Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits

Citrus lovers will embrace sweet orange essential oil with open arms, mainly because of its sweet, inspiring aroma, and also because of its mild immune-boosting properties. Sweet orange brings many benefits to the body and mind. For example, it can help you in snooze by reducing nerve tension, alleviate pain, improve your skin and even lower blood pressure. But what should you keep your eyes open for when using sweet orange oil?

What is the sweet orange essential oil

Essential oils are concentrated oils derived from plants. Sweet orange essential oils are generally extracted from orange skin by cold pressing. Cold pressing protects oil’s antioxidants and active ingredients from being inactivated by heat. After cold pressing, some citrus oils were subjected to steam distillation as further concentration. Meanwhile, orange oil can also be produced via a solvent extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction.
After extraction, the orange essential oil has an orange-yellow or orange-brown color, and emits a light, fresh, sweet aroma of the fruit itself.

What are the orange oils’ most common uses?

Since centuries ago, the orange essential oil has various uses. These can include applications to:

Lift your mood or reduce stress
Treat skin conditions such as acne
Reduce pain or inflammation
Relieve stomach upset
Use as a natural household cleaner
Add fascinating scents to a room or to products like perfumes and cleaners
Give flavor to foods and beverages

Historically, the sweet orange essential oil has many domestic uses, such as adding fascinating flavor to drinks, desserts, chocolates, and other sweets. Industrially, the antiseptic and antiseptic properties of orange oil make it very suitable for the production of cosmetics and skincare products such as soaps, lotions, and deodorants. Due to its natural preservative properties, orange oil is also used in cleaning products such as house freshening sprays. In the early 1900s, it was used to emit the aroma of several products, such as detergents, perfumes, soaps, and other toiletries. Over time, sweet orange oil and other citrus oils began to take place of synthetic citrus flavors. Today, it has become a vital ingredient in cosmetics and health products because of its astringent, cleansing and whitening properties.

What are the benefits of orange essential oil?

We have talked about some ways that orange essential oil can be used in. But what are its benefits and therefore, potential uses?

Let us take a deeper dive into the sweet orange essential oil benefits:

Pain relief
Antimicrobial activity
Treat anxiety and depression
Anticancer and antioxidant properties
Weight loss
Improve exercise performance
Insecticide activity
Calming and balancing properties on the mood

It can emit a refreshing, warming, uplifting, and bright feeling scent to the environment

Orange oil has the ability to naturally enhance immunity and alleviate several symptoms of various diseases. Hence it has been being used in traditional medical applications for the treatment of acne, chronic stress and other health problems.

In aromatherapy use, the pleasant scent of orange essential oils has a relaxing and calming effect that helps reduce the pulse rate. Not only does it create a warm environment, but it also stimulates the strength of the immune system and eliminates airborne bacteria.

As for topical use, orange essential oils help in promoting skin clarity and smoothness, resulting in maintenance of skin health, appearance, and texture.

In massage, the orange essential oil can be used to increase blood flow. It is believed to alleviate the discomforts associated with inflammation, headaches, and depression.

In medicinal use, orange essential oil reduces the occurrence of muscle pain. For more, it is used to relieve stress, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and congestion of the nose.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits

How to use sweet orange essential oils


Do you like to add a refreshing orange scent to your room? Or would you like to light up your mood a little bit? With AromaEasy diffusers, sweet orange essential oils can help you with that.

Diffusers vaporize essential oils and then diffuse them at a mild and consistent rate. When in operation, It diffuses the aroma of the sweet orange essential oil throughout your space. And the fascinating scent will last for months due to continuous aroma enhancement.

At AromaEasy, you can buy multiple types of diffusers online. Each type of diffuser has its own specific instruction set.


Looking for another way to add an orange scent to your room? Seeking a natural cleaner? Follow the steps below for making an orange oil spray:

Put orange essential oil drop by drop into the water in a glass bottle. Recommend dose is 15 drops or less per ounce of water. Shake the bottle to mix them well.

Massage oil

Finding a treatment of pain or inflammation? Why not have a try on making your own massage oil with orange essential oil?
You need to dilute the orange essential oil in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. We recommend using around 15 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil to make a massage oil with a 2.5% solution.

History of oranges

Oranges, along with grapefruit, lemon, and lime, belong to the citrus family. Oranges are thought to be first obtained from trees in China. In 1493, Christopher Columbus carried orange seeds during his expedition to the Americas, and eventually, those seeds reached Haiti and the Caribbean. Since then, orange trees have spread worldwide.

For thousands of years, orange oil has shown its ability to strengthen immunity and reduce the symptoms of ailments. In traditional medical applications, it is ideal in the treatment of acne, chronic stress and other health issues. The folk remedies in the Middle East regions, India, and China use orange oil to relieve colds, coughs, chronic fatigue, flu, indigestion, poor blood circulation, and skin infections.

Safety and side effects

When used topically, any essential oil may cause skin reactions. If you are concerned about a possible reaction, test a little diluted orange essential oil inside the elbow before using it on a larger area.

Avoid using stale or oxidized orange essential oils as this can cause skin irritation. This side effect may not be noticeable after one use of oxidized oil, but it may cause severe reactions after several uses.

Some citrus essential oils are phototoxic. This means that if you use them on the skin and then bask in the sun, they can cause uneasy skin reactions. When using a citrus-based oil topically, make sure you wait at least 24 hours before going outside in the sun.

The sweet orange essential oil has a low risk of phototoxicity. But you should be cautious about going outside immediately after using it on your skin.

And you may need to follow these safety precautions:

Do not apply undiluted essential oils onto your skin.
Keep the oil away from your eyes and other delicate parts like the lining of your nose.
Store oil out of the reach of pets, and also children under 8.
If you use orange essential oils for aromatherapy, make sure the space you are in is well ventilated.
Consult your doctor before using orange essential oils If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription drugs.


Orange essential oils are used in a variety of applications, from uplifting your mood to adding refreshing citrus aromas into your room.

Several studies have shown that orange essential oils can have various benefits. Some examples include antimicrobial activity, analgesic, and antidepressant properties.

Always ensure that you are using essential oils properly. If you want to use sweet orange essential oil but have questions, doubts or concerns, talk to your doctor before using them.

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