What Is a Nebulizing Diffuser

While a normal diffuser refers to a device that vaporizes essential oils and circulates the scent throughout the space, Nebulizer is a totally different type of diffusers. Read this blog to find out how nebulizing diffusers work.

The most powerful Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

A nebulizing diffuser is a specific type of diffusers that use the process of nebulization to achieve essential oils diffusion. 

The Nebulizing Diffuser owns the highest diffusing efficiency and offers the best performance of both the natural scent and the therapeutic properties on the market. This unique device is incredibly quiet, makes no mess, requires no heat and does not even need any water to operate.

With a few drops, you can add essential oils like lavender, bergamot, chamomile, rosemary, lemon, frankincense, and sandalwood into the diffuser. Then it will make a wonderful improvement in your environment, supporting your health and happiness, while making it a pleasant place for your family and friends as well.

Besides adding a lovely scent to your space, an essential oil nebulizer offers many sorts of diverse benefits without the harsh chemicals of artificial air fresheners that can potentially harm one’s health.

Using nothing but nebulizing mechanics and a combination of delicately hand-blown pyrex glass paired with an elegant hand-crafted plantation hardwood base, this kind of aromatherapy device is perfect for individuals, professionals and businesses alike.

Both elegant and powerful, this nebulizing essential oil diffuser is the best choice for those who wish to enjoy the fantastic aroma and full health benefits of pure essential oil.

How Does a Nebulizing Diffuser Work?

Unlike the wide variety of heated units and plastic diffusers that litter the market today, Nebulizing Diffuser is a specific type of diffuser that uses the process of nebulization to achieve evaporation. 

Based on the Bernoulli principle, this process forces essential oils to breakdown into microparticles. Generally, the process requires a high velocity, pressurized air stream and jet nozzle specially designed for nebulizing. It works without the need to heat up the oils and without the need to add water to the diffuser.

Due to nebulizing mechanics, the rate of this diffusion type is highly accelerated. So diffusion occurs almost instantly. 

With this method the essential oil is not diluted by water, leading to much higher aromatherapy efficiency than any other type of diffusers. Also, diffusing oils without heat would also minimize the potential of chemical structure alteration in the essential oil. In addition, the essential oil stays totally pure throughout the diffusing process because the diffuser uses glass.It breaks down the oils into molecules without altering them, producing a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them quickly. These essential oil particles will reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits.

Considering these unique factors owned by nebulizing diffusers, many believe that an essential oil nebulizer is the best choice for aromatherapy.


What is the difference between a Nebulizer and an ultrasonic Diffuser?

Nebulizers do not need heat or water to operate, they work by atomizing the essential oils into tiny particles. Nebulizers can diffuse a larger amount of essential oil for a shorter running time. Hence, the scent of essential oils released into the air is much stronger. Nebulizers are suitable for large spaces due to the high concentration of essential oils. 

Ultrasonic diffusers need water to diffuse the essential oils into the air. The scent emitted is weaker because of the essential oils diluted by water.

While the concentration of essential oils that they diffuse is lower than nebulizers’, on the other hand, they can function as a mini humidifier. 

The Differences Between The Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser And Others

Compared to other types of diffusers out there today, nebulizing essential oil diffusers have their own advantages. Not only is it beautiful and powerful, but it is also clean and quiet! Have a glance at other diffuser types available in the market:

Candle diffusers are easy to maintain, and are the more economical option used today. But they still use heat, which means that they have got several disadvantages:

  • Uncontrollable velocity or duration of diffusion
  • Not suitable for office-based environments or where the use of open flames is prohibited.
  • Heat may alter chemical compounds of oils on a molecular level, leading to reducing the efficiency of aromatherapy

While most evaporative fan diffusers are very portable and perfect for travel, their coverage is relatively small, making them not ideal for large areas. And also, absorbent pads of this diffuser type must be replaced and refilled periodically.

Essential oil nebulizers work without heat or moisture. This means that essential oils released into the air are in their purest form. No heat, no added water, no plastic component. Just powerful, pure essential oils and therapeutic-grade aromatherapy!

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Which essential oil can I use in my Nebulizer?

Essential oils with a thinner consistency diffuse really well and will generally not have to ever be cleaned – simply keep adding oils as the reservoir gets low. Suitable essential oils for a nebulizer includes all of the Citruses, Firs, Myrtle, Hyssop, Immortelle, Lemongrass, Rose Otto, along with many others like Lavender, Ylang, Geranium, Marjoram, Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Neroli, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cypress, Juniper, Basil, Spruces, Sages, Chamomiles, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Tea Tree and many more.

Thicker essential oils like Eaglewood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedar, Myrrh, Benzoin, Agarwood, Cypress Wood, and Patchouli are ideally used in smaller amounts and diluted in one of the above oils before adding to the diffuser.

It is best to avoid using essential oils extracted from woods and roots of plants in the nebulizer. As they are much viscous and might cause clogging. Avoid using Fennel, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Frankincense and Pines.

How often should I clean the nebulizing diffuser?

AromaEasy suggests cleaning the Nebulizing diffuser with a wet cloth after a few uses. Also, you need to clean it each time you change essential oils. 

How to use a nebulizing diffuser?

Ensure that you have turned your diffuser off before removing the glass column. Add 15 drops of your favorite AromaEasy essential oils into the reservoir for long-lasting enjoyment. 

Plug in the diffuser, turn on the control knob and adjust it to your preferred speed.

Auto-off function for safety: Feel free to leave AromaEasy nebulizing diffuser operating. It will shut itself down when the water runs out.

How to clean a nebulizing diffuser? 

Nebulizers diffuse essential oils with low viscosity really well and will generally not have to ever be cleaned. You can simply keep adding oils as the reservoir gets low. 

On the rare occasion like your diffuser is clogged, your diffuser would need a deep clean. Run your diffuser for a few minutes with 5mls alcohol in the reservoir. Then drain any remaining alcohol from the reservoir, rinse, and leave it to dry.


Why should you consider getting a nebulizing diffuser

The AromaEasy nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser offers the best aromatherapy performance. Consider the benefits of nebulizing essential oil diffuser making it outplay other products on the market:

30㎡- It provides complete and widespread diffusion of essential oils over a large area.

28db – Incredibly quiet so it doesn’t disrupt work, entertainment, or sleep – it only improves them.

Essential oil is not diluted via this device, which means you get a pure and powerful aroma.

Brings with the complete therapeutic value of essential oils.

It doesn’t add moisture to the air in your home or working place.

Safe to use with no heat required throughout the diffusing process.

Before you begin shopping, check out our guide to purchasing nebulizer oil diffuser-from nebulizing diffuser for essential oils to oil nebulizer-as well as getting nebulizing diffuser UK on AromaEasy.

Buying a nebulizing diffuser is one of the best investments you can make in your life and well-being. Great for the home or office, it can also be a perfect gift that your friends will love. Unlike candle diffusers or even a regular ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, a nebulizing diffuser works under unique principles and brings you the most efficient aromatherapy.

These oil nebulizer can keep your room scenting great for a few days. Keep reading to discover how to select the most effective nebulizing diffuser UK for your demands. If you are trying to get a nebulizing diffuser for essential oils and also find the way for good sleep, aromatherapy with a nebulizer oil diffuser is a great method to produce a relaxing atmosphere in your room

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