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5 Slots Bamboo Essential Oil Display Rack S026

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Capacity: There are 5 holes for storing 10ml essential oil bottles. Small size Essential Oil Display Rack is great for display on your dresser, or table.

Material: Made of natural bamboo.

Multifunctional: Essential oils are a wonderful and healthy addition to our lives. Bamboo Essential Oil Display Rack is a great place to store and carry your essential oils, whether you’re displaying or just want to keep them handy for everyday use. It provides you with an ideal solution to safely store, display and transport your essential oils.

Essential Oil Display Rack dimensions: 8.5*8.5*6CM

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Bamboo essential oil storage box

Perfect for storing your collection of fragrance oils, bath and body oils, or your DIY projects. Our Bamboo essential oil storage box is sturdy, beautiful and practical! You’ll love it.

Bamboo oil storage

Bamboo oil storage will protect your essential oils, while keeping them looking fresh. You can store a variety of oils in these containers and they are great for traveling. They are also perfect for all ages!

Bamboo storage box for essential oils

This bamboo box is the perfect way to store your essential oils. It’s made of durable, renewable bamboo and lined with a lightweight insulating foam for safe and easy storage. This is a great size for essential oils as well as other similar products, like perfumes and lotions.

Bamboo box for essential oils

This elegant box is made with wood and lacquered to protect your essential oils. The beautiful packaging will help your customers keep their oils in pristine condition, and show off your products as well.

Bamboo essential oil box australia

Find the best fragrance oils for sale at wholesale prices. Laceweight eucalyptus oil wafts notes of mint and cypress. Noted for its soothing benefits, cooling freshness, and ability to relieve stress and anxiety, this eucalyptus is a popular choice for diffusing in the bedroom. With its calming qualities, this blend is great for winding down after a long day or as an all-purpose daytime oil.

Bamboo essential oil box holds 40 vials

The essential oils wholesales box is one of our most popular sizes. It’s perfect for sales reps, boutique owners and individuals looking to buy a large quantity of powerful essential oils in bulk.

Bamboo essential oil box manufacturers

Discover unique fragrances from around the world! Try our 100% pure and natural products, imported from across the globe. All are handpicked for their individuality and high-quality. Get your favorite oils, blends, and candles at wholesale prices.

Bamboo essential oil box with drawers

6 boxes of bamboos, chemical-free, 100% pure therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils, fragrance-free for your personal care and wellness. Handcrafted in the USA

Bamboo storage box for essential oils

Bamboo box with drawers. Perfect for your essential oils, this environmentally friendly box features eye catching designs and compartments for storage. It comes with screw on lids to keep your fragrant blends from leaking or spilling.

Wholesale bamboo essential oil box

Here you will find a wide range of wholesale essential oils, with an emphasis on great quality and exceptional prices. From aromas to cosmetic blends, these natural plants are a safe and effective way to provide an alternative to traditional chemicals. Wholesale bamboo essential oil box is available in bulk quantities along with single bottles



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5 Slots Bamboo Essential Oil Display Rack S026 5 Slots Bamboo Essential Oil Display Rack S026
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24 Essential Oils Samples Set_03_1200px