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If you are able to invest over $500 on an product, we can help make your products, customize packagings, and achieve your brand dreams.



We can serve all your ecommerce requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon, dropshipping from China for shopify sellers.


Custom Packaging

As a seller, you’ll be offering the same products as your competition. Sure, lower pricing can make you more attractive, but you’ll eventually render your business unprofitable. Don’t underestimate the power of packaging with even the simplest of branding. we built for dropshippers, small businesses and everyone in-between.

Private Labelling

We did the “dirty work” so you can focus on the marketing!
Need Custom Labels?  We’ve got you covered.  We can even offer professional design services and turnkey custom private labelled products on larger runs.

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AromaEasy’s product page provides a clear range of prices where wholesalers
can obtain different offers according to sales requirements. We also offer onlineenquiry service if you have different product mix needs or large orders

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Product Development

If you have a product idea (kickstart, crowdfunding), but don’t know how to get it produced, we guide you step by step.


Large Business

We can offer a lower price, up to 20 people team, and more solutions to support your growing business.


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Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it. Our price is one of the most competitive in the world, and is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. low-volume fabrication and assembly needs. We try our utmost to save your money and time.


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Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. You may choose DHL and other courier services for the balance of speed and budget. We only use services from dependable and reputable companies.


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Whenever you have any problems, you can always reach a live customer service person to respond to your emails or messages.

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Your orders shipped straight to Amazon fulfillment centers. Optional in-house branding and bundling available.

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Wholesale Essential Oils at One Stop Shopping

wholesale essential oils

Wholesale Essential Oils 

Buy Wholesale Essential Oils in Bulk at Aromaeasy. Sample available for all Bulk essential oil products, Shop high-quality essential oils and essential oil accessories at best prices, Explore Aromaeasy huge selection of wholesale essential oils and aromatherapy associates.

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Aromaeasy as a top wholesale essential oil supplier.

Essential oils are safe and natural alternatives to synthetic drugs like tablets, creams, pills, and suppositories. Pure essential oils wholesale are made from various parts of plants including flowers, bark, seeds, bark, and roots.

Bulk Essential Oil supplies

We are a leading retailer and wholesale supplier of essential oils, including the best quality and largest selection at the lowest prices. At Aromaeasy, we provide high-quality essential oils for retail and wholesale customers. We offer a wide selection of scents in all sizes so visitors can find the perfect essential oil for their needs.

Shop at Essential Oil Manufacturer

Buy wholesale essential oils from us at the lowest prices. Our wide range of wholesale bulk essential oils includes premium-grade and organic oils. We provide great value for your quality business and provide reports on orders placed by customers as well as other information that is pertinent to your business.

Cheap Essential Oils

Cheap essential oils wholesale supplier, buy essential oil at the lowest price and immediate delivery.

Aromaeasy makes the most comprehensive range of high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils on earth. Our 100% pure essential oils, nontoxic and natural products can be used as cleansers, deodorizers or fragrances in home and office settings. We offer a sizes ranging from 5ml to 25L. Aromaeasy is bulk apothecary essential oils wholesale supplier manufacturing.

Aromatherapy Supply Store

Aromatherapy Supplies, wholesale aromatherapy supplies. We offer aromatherapy products to suit all your needs. Buy wholesale aromatherapy supplies online and save money on your favourite products.

Essential Oils for Sale

Find essential oils wholesale supplier and manufacturer. Quality essential oils in bulk, wholesale prices, essential oils on sale, and fast delivery.

Best place to buy essential oils

Aromaeasy is the best place to buy essential oils from wholesale suppliers. Aromaeasy is a leading distributor and manufacturer of over 200+ popular essential oils, and essential oil blends. Aromaeasy offers the widest selection of all major brands in North America, with thousands of products…

Large Bottles of Essential Oils

Aromaeasy is a wholesale and retail supplier of essential oils. From small single bottles, to large bulk orders, our wide selection of high quality, inexpensive essential oils can be found here at Aromaeasy.

Proprietary Blends

Discover the health benefits of our essential oil blends. We have a wide range of smells, extracts, and essential oil recipes that are perfect for relaxing, multi-purpose uses.

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Add a sensory treat to your essential oils with these best-smelling essential oil blends. Each of these blends for essential oils is designed to help bring your body, mind, and emotions back into harmony, so you can enjoy the holiday season with joy.

Whether you’re into natural products, or simply like to use the best quality products on hand, we have the best essential oils blends available. Fall and winter are great times to try out some new additions to your essential oil collection, with our blend of essential oils, this calming essential oil blend is sure to make anyone feel relaxed.

Here you will find a selection of creative essential oil blends that are designed to make you feel energized in the cold winter months. These good essential oil blends have been expertly formulated to provide all-natural energy, wellness, and relaxation. Essential oils are one of the most versatile and effective tools to naturally deodorize, purify and balance your body. With our wide selection of EOs designed to support your health and well-being, we have the perfect blend for you, such as essential oil blends for sleep, essential oil blends for anxiety, and essential oil blends for headaches.

essential oil blends

Private label Essential oil

Aromaeasy manufacturing is your private-label essential oils wholesale supplier. We supply the highest quality products to you at discounted prices. No minimum starting order, design your brand label for free

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Then we can help! We can work as a private-label essential oil manufacturer that will ensure your name on the bottle and your product receives quality control testing.

Our private-label essential oils offer you the opportunity to expand your business and be able to sell a variety of products with minimal overhead. Our pure and high-quality essential oils are offered in a variety of sizes, so you can cater to the needs of your customers. We also have a variety of essential oil private label options that will allow you to meet each customer’s needs.

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients available, everything is in its original packaging. We can also customize your essential oil private label blends to fit your brand with authentic labels, bottle sizes, and more! If you want to make a name for yourself in the essential oils industry, we can help. Our exclusive private label programs allow you to sell your products at a price that is attractive to consumers and profitable for you.

Custom essential oil labels

We provide custom essential oil labels wholesale in the United States and internationally. Our labels use waterproof materials and have scents from our most popular and bestselling brands.

White Label Essential Oils

Aromaeasy is a premium white label essential oil manufacturer, providing unique ingredients for the top brands and companies. Our 100% pure essential oils, provided by accredited suppliers, help you make your best product even better.

Essential oils wholesale private label

Aromaeasy manufacturing is a leading essential oil wholesale private label supplier. Aromaeasy manufacturing is an authorized dealer of all the products featured in our wholesale catalog. We offer high quality and great customer service at a fair price, including fast shipping.

Roll-on Essential oil

If you suffer from anxiety or other anxiety-related disorders or have a hard time getting to sleep, we’ve got the essential roll-on oils for you!

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 Our Essential Roll On can provide you with all the calm and relaxation you need while they work their magic at diffusing into your air. Experience the best of nature in a single bottle with our essential oil perfume roll-on. With comforting and relaxing scents of lavender and lemongrass, our roll-ons for essential oils are easy to use and easy to love.

Roll On Essential Oils is a natural fragrance oil in an easy-to-use bottle. The aromatherapy essential oils, can be used directly or added to a carrier oil with a roller ball. It’s a wonderful way to integrate your most favorite scents into your daily life.

A travel-friendly essential oil roll-on perfume, this convenient way to use EOs means you can take your favorite scent wherever you go. It’s so easy to apply, simply twist up a solid roller ball and apply the EO directly to pulse points or wrists. A luxurious essential oil roll-on perfume is an easy way to add a sense of luxury and beauty to your nails. Our best roll-on essential oils is made from the finest quality oils and includes only the highest quality pure essential oils. Lavender essential oil roll-on and peppermint essential oil roll-on are rife in our store.

Roll on perfume oil

Aromaeasy Roll-on Perfume Oil is a blend of essential oils that add a lovely aroma to your skin. This perfumed oil is great for handbags and other places where you want to freshen up. The roll-on bottles are easy to use and apply by simply rolling on the palm of your hand and rubbing along with your fingers. Aromaeasy Roll-On Perfume Oil is available in 70 different scents so you can fit any occasion or personality with the perfect scent!

Essential oil roll on

Welcome to Aromaeasy, By aromaeasy wholesale We Provide Essential Oil Roll On with the best price, wholesale price and discount .you can get Aromaeasy wholesale fancy of product at a cheap price, lavender oil roll on supplier Wholesale.

essential roll on oils
Wholesale diffusers

Essential Oils Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffusers are an easy and fun way to fill your home or office with the natural fragrance of any essential oil. These diffusers for essential oils offer a space-saving alternative to candles, which can easily melt down over time.

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Our best diffusers for essential oils feature digital thermometers so you can avoid dumping scented oils into potentially burning components.

Our essential oils to diffusers are designed to create a soothing feeling. The scent of your favorite essential oils will fill the air in your home or car, bringing comfort, beauty, and wellness wherever you go. Best of all, our essential oil car diffusers are easy to use, with no complicated settings or timers needed—simply add water and the warmth of the lightbulb will do all the work! We’ve also included helpful tips and information on how to get the most out of your diffuser so you can enjoy an unlimited supply of natural goodness all day long.

Fill the essential oil diffuser humidifier with the water that you desire to humidify, then add four drops of your favorite essential oil. Avoid putting more than four drops in a glass essential oil diffuser as this can cause the essential oil to go rancid. Give a diffuser with essential oils a spin and enjoy the aromatic mist that fills your home with delectable scents!

Essential Oil Kit

Do you want to find essential oil kits that are suitable for you? We have kits for every level of experience. Our best essential oil kits are easy to use and include many types of your favorite aromatherapy essential oils. Shop today!

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Essential oils are a natural way to promote good health and can help you naturally eliminate physical and emotional discomfort. Shop our selection of high-quality essential oil kits and choose the perfect kit for you!

We are a reliable and trustworthy supplier of essential oils starter kits, including the best diffuser with the most effective pure essential oils. For those interested in aromatherapy and natural health products, our wholesale and retail oil kits are a great opportunity to start a business or to expand your existing company by selling your oils. We offer the finest essential oil starter kit with a diffuser.

essential oil kit
bulk essential oils

Bulk Essential oils

If you are looking to buy bulk essential oils, we have an expansive inventory of wholesale aromatherapy products. Buy bulk lavender essential oil, organic essential oils, and more at great prices.

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Bulk apothecary essential oils offer you the opportunity to purchase a large volume of your favorite macerated or distilled pure essential oil with the added benefits of organic purity, quality and value. Our bulk cedarwood, frankincense, and lavender oils are pure, undiluted, and ready for use straight out of their packaging.

Bulk organic essential oils are the best way to save money and enjoy the benefits of essential oils from wholesale bulk suppliers. Bulk essential oils wholesale are sold. You can buy bulk essential oils from our site in a range of different sizes and weights so that you can purchase the exact amount you want without having to spend as much cash and time.

You can buy the best bulk essential oils from this website. You just need to choose the bulk essential oils (which you are happy with, to keep a good reputation). Then go ahead and make your order online. We have an on-time delivery guarantee!

Bulk Carrier oils

Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils, adding consistency and lasting fragrance. These carrier oils for essential oils are made up of fats rather than water making them a perfect medium for perfume.

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Some best carrier oils can even be used on their own as a moisturizer or conditioner.

Essential oil carrier oils carry essential oils to the skin and hair. List of carrier oils can be added to a wide range of products including skincare, makeup, lotions, body washes, and soaps. Carrier oils help deliver your essential oil blends into the delivery system of your choice for maximum benefits.

The carrier oil is allowed to be applied in a multiple ways. They don’t have to be strictly used with essential oils. Carrier oils are classified based on their primary functional activities, according to their predominant plant constituents and physical properties.

Diluting essential oils carrier oil or carrier compounds are necessary for mixing essential oils with water. Carrier oils help essential oils to absorb into the skin, which is not possible if your skin is oily or chapped. 

Bulk carrier oil
Essential Oil Storage_menu

Essential Oil Storage

Keep your essential oils safe with Essential Oil Storage Bag. This stylish storage box is ideal for storing any essential oil during the transportation process or while it sits on display in your home.

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A great gift idea for the essential oils enthusiast, this elegant plastic container fits perfectly into most standard and wide-mouth jars. Includes a lid to keep your oils fresh while they gracefully rest inside.

We provide the best essential oil storage containers for storing your favorite and most used oils. Our best essential oil storage cases are designed to protect your precious oils from light, heat, moisture, and other environmental hazards. An essential oil storage rack will maintain the quality of your blends for a long time.

We stock the best essential oil storage box, wooden essential oil storage box, and best essential oil storage cases available. All of our essential oil storage boxes are made with solid wood tops and non-toxic finish that is safe for you and your family.

Diffuser Holder

The essential oil holder box is made of wood material, you can use it for yourself or for other people to use. You will get it anytime and anywhere. You can have a good time with your friends, and family members or even at the spa using it!

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This wooden essential oil holder is perfect as a gift to friends, family, or anyone who likes to use essential oils.

Essential oils are significant in many homes. This wooden holder for essential oils is an elegant way to store them and keep your precious oils safe and secure. With many compartments, you’ll be able to mix and match which types of oils you prefer, keeping everything organized and easy to access.

The Essential oil bottle holder is a simple and effective way to store, display and use your favorite essential oil. The Essential oil holder rack is made from quality wood, making the rack sturdy and durable. An essential oil display rack can be used as an everyday essential oil rack, a gift idea for new moms or bachelors, or even a gift idea for the health-conscious person in your life. This wooden essential oil display will make a great addition to any kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity!

essential oil holder
essential oil storage

Essential Oil Carrying Case

Essential oils carry case is a suitable way to carry your favorite essential oils on the go. It is convenient for traveling, hiking, and camping. With the purchase of this essential oil carrying case, you will receive a professional and reusable essential oil bag, which is easy to clean and use.

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This essential oil travel bag is the best way to keep essential oils organized and away from everyday wear and tear. This essential oil carry bag allows you to accessorize your essential oil collection easily without compromising on quality or safety. It’s made from a durable material that can take any amount of weight and has multiple pockets for small accessories and storage space.

Carry your essential oils in style with this essential oil carrying bag. Made of durable material and built to last, the essential oil roller bag easily fits a few bottles of your favorite oil blends or scents. Good for storing small amounts of bulkier oils like rosehip seed oil or lavender, this handy essential oil storage bag holder also comes in handy when traveling.

Essential oil Wooden Box

We saw the need for an easy-to-use, no fuss way to store and organize your essential oils. Essential Oil Box is your solution. This convenient box will contain all your favorite organic products in organized compartments. It also features a color coded feature so you can easily find the oils you’re looking for.

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Are you always searching for the right essential oil blend? If so, then it is time to get organized with the essential oil wooden storage box. This essential oil box organizer will keep your oils organized and safe so you can find just the right one in no time. Essential oil storage box with drawers features a beautiful finish, which includes natural wooden shelves and a heavy-duty sheet of tempered glass to keep all of your blends protected from sunlight and heat damage. The box for storage essential oils also comes with a lockable top that protects your contents from children and curious pets! No matter what it is for, our wood box for essential oils is perfect for essential oils collectors or anyone who collects natural products.

Our custom essential oil box is made with wood and features a unique design to make it beautiful and functional. This essential oil box holder is the perfect place to store all of your oils, filling it up with the best options available on our website.

essential oil box
essential oil bottles

Essential Oil Bottles

Everything you need for your essential oils! We have the best bottles for rolling on and storing your oil. Our glass bottles are safe for long-term storage and preserve the purity of your oils.

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 You can select bottles from sizes 5ml /10ml /15ml /20ml /30ml /50ml /100ml /1oz/ 2oz /3oz /4oz fit your needs. Our rollon bottles are a great way to bring the benefits of these natural products directly into our homes. With a wide range of sizes to choose from and easy cleaning instructions, your essential oils will be preserved perfectly at all times! The bottles for essential oil are made of glass and come in different sizes to hold the essential oil. Essential oil dropper bottles can be used for travel purposes too.

Essential oils are used by many people in the home, office, and business to create a space of well-being. The clear glass essential oil bottles can be recycled, or reused for another purpose—they make great empty essential oil bottles for decoration or containers for ingredients or special applications such as homemade cleaners, body care products, and other items! Empty essential oil dropper bottles and refillable essential oil bottles are great for storing your oils, or if you need extra bottles for a client. Clear glass essential oil bottles are also perfect to use as gifts for friends or family too.

Essential oil glass bottle quotes

Buy the best essential oil bottles on sale from Aromaeasy Wholesale, a leading wholesale supplier of aromatherapy products. We offer a large collection of essential oil bottles such as: roller bottles, bulk glass bottles, glass bottle quotes and more.

Roll on bottles for essential oils

At Aromaeasy, we offer a variety of essential oils bottles for bulk or for single bottles. We also offer a wide range of essential oil labels and wholesale discount natural products at large volume. Our mission is to bring you the freshest product with the most affordable prices from trusted suppliers all over the world. bulk essential oil spray bottles, and essential oil glass bottles with world-class products that are suitable for all kinds of uses. The company cares about the environment and customers’ satisfaction. Our essential oil bottles are made from high quality borosilicate glass and are easily used by both adults and children

Empty essential oil bottles

Empty essential oil bottles wholesale, Aromaeasy Wholesale your best choice for empty essential oil bottles, These cheap on sale empty essential oil bottles are available in many colors!

Custom Labels

Customized custom bottle and jar labels for your products. Label printing for your home or business. Custom labels can be designed to suit your needs and preferences, or you can send us a design that we can modify to fit your bottle or jar.

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Bottle labels are a vital tool for brand recognition of your product, especially when selling on the shop floor. That’s why we pride ourselves in creating custom-printed labels for your bottles and jars, created to look professional, clean, and consistent for all possible marketing initiatives.

Our custom bottle labels are easily customized to your needs. Our team of designers can create any style, color, size, or shape on a multitude of materials.

essential oil labels

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Global Farms-A

Our Global Farm

AromaEasy works with trustworthy producers from around the world, to guarantee the quality of our essential oils. That is just the beginning.

We set up labs for every primary factory on six continents, to ensure every customer gets the purest essential oil.

Also, we bring our high standards to everyone we work with, leading suppliers to improve their practices to keep up with our standard.

We supply you the very best, and commit to being even better tomorrow than we are today.

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