Essential Oils for Melasma

Here is AromaEasy’s brief guide on essential oils for treating melasma.

Melasma, a persistent skin pigmentation issue, causes dark spots on the neck, shoulders, and face. And melasma is just one of the common skin conditions that occur in daily life. But no worries, there are numerous choices for treatment on skin conditions. 

Essential oils are thought to alleviate skin issues. And essential oils also do well for melasma issues. In this post, we talk about what you need to know about essential oils for melasma.

The Best Essential Oils For Melasma Treatment

Tea Tree Essential Oil

With benzoyl peroxide acid, tea tree essential oil is thought to help treat various skin problems like melasma and dark patches as well. Tea tree can assist in eliminating those dark spots, and promote skin recovery. It functions best when the dark areas are about to appear. And applying tea tree essential oil can be quite beneficial to brighten those parts of the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense essential oil is a useful oil for melasma. In addition, this essential oil has the capability to regenerate the growth of the new cells in the skin. This is why frankincense essential oil can play a part in the treatment of melasma. Because Frankincense can help to reduce the dark patches triggered by the melasma.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

You can find eucalyptus essential oil as an ingredient of many beauty and skincare products. This can be attributed to several things, including being so reliable on improving the lushness of the skin. Eucalyptus essential oil is full of rich antioxidants. It can help to reduce the discoloration and spots that have been ravaging your skin. So, this essential oil is a great help in fighting against melasma as well.

Lavender Essential Oil

You may find it weird to see the lavender being on this list. Most people tend to know about lavender because of its calming aroma. Besides being used for aromatherapy and also massage, lavender essential oil helps to improve the skin texture as well.


NOTE: Dilute essential oils with carrier oils before you are about to use them topically.

Other Oils for Melasma Alleviation

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil contains a potent antioxidant ingredient named proanthocyanidin. When used on your skin consistently, this antioxidant can even out skin tone. Taking grapeseed oil extract orally is proven to alleviate the symptoms of melasma, hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has components like fatty acid, lauric acid, and vitamins which can provide benefits to the skin. When applied directly to the areas impacted by melasma, the coconut oil can help to alleviate skin pigmentation with these minerals.

Can Essential Oils Treat Melasma?

We extract essential oils from different parts of various plants. With myriad uses, essential oils are very handy for all consumers.

Some research has revealed that certain oils can help in the treatment of skin issues, including the treatment of melasma. While the results of these initial studies seem promising, there are still many unidentified mechanics about essential oils for melasma. To be frank, much of the ‘scientific evidence’ you see for these treatments working still stays anecdotal.

In addition, oils extracted from plants might provide a natural and reliable treatment for melasma. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can replace the medical treatment of melasma issues with essential oils. 

How To Treat Melasma Effectively?

The best way to eliminate melasma is with medical treatment, and here are some tips:

  • Apply UV protective measures such as daily broad-spectrum sunscreen use in daily life.
  • Wear UV protective clothing to prevent your melasma from getting worse.
  • Avoid going outside in the sun during peak hours (10 am – 2 pm )

Consult your doctor for professional, custom treatments designed for your needs. Using essential oils for melasma would be a reliable complement for treatment after asking a doctor.

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