Essential Oils for Protection

In this post, we select aroma blend recipes for you with relevant essential oils that are historically used for strengthening, defense, and protection.

Essential oil blends with nutmeg base

  • 9 drops of Nutmeg
  • 9 drops of Tea Tree
  • 6 drops of lemon essential oil(5 drops of sweet orange essential oil)
  • 6 drops of myrtle
  • 3 drops of fir 

Put these essential oils into a 5 ml amber glass bottle, blend them well with shaking.

essential oils for protection
essential oils for protection

Essential oil blends with honey base

  • 6 drops of honey
  • 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of thyme
  • 2 drops of bay laurel leaf
  • 2 drops of Cypress 

Drop these essential oils with that stated amount into a 5 ml amber glass bottle, then mix them well.

We can apply these two blends in various ways in our daily life.

They are wonderful for cleaning hands, the air in room space, objects, laundry, etc. 

And at the same time, they have positive effects on our limbic system by their grounding, strengthening, and energizing properties.

Essential Oils for Protection


So, how to use essential oils for protection?

Here are a few possible uses:

– Before starting your typical commute, put a drop of the essential oil blend on a scarf or a tissue under the nose.

– Add 3-5 drops of the essential oil blend (depending on the room size) to the essential oil diffuser or a nebulizer.  Then use it to clean the air in the room several times a week for approx. 30 minutes each.

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Hand spray for your on-the-go

30 ml lemon balm hydrolate / lemon balm water

20 ml of 96% alcohol and

12-15 drops of essential oil blends that we shared for you.

Pour the ingredients into a 50 ml blue glass bottle, enclose them with a spray head. 

Essential Oils for Protection

How to Use: Put a spray in the palm of your hand and mix it well. Shake the spray bottle properly before each use.

Extra – Tip: The spray can also be used as a room spray. For additional use, we can apply it for pillow and mattress scenting.

If you tend to have dry hands, you can add 5 ml of almond oil to the hand spray.

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Strengthening the muscle in your airways with essential oils

Purify the air with this blend

We share two essential oil blend recipes for refreshing and soothing, helping people in respiratory problems. 

LSI: essential oil for breathing better

Essential Oils for Protection

Free breath – fresh and spicy blend

  • 5 drops of fir
  • 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 4 drops of black pepper
  • 3 drops of cedarwood
  • 2 drops of cypress

Put these ingredients all into a small jar and blend the mixture well.

Helping you in a deep breath – warm and woody essential oil blend

  • 6 drops of Cypress (you may use Black spruce as an alternative)
  • 3 drops of pine
  • 2 drops of Cedarwood
  • 2 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop of rose essential oil 

Mix these essential oils in a vial and blend them well.

Essential Oils for Protection

How to apply the blend for respiratory system:

– Put a drop of essential oil blend on a scarf, or a handkerchief under the nose.

– Put 2-3 drops of the blend in an essential oil diffuser and scent the room.

And you can take this aromatherapy 2 times a day for approx. 30 minutes.

– Essential oil blend roll-on, for on the go:

Pour 12 drops of essential oil blend into a 10 ml roll-on bottle, then fill up the bottle with jojoba oil.

Rub the wrist with the blend you made as needed. If you like, you can inhale the scent from your wrists for 2-3 times. You can also apply this essential oil blend for easing back pains.

To ease foot pain: Apply the essential oil onto the affected area of your foot with a roller before going to bed. Attention: danger of slipping! We would recommend you put on cotton socks after the application.

Essential Oils for Protection

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