it with water or carrier oils before topical use to avoid skin irritations. In addition, stop using spearmint when someone in your car is in pregnancy.

Some Essential Oil to Avoid in the Car

Floral scents may delight passengers, but they may make the driver sleepy and less alert. Drivers should avoid lavender essential oil and chamomile due to their dormitive property; the same applies to vetiver too.

AromaEasy also finds sweet marjoram, geranium, bergamot, and cedarwood oils too relaxing to be suitable for car rides. Before using essential oils while driving, you should always doublecheck their effects on you.

The best essential oil diffuser for car

Still finding the most convenient way to use your essential oils in the car ? 

This is a bottle-shaped car diffuser that fits perfectly into your vehicle cup holder and serves 3 primary functions: diffuser, purifier, and humidifier. The device makes your car feel like your house as it works like a tiny humidifier. And you just need to put your favorite essential oil into this car diffuser to lift up your mood during the journey. 

This diffuser has got a practical design that prevents itself from falling while your car is on bumpy or winding roads. Also, it comes with a car adapter that ensures itself always gets ready to work while on the go. The most appealing aspect of this diffuser is that it can also operate with batteries. So you can use this car diffuser in any other place, like your living room, yoga studio, and office. 


As one of the best car diffusers on the market today, this device offers a 7 color LED light design to ease drowsiness while you are driving.  Another feature worth noting is its auto-off mode that switches off the device when water gets about to run out. This feature ensures that you can sleep well without worrying about potential accidents.

This car diffuser silently emits essential oils into your car, transforming your drive into an experience. Feel free to plug the diffuser into your car’s USB port to get benefits from your essential oils during your commute.

For more details please visit here.


Before picking essential oils for your car, you must keep several precautions in mind. Not complicated however, these safety measures are important in keeping you safe from unexpected side effects.

Less is more

Always keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. Having so many benefits though, essential oils can be bad for you when in wrong use. Considering cars have restricted space and ventilation, one drop or 2 at a time would just enough.

Excessive essential oils may cause side effects, such as a headache, migraine, and nausea. Whenever you try a new essential oil, start with a single drop to make sure that it works as desired. If you or anyone else feels stuffy and uncomfy in the car, lower the windows to let in the fresh air.

Dilute essential oils before topical use

You should not apply undiluted essential oil directly onto your skin in any situation. You can water down the essential oils with a carrier oil, like coconut or almond oil, to ensure that they won’t cause skin irritations.

Use a carrier oil to deal with skin irritation

If you accidentally put excessive essential oil onto your skin, it is common to see redness and inflammation on the affected area. This is normal, however, you still need to ask your physician for instructions on how to treat the irritation.

Another crucial thing is that you should not wash essential oil off with water. Essential oils are hydrophobic, and washing them off with water may spread them to a larger area of your skin. In this scenario, it’s better to rinse the affected area with some carrier oil rather than water.

For children and pregnant ladies

You need to avoid any topical use of essential oils on kids under 7. And If you or your loved one is pregnant or breastfeeding, click here to find which essential oil is good for pregnancy

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