Essential Oils that Smell Good – Which are Your Favorite?

essential oils that smell good

Most people can plainly state their preferred scents. But have we ever thought about asking ourselves why they’re our favorites?

The sense of odor is our only sense that straightly connects the emotional control centers of our brain. This implies that what we smell has a direct effect on how we feel and experience the world around us. Having stated that, all of us have a special state of mind and individual choices that ebb and flow daily. With time passing by, our preference for scents would change and evolve, too.

Discovering your favorite essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Preference for aroma is a highly subjective topic. Some really like lavender essential oil and would claim that it’s the top-selling essential oil. It has been believed to be the best oil for sleep, or the best essential oil to help soothe irritated skin. To say it is one of the best-smelling essential oils; however, this is entirely a matter of opinion. Lots of individuals also said they do not love lavender’s floral and herbaceous scent.

Some people love the scent of vetiver. The roots of this tropical grass supply a rich, earthy, and smoky essential oil. Similarly, some people smell this healing oil and then found its strong, medical aroma overwhelming. Vetiver is a remarkable base note– it can provide durability and depth to a blend. Just a tiny drop of this oil added to a mix of floral or citrus essential oils can produce an aromatic subtlety that brings a whole blend into balance.

Aromatherapy is really all about smell, or olfaction — using aroma to aid the body, mind, and spirit into better balance. Essential oils are effective tools to help this process.

essential oils that smell good



Uplifting, energizing, and joyful, citrus essential oils smell good. Citrus essential oils– orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, mandarin, and so on– are amongst these widely regarded favorites.

Thinking about adding a refreshing orange scent to your room? Or would you like to light up your mood? With a well designed diffuser from AromaEasy , sweet orange essential oils can help you with that.

AromaEasy diffusers vaporize essential oils and then diffuse them at a mild but consistent rate. When in operation, it diffuses the aroma of the sweet orange essential oil throughout your space. And the fascinating scent will last for months thanks to continuous aroma enhancement.


Flowers are probably the third most popular type of essential oils family. Oils such as rose, jasmine, and chamomile are some of the essential oils welcomed by most people. Considering the tremendous quantity of plant material that is required to produce, this essential oil type is regarded as the most precious and kinda the most costly. For instance, it takes around 10 thousand pounds of rose petals to produce only 1 pound of rose essential oil. 


Essential oils extracted from flowers tend to be helpful for offering emotional support and calming your heart and mind. Also, floral essential oils are typically outstanding for use in skincare products, as they tend to be relaxing and soothing to the skin.

Woody essential oils

Essential oils extracted from the tree are also loved by many, as they tend to be mentally grounding and helpful for the respiratory system. Oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood, and fir all accounts into this category.

Putting essential oils to use

Again, the best-smelling essential oils are really a matter of individual preference. When you just find the oils that actually speak to your mood, it’s time to get some.

essential oils that smell good


If you are a starter in essential oils, let’s review the basics. The safest and most convenient way to obtain the benefits of essential oils is aromatically. By utilizing an essential oil diffuser, the essential oil particles are dispersed throughout the air and can benefit anybody in that space. This is the perfect way to create an uplifting environment. Citrus essential oils, such as lemon and orange, have been revealed to be extremely reliable in mood uplifting. The primary chemical components of these citrus oils have actually also been believed to be supportive in purifying the air.

Diffusing essential oils can be the best method to support the health and well-being of you and your beloved ones, particularly during cold-and-flu season. By adding a couple of drops of oils such as eucalyptus, or peppermint to your diffuser, you can get respiratory support.

Once you discover the ideal oil for you, given your aromatic choice and whatever physical, mental, or psychological requirement you might have, an oil’s advantages can in fact be enhanced by integrating it with a complementary essential oil.


While blending essential oils is an art and a science, there are actually no standard for that. The best recommendation we can make for when you start mixing essential oils is to remember what you integrated and how you like the outcome. The advantage of blending essential oils, from an aromatherapy aspect, is that you can develop a more varied chemical profile, which can, in turn, provide a more universal base to address whatever issue you may be trying to fix.

essential oils that smell good

Before using essential oils topically– use a carrier oil!

Besides diffusing essential oils as aromatherapy, they can be utilized topically. Considering that essential oils are highly concentrated, you should always make sure to dilute it first. Use a carrier oil such as coconut, almond, or avocado, and follow advised usage and dilution guidance.

The plant kingdom provides a range of options when we are choosing essential oils that smell good. Whenever selecting an essential oil, it is vital to only use essential oils from a trustworthy essential oil supplier who supplies pure, undiluted essential oils. Spend some time to learn more about the oils you have. Sit with them, inhale them, research them. Then say thanks to them for what they are and what they do. Even if they are not your preferred aromas, they can still improve your quality of life.

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