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Wholesale Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser Y020


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wooden aromatherapy diffuser



Products Details:
Automatic Safety:Yes
Water Capacity:500ml (22.7 fl oz) Up to 8-10 Hours of Continuous Mist
Mist Output:15-20ml/hr
Suggested Coverage Area:Medium – Up to 200 sq. ft (20 m²)
Light Mode:Rotating Color, Freeze Color, or Off Light Modes
Continuous Operation:continuous mist spray
Warranty:1 year
Packing Detail
Single Unit
Package Includes:
1* Essential Oil Diffuser
1* User Manual

Product Description

Premium Ultrasonic Wooden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Features

  • 500ML PERFECT CAPACITY: With the perfect volume of 500ml water tank, this Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser can save your time from adding water frequently, particularly at midnight. The high water volume helps you enjoy aromatherapy relaxation all night long. The enlarged opening is well designed to be convenient for cleaning and essential oil refilling.
  • 3 COUNTDOWN TIMERS: Press on mist button to choose diffuser timer from Steady ON / 1H / 3H / 6H. This Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser is designed to spread mist upward, avoid wetting your wooden countertop, and letting the therapeutic mist help you to obtain moisture and natural benefits more effectively.
  • VIBRANT LIGHT SOURCE: When set as colorful mode, the Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser will automatically change seven colors. Press LIGHT BUTTON once, the beeper will sound and enter the fixed lighting mode. Each time the button is pressed, the seven colors are changed in turn. When the seven colors are changed once, it will automatically change to the automatic conversion mode. Long press to turn off light: When the color lamp is turned on, long press to turn off the color lamp(0.5 sec).
  • SAFE MATERIAL & WORRY-FREE OPERATION: AromaEasy manufactures diffusers with the finest material. The Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser features a safe system; the diffuser will shut down automatically when water runs out. No worry about diffuser dry burning. And you don’t have to turn off the diffuser manually before falling asleep.
  • VERSATILITY: This Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser, has the finish of both wood grain and plastic, representing the combination of nature and modern life. It can not only work as a diffuser, vaporizer, or a tiny humidifier, but also works as a night light. The plastic part provides better illumination when compared to the outer shell of full wood grain that may block out the light.

How the Wooden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Help You?

Do you like to enjoy the soothing aroma of essential oils, which uplift your spirit and relieve you from the stress of your high-pressure work?
Don’t you hate it when your home is stuffed by unpleasant odors?
Do you hate it when dirty, dry air that puts the health of your beloved one at risk?
Right, then this is where this wooden aromatherapy diffuser can help! Not only will your home be filled with a subtle, yet wonderful aroma, the diffuser will also help to clean the air, lift your mood, and relieve you from stress! This excellent aromatherapy diffuser proves to be exactly what your home needs! And that’s what AromaEasy is here for you!
Enjoy the floral & therapeutic atmosphere your home deserves – Just starting today!

wooden aromatherapy diffuser

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