Essential Oils for Confidence

essential oils for confidence

Confidence is the most attractive trait a person can exhibit. They stroll into a space with self-confidence, and you immediately know they’re confident in themselves. Yet, all of us need a boost in some cases.

No one can keep the best performance all the time. Self-confidence can be a struggle, particularly for introverts. You wish to come off as bold but might seem judgemental, or shy instead. Mastering subtle calm without any indicated negativity is much comfier with the help of essential oils, and there are options in every single scenario.

Read on this article to find out the best essential oils to improve self-confidence and what situations to use each. AromaEasy will show you the best application approach. With these oils, you are guaranteed to feel more assertive in minutes– and it’s 100% natural!

The top essential oils for confidence and courage

Essential oils can change how we react to different situations and alter your whole behavior. Utilize them to promote confidence, and relieve the tension and fear when facing new people or situations. Breathe in an essential oil before a meeting. Or, utilize the oil to increase your creativity.

No matter what the scenario you are in, you can discover relief with the following six best essential oils for courage and self-confidence.


essential oils for confidence


Use When You want: To eliminate anxiety, more imagination, a state of mind boost, fight fear.

How to Utilize: Orange essential oil helps fight depression in aromatherapy and topical application. For more creativity, try rubbing a few drops of orange essential oil in your hands, and apply it to the abdomen or wrists. Citrus essential oils, however, may cause photosensitivity. Keep in mind that you should not leave citrus oils on your skin in the sunlight.

Orange essential oil is bright and favorable. It fights anxiety and fear of ridicule while assisting you to feel more innovative and delighted. Inhale this essential oil when you feel exhausted, tired, or have a headache. It’s also beneficial in the morning with a diffuser to help you deal with the day with your chin held high.


Use When You need: self-esteem enhancement, to kick insecurity, to get started with a project, ease burnout and tension.

How to Use: Aromatherapy helps stress and depression in human beings. Add a couple of drops to a bath, or diffuse the ylang-ylang essential oil into the room at work and home.

As another relaxing essential oil, ylang-ylang assists people to feel at ease. All you need to do is inhale ylang-ylang essential oil for regulating blood pressure. And also, research reveals users feel more confident and calm from this essential oil. Utilize it in the house or work to start a new project and move past hesitancy.


essential oils for confidence


Usage When You want: To eliminate stress and anxiety, lift up mood, ease tension.

How to Utilize: Aromatherapy is much better with lemon essential oil than topical application, as you should not use citrus oils outdoors for an extended time.

Intense and revitalizing, lemon essential oils combat stress and anxiety and lift up your mood. It’s useful in the morning when you feel stressed about the day ahead. Lemon essential oil is especially valuable in aromatherapy if you struggle with depression or a disorder in the mood.


Use When you want: To eliminate stress and anxiety, more creativity, to communicate plainly.

How to Use: Aromatherapy works best. Diffuse lavender essential oil in your home or in the workplace for mental clarity.

Essential oils for stress and anxiety, like lavender, have numerous practical uses. It can help you feel more calm, reliable, and open. This essential oil minimizes self-doubts when you’re starting something new or heading to a conference. When you feel exhausted and need to boost your creativity, make your mood regulators chill by inhaling the aroma.

All you need is one single drop to get instant relaxation, and lavender aromatherapy is especially beneficial for ladies.



Use When You need: To feel vigorous, more creativity, psychological clarity, fight self-sabotage.

How to Use: Rosemary essential oil has medical and aroma benefits. Dab a few drops behind your ear or diffuser rosemary into space while studying to improve your memory. When applied to the wrists, rosemary essential oils can even help alleviate headaches and migraines.

As one of the best essential oils for courage, rosemary is mentally enhancing and fantastic for reminding yourself of who you are. Use rosemary essential oil when you need to stop procrastination or messing up the important things you want out of fear. It assists your psychological clarity and envokes bravery, and essential oils for imagination are great for holding a meeting.


Usage When You Need: A self-confidence enhancement, to kick indecision, more creativity, feelings of calm and self-esteem.

How to Use: Use jasmine essential oil in aromatherapy. Diffuse jasmine for self-esteem and peace, or rub a drop upon your forehead for renewed optimism. You can even take advantage of this oil via a therapeutic massage.

A lovely, sweet floral aroma, jasmine essential oil comes with feelings of gentle euphoria that leave you pleased, positive, and ready to tackle big projects. As an essential oil for self-love, it’s a natural antidepressant that motivates self-acceptance and love of all things. Inhale the scent whenever you need to feel more confident in yourself.


Other essential oils for confidence and courage

Some essential oils for assertiveness or relaxation might also increase your confidence as a by-product. You can integrate these with the essential oils mentioned above for a confidence-boosting blend that is guaranteed to work well.

Peppermint essential oil– Aids focus and energizes
Lime essential oil– Energizing property
Rose essential oil– Help people fight against self-agitation

How to use essential oils for confidence

First thing in the morning, you can use essential oils to start your day with courage. Add some drops of orange essential oil in your diffuser. You can do the preparation the night before, so you only have to hit the ON button when the sun rises.  

When you need more confidence throughout the day, the best way to use essential oils for confidence is to apply the oil behind your ears after diluting it with carrier oils. Store your essential oils under your desk or pack your favorite oils in a travel case for on-the-go. 

Essential oils are only for complementary treatment

While essential oils can naturally affect our emotions, they won’t change you overnight. They help people struggling with confidence, self-esteem, unhappiness, and courage, but we can’t all react the same way in each circumstance. 

Select the essential oils that work for you after researching and smelling a few. Ensure that how they make you feel in each situation. Then, utilize them to make yourself feel confident all day. Your inner heart will say thanks to you!

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