Bamboo Essential Oil Rack S022

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Capacity:  Bamboo essential oil storage displays a wide range of essential oils, holding up to 6 compartments for 10ml/ 15ml / 20ml bottles.

Material: Bambood material, durable, handmade, and no odor

Multifunction: Display essential oils / cosmetic bottles/ perfume/ massage oils upright. Ideal tool for home decoration and shop displaying.

Bamboo Essential Oil Rack: 24*5*2CM

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Best essential oil holder

Our high quality Essential Oil Holder is a thoughtful way to store and display your favorite fragrance. The solid brass construction beautifully displays your favorite fragrant blends in pairs or threes. Effortlessly hold up to 3 different sized bottles of your most popular essential oils in this elegant professional grade 5-tier zinc alloy oil holder, complete with durable base and feet for stability, sealed and powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Essential oil bottle holder

Showcasing our new range of fragrance essential oils wholesale, this Essential Oil Bottle Holder will make an excellent gift for any occasion. These beautifully designed, metal-handled bottles are the perfect way to display your collection and look great on their own or as part of our larger bottle decor.Diy essential oil bottle holder

Essential oil roller bottle holder

Get your aromatherapy supplies in one place with the new Essential Oil Roller Bottle Holder. This bottle holder is perfect for holding your favorite essential oils, making it easy to roll them out to create a beautiful scent in any room.

Holder for essential oil bottles

These fragrant essential oil bottles are the perfect way to keep your favorite blends safe and secure while they travel. The silver metal box has a contemporary look that complements any décor.

Essential oil bottle wooden holder

This Vintage glass bottle with wooden holder is a functional place for your aromatic essential oils. It has a lovely look, and the handle is easy to hold on and off. The wooden holder can be hanged or placed on a desktop.

Essential oil box that holds 15 and 30ml bottles

Our Essential Oil Box is the perfect way to showcase your essential oils and keep them fresh. The box can hold 15 or 30 ml bottles of your favorite oils, while keeping them organized and ready to go in one convenient place.

Essential oil large bottle holder

This large bottle holder is designed to safely display larger essential oil bottles inside your home or office. With an adjustable neck strap and 2 separate compartments, this essential oil storage solution is perfect for storing small bottles of essential oils or making room for larger ones. A case that””s been made simple.

Essential oil box

Essential oils are a gentler way to perfume your home or buy it as a gift for loved ones. Some of the best sellers in our shop include: Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary and Lime.

Essential oil wooden box

Our premium wooden case is beautiful and practical, with enough space for all your essential oils, with a locking lid. Made from sustainable maple wood, this old-fashioned box is sturdy, elegant and easy to clean.

Essential oil storage box

A beautiful and functional essential oil storage box. These essential oils storage containers are made of fine plastic and finished with a glossy glaze. Each easy to use hinge-top container makes it easy to apply your favorite oil in a flash, without spilling anywhere within your home.

Box for storage essential oils

Lose yourself in the world of aromatherapy with our essential oils wholesale. These fragrant blends will keep your home fresh and inviting, while adding a little scent to your life.

Essential oils box

This large collection is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys the natural wonder of essential oils, and you can rest assured that we offer all of our oils at wholesale pricing. Our wholesale oils pair perfectly with our luxury boxes, making them the perfect items for gifting.

Essential oil box subscription

Hurry and get a box of the finest essential oils wholesale by our retailers. Our premium essential oils are high quality and unmatched in price, to make sure that you get a free shipping box and all the top quality oils in it. Get your best deal now!

Essential oil subscription box

Welcome to the world of luxury fragrance. You will be treated to a daily essential oil box featuring the most luxurious and exotic fragrance oils in the world.


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