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Carrier Oils at Wholesale Pricing
There is a range of different carrier oils, each with various therapeutic properties. Choosing an oil will depend on the area being massaged, the presenting conditions, and the clients’ sensitivity and requirements.

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For massage, viscosity is a major consideration; for example, grape seed oil is typically very thin, while olive oil is much thicker. Sunflower, sweet almond, and grape seed oils have viscosities midway between these extremes. Carrier oils can be easily blended to combine their properties of viscosity, acceptability, lubrication, absorption, aroma, and so forth.

A Guide to Carrier Oils for Essential Oils
From grape seed to jojoba, you can pretty much find different oils for every skin treatment. Carrier oils play an important role in applying the essential oil topically to the skin. They each have unique properties and benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at them and why anyone who uses and loves essential oils should have them.

Other properties of carrier oil at wholesale pricing

Carrier oils have a limited shelf life, meaning they will eventually go bad. They should typically be used within six months, but some oils can stay usable for up to one year. To maximize shelf life, store oils in their original air-tight containers in a cool, dark place.

These oils can vary greatly in their consistency, absorbency, scent, and shelf life. They can be blended to change or combine their properties, so you can mix and match until you find the blend that’s just right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carrier oils are often plant-based and made from seeds and nuts. Some of the most common include sweet almond, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and olive oil. Essential oils are steam distilled or extracted from aromatic leaves, flowers, and other parts of plants.
Carrier oils are usually vegetable oils, such as coconut oil or avocado oil, derived from the seeds, kernels, or nuts of a plant. Many people obtain these oils through cold pressing. In this process, a person presses or crushes a plant without subjecting it to heat.
Carrier oils can be applied directly to the skin, whereas essential oils should not be.
Carrier oil, also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy. They are so named because they carry the essential oil onto the skin. Diluting essential oils is a critical safety practice when using essential oils.
Absolutely, just make sure you use a solubilizer so the essential oils can disperse evenly into the water. This is because essential oils are hydrophobic. If you have some time, try one of the easy recipes available in this article.
Like other substances that are high in fat, carrier oils have a limited shelf life, meaning that eventually, they can go bad. Depending on the type, oils with a short shelf life should typically be used within six months, while oils with a longer shelf life may stay good for up to a year.
A Carrier Oil is a vital aspect of an aromatherapy massage or a natural cosmetic, as it can affect the benefits and usefulness of the essential oils and the color, scent, therapeutic properties, and shelf life of the final product, respectively.

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